New Social Media Trends

New Social Media Trends

Social media is always on the move, always noisy and always changing. It can be quite a fun platform for marketers but it can also prove to be quite frightening!

Unfortunately, new social media trends tend to pop up without many of us even noticing. By the time we have managed to notice them we have already wasted days ( and even weeks ) on practicing old techniques.

One of the posts I recently published to this site brought in a lot more comments than I’m usually used to. It was based on the subject of social media marketing once again.

I was shocked at the amount of readers ( not all newbies! ) that were unaware of the 4 most important new social media trends.

So this post will be covering something you should already know! These 4 little beauties should be at the front of your mind whenever you are targeting a social media platform for promotion…

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#1 Multimedia Rules!

Videos and images rule the internet roost these days and they are only going to become more powerful over time. The webpages that provide a sea of text are constantly overlooked for the pages that display a little media.

Video content for marketing increased 73% this year and the use of infographics has grown by 51%.

Social media streams are becoming more and more visual so expect your visitors to lean more towards your media for their timelines.

YouTube Multimedia

Keep in mind that articles with media tend to attract three times as many organic backlinks as normal text based posts ( that’s a lot of inbound links folks! ).

#2 What’s That Vibrating in Your Pocket?

Yeah don’t jump the gun on the subheading – I’m on about mobile devices here!

The world of mobile devices is so popular AND powerful now you would be a foolish marketer to ignore it. I can still remember the very first cell phone I had with mobile internet included – took about 10 minutes for the page to load and cost me about $1 each time!

How things have changed eh?

Let’s face facts – at some point you are going to have to incorporate mobile into your social media marketing strategy.

A recent report I read claims that there are now 1.685 billion active mobile social accounts – time to start concentrating on both desktop and mobile customers!

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#3 In Pinterest The Force is Strong…

Now, this social platform is not really geared towards every niche out there because a large majority of it’s members/users are female.

This fact alone should eliminate a few of the more ‘manly’ targeted niches!

But Pinterest is currently experiencing growth across the board so that opens a few doors for the more diverse niche choices out there.

Simply put – if you are able to find a way to ‘unisex’ your business you are able to use Pinterest to your advantage!

Pinterest Social Media

I recently came across a rather basic blog that seemed to be ranking really well for many keywords in Google’s results. I was more than a little interested…so I made my way through a few of the articles it housed.

Turns out the guy who owned this blog was a superstar marketing Jedi that had taken on the female might of Pinterest and won.

I was amazed by the amount of posts he had covering his rise and success on Pinterest.

And the niche he managed to grow through the power of Pins – Motorcycles!

Not exactly the most girly of subjects really is it?

My point here is that Pinterest can work for ANY niche as long as you are savvy enough to twist the platform to work for you.

Remember – Pinterest is experiencing growth across the board…in surprising areas, too!

#4 It’s Short & Sweet Guys! 

People don’t come online to read a novel – the days of secondary school paragraphs are long over in the digital domain.

Whenever I click on a captivating article headline and end up on a sea of text, my mind switches off within seconds.

Short and sweet rules the day!

Short and sweet will ALWAYS get the message across!

Here is Peter Kim’s ( the chief digital officer at Cheil Worldwide ) take on how online content is evolving and why small snippets of social media texts are becoming so powerful…

“Consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to digest long-form content. When browsing, users want to get to the heart of the message as quickly as possible. The more snackable a brand makes its content, the more social it will be. Easy to understand means easy to share, which translates into better results for content and campaigns.”

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8 comments on “New Social Media Trends

  1. Hi Chris,

    Wow neat article! Okay so I confess to being up to scratch on 3 out of 4… but I clearly need to take another look at Pinterest and get my head around it (and maybe use it more!).

    For mobile I’d say, to people in general, make sure your theme works great and that there’s aren’t these massive images hogging bandwidth.

    To make large images work well with speed, you can create 2 versions of your images, one that’s small and snappy to load on your page and you link that to the bigger one. If people click the small image they’ll get the bigger one.

    Of course that’s only something to worry about if you have large images, like photographs or high res screen shots of video games etc to show off. That’s just something I had to deal with and felt like sharing.

    So yeah… my 2c, and I’ll take another look at Pinterest!

    1. Pinterest really is a strange social beast Robert – if you use it correctly you can see a flood of traffic through your gates! 🙂

  2. Hey Chris,
    I have to confess that I am a big fan of your website and I always find very informative articles here.

    I strongly believe that if I were too apply 3 of the 4 tips that you have explained here, the readership will go high [i still have to figure out the Pinterest part too]

    I am going to go back and review my content writing and sharing strategy after reading this post.

  3. Hello Chris
    You have a different website, but a great one. Different is good. Pictures and and the colors really catch your eye. The article is great. You have a way on the articles you write. And you are so right about changes. The schools here in michigan doesn’t even want to teach the kids how to do cursive writing any more.

  4. I have a small blog on hair products that I have been running now for about 2 years in all. At first it seemed like a breeze but just recently I’ve seen a BIG drop in monthly visitors.

    An associate has recommended I take up a social media campaign…and that is how I ended up on this article!

    You seem to be clued into this – what social media sites would you suggest for the niche of hair products?

    I’d also like to know how the frequency of publishing to a blog effects your website traffic. I only publish a post about once a month at the moment!

    Anyway, really hope you can help me! 🙂

    1. Hi Roxen,

      Thanks for reaching out for some help with this! So, first off – you only publish a post once a month?

      Right, this is not really a high frequency of publishing (about 12 articles a year!) so social media is definitely a good bet for getting more traffic.

      You are in the hair products niche so I would say that Pinterest is a really good starting point. It’s a very visual site, for your products, and it’s also heavily populated by female users – perfect! 🙂

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