Newsjacking Definition – What is Newsjacking?


Newsjacking Definition - What is Newsjacking?

​I’ve been doing this for years now but only recently realized there is a popular term for the process – newsjacking.

So let’s take a look at the newsjacking definition and how it can help your site soar through the rankings

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a term coined by David Meerman Scott and refers to the practice of adding your own spin to breaking news. As I mentioned above – I’ve been using this process for years now.

It’s a pretty awesome way of standing on the shoulders of other bloggers and shouting ‘Hey I’m over here!’. It works like a dream on social media as well.

You end up riding an SEO wave around the internet that lasts as long as the topic is news. I often find that other bloggers link back to my newsjacking work if I get it out there reasonably quickly.

On the odd occasion, well known media blogs with much more clout than mine have linked back to me. Such media mentions improve your SEO long after the story you covered is forgotten.

The best thing about newsjacking – it costs you absolutely nothing!

All of the news is out there floating about just waiting for a keen blogger to jump onto it and give it his/her spin.

All you have to do is come up with a clever angle and launch your content in a timely manner.

How to Newsjack

So we’ve covered the newsjacking definition – lets take a look at how to newsjack successfully…

1) The Power of Google Alerts

If you are not using Google Alerts you need to take a long hard look at your blogging campaigns – it rocks!

These alerts are free to set up and notify you whenever there news within your niche or industry. You can put as many topics as you want into the tool – regard them as keywords to your niche.

Every day afterwards the tool will spit out stories that are linked to the keywords you inputted. You will have so many alerts you will be spoiled for choice on topics. I get so many on a daily basis I end up deleting most of them as I can’t keep up!

2) Keyword Tools

Now, I usually bang on about the awesome power of the Jaaxy Keyword tool on this site but today I’m going to suggest using another ( gasp! horror! ).

Plug a load of your favorite keywords into the Google search tool ( Keyword Planner ) and see what suggested searches pop up.

You will be confronted with a list of stories and their search ratios. This will give you a good idea about what topics to cover first ( go for the most popular – obviously! ).

3) Rely on Accuracy

I know the temptation here is to get as many of these topics out as possible but please hold back a second. You must always make sure you are accurate with the information you are providing.

One little slip, one dose of misinformation and bang – you and your site lose all credibility!

With newsjacking articles I tend to forget about all the post glitz and images and concentrate on getting the article out pronto with accuracy. All that truly matters is that your content is accurate. Everything else can be added on at a later date.

4) Be Aware of Your Source

Sometimes haste leads us to make really bad decisions – don’t let your newsjacking exploits fall foul to this.

You obviously want your article out there in quick-time but you need to make sure your source is sound first. More often then not, secondary sources off social media bend the news a little to suit their needs.

This means that the source you are newsjacking is providing information for their own gain – information that you really do not want to spread.

Always seek out the primary source of the news story and then put your own spin on the report. Do not risk your reputation on secondary sources.

5) Use Your Head

Always try and remain human through the newsjacking process and pick stories that will not hurt individuals linked. I tend to make it a rule of thumb to stay away from tragedy ( there’s enough going on in the world today – why inflict more misery on your readers? ).

Think about it – do you really want your online business to be linked to any sort of tragedy?

I personally feel that this could never really help my efforts in any way and it sits a bit heavy in my stomach. I’m afraid it’s too easy to generate bad PR by capitalizing on tragic circumstances.

The Newsjacking Definition

By newsjacking you are simply looking to become a amateur news reporter yourself. This involves being ‘on call’ twenty four hours a day unfortunately!

It doesn’t matter where you are – always make a note of the topic ideas that are breaking around you and make them your priority when you return home.

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14 comments on “Newsjacking Definition – What is Newsjacking?

  1. Hey Chris,

    So if I have this right you’re basically re-writing popular news stories – as you say putting your spin on it.

    And then having this article on your website and of course sharing things socially?

    If so, with out knowing it I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. Cool!!

    Great post, keep them coming.


    1. Yeah that’s basically it Leo – you’re just giving your views on up-to-date news and drawing in off the organic searches it gets. It’s really powerful stuff when used correctly!
      Nice to see you hear again – glad you’re enjoying the site 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how many techniques are out there to get traffic and out smart competition and I think this is a great way. Newsjacking is a new term to me and the whole process sounds positive and easy to perform. But it require time and efforts on your end which is think is definitely worth it. Nice one

  3. wow. that’s so weird that you even made an article about this… Never thought of it in a strategic form. But come to think of it, I remember when the whole thing about NASA finding a planet covered in pot was floating around the internet… I called BS on the article right away and got a ton of traffic coming in for a while…. Like thousands a day it was pretty cool!

    Anyways, awesome article, keep em coming!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  4. I have started looking up news articles to get ideas for blog posts. I had no idea that this was called “newsjacking”. Thanks for sharing the tips for good newsjacking. I keep forgetting to set up google alerts so I am going to go and do this now. This post was helpful and shed some light on many things for me.

    1. Tanya, just be careful not to use really broad keywords in Google Alerts – you’ll end up getting a ton a s++t coming your way that has nothing to do with the niche you were tracking 🙂

      1. Thanks for the heads up Chris! I am actually having a bit of difficulty coming up with alerts to set for my niche. I managed to come up with 2, but I don’t think they are all that good. I will have to keep thinking about it.

  5. Hey Chris.

    Good tips here, I think everyone can benefit from reading information and spreading information in their own way. But like you warn- Make sure that the source is credible and accurate.

    All the big sites do this and blast out anything that’s trending, it’s just the way it captivates and reels the reader in that’s the trick. Copywriters get this down to a fine art & know how to do this very well.

    This is how massive sites like the huffington post gets massive traffic. All in a days work for rehashed news stories.

    So if they can do it, we can too. Let’s copy the big hitters, and apply Newsjacking to our own niche’s.

    All the very best

    1. Yep all the big sites use this type of technique Pete for ‘click bait’ articles – it works! ( and they end up with a ton of traffic! )

  6. This is pretty interesting method to create content. It def seems legit to meas long as your putting your won spin on it and giving your opinion. Taking the facts and other stuff is fine.

    I really like how you recommend google alerts too. It’s so nice to have the news come to you instead of scouring the internet for things to write about. Def has made my life really easy.

    Thanks for writing this. I’ll have to give it a try.

  7. This is a really interesting article and although I have been using a similar technique, I hadn’t really thought of it in the way that you have talked about it today.

    When you think about it, this technique helps you on all sorts of levels really. You mentioned that other blogs and websites link to you as a result and just by getting an influx of traffic to a trending article this has to be good in the eyes of Google too. Not only are the search engines getting up to date information for their index, but they are also getting more information about your site in general, which will help with your overall SEO.

    I think you have really made us think outside the box with this article Chris. Thank you for taking the time to share it!

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