can you make money with neobux

Unfortunately, the majority of people who come online to make money are looking for a ‘quick fix’. It’s not necessarily their fault – they’ve had their heads turned by scam products!

The truth of the matter is that you can make quick money online – but it won’t really cover the price of a few beers!

One of these initial, low-paying options is to earn money online with Neobux.

Now, Neobux has been up and running since 2008 and in that time it has amassed a massive member base.

Whilst you can make money fast with Neobux, there is the option to be more patient and build up your account…to the point where you make can make A LOT of money on a weekly basis!

For this review I decided to take a more in-depth look at the platform to show newcomers how it really works.

There are already thousands of reviews floating around the internet but most of them sidestep the truth – they are only aimed at getting you to sign up!

So this review will be covering just about EVERYTHING I know about this site and my journey with it.

Take a look, and see if it’s something you may want to take on…

How Does Neobux Work?

At this point in the review I was going to include a history or timeline of Neobux’s achievements but it would probably get most of you a little confused!

You are here to find out more about the MONEY side of Neobux after all so….

How does Neobux work?

Neobux is essentially a PTC website that pays its members for clicking on advertisements and then visiting the sponsored websites for a given time.

How Does Neobux Work?

The time frame of each advert usually settles around the 12 second mark ( but some lower paying ads are much quicker! ).

The adverts are the main ingredient in the Neobux mix – it is essentially a cheap advertising platform that shares it’s revenue with it’s members ( the advert’s audience! ).

Once a member has accumulated at least $2 in their account, they can cash it out instantly.

Neobux also provides a few other ways to maximize your earnings with tasks, surveys and various offers. These side-tasks have been running since 2011.

The Neobux Referral Strategy

At this point in the article you are probably scratching your head as to where the REAL money is made at Neobux.

Let’s be honest here – we’ve all come across clicking advert platforms, surveys and general offers/tasks before…

Why bother signing up with this bunch?

Well, Neobux has managed to stand out from the crowd with it’s continued use of rented referrals.

The top members there all have their own Neobux referral strategy in place allowing them to earn thousands of dollars in profit every month…

But what are rented referrals?

Rented referrals are basically other Neobux members who you ‘rent’ over a particular time period.

During this time period you receive a percentage of their earnings from the site depending on your membership level.

So…the more referrals you rent – the more money you can make right?

Well, not exactly…

You see, when you are renting other members there are no guarantees put in place that they will stay active…

  • Some members quit instantly when they realize Neobux is NOT a quick rich scheme
  • Some members fail to maintain their own rented referrals and quit out of frustration
  • Some members pile hundreds of dollars into the platform without having a Neobux referral strategy in place – and leave out of pocket!
  • Some members are simply out of the depth from the moment they sign up…

There are millions of reasons why people quit the platform – but all you need to know it that people DO quit the platform!

So what does this mean for your merry band of rented referrals?

Well, some of them are going to love the platform whilst others are going to quit within a week ( or even a matter of days! ).

Neobux Recycling Strategy

So rented referrals are made available to help you make more money with Neobux but they could actually end up stabbing you in the back…

Sounds a little bit of a gamble right?

Well essentially it is – how likely are you to rent say…30 referrals…and all 30 of them are lifelong Neobux members?

Not very likely – near enough impossible!

So what happens when your referrals stop working and you are stuck with a down-line full of idiots that are never likely to even log in again?

Enter the recycle function!

This little baby is the key factor to maintaining your rented referral list – it allows you to recycle ‘dead’ referrals and replace them with active referrals…

Neobux Recycling Strategy

Pretty cool right?

Well…there is one catch!

Renting referrals costs money…but recycling referrals also costs money!

This is very much a balancing act…a skill if you like!

You have to weigh your earnings ( or investments ) against the amount of referrals you want to rent AND the amount of recycling you are going to get through…

This is where the hard work comes into play.

You HAVE to maintain your referrals on a daily basis to have any sort of chance of making a profit through them.

The moment you let your account slip…is the moment you lose just about EVERYTHING!

Can You Make Money With Neobux?

Well let me put it this way – I used to maintain over 5000 rented referrals on a daily basis and at times I was raking in over $100 a day.

But this was VERY hard work and I never missed a day of logging in and sorting my account out!

I eventually had to whittle my list down to 2000 referrals because 5000 ended up eating WAY too much of my time!

But I know of Neobux members who have well over 30,000 rented referrals – imagine how much they bring in a week?

It’s all about the time and effort you can give the platform – the more time and care you put into your management the more money you will make ( simple! ).

The banner below records and displays the total amount I have made since signing up all those years ago…

The Best Neobux Strategy

Before I go any further into this section of the article, I should throw something out there…

If you have your own money to invest in Neobux you will reach your targets a LOT sooner.

But not all of us have spare cash – I didn’t so I had to build my account up from ground level ( and it took me quite a while! ).

We ALL start off at Neobux with a Standard Membership – it’s where we learn the about the ‘guts’ of the platform.

The membership levels on offer at Neobux are displayed in the table below:

The Best Neobux Strategy

As you can see – the further you move up the Neobux membership ladder the more benefits you will receive.

But let’s get back to the entry level membership here before we get sidetracked with the riches of the higher levels…

The Standard Membership is the working-man’s membership because the most important thing you can do is take advantage of all the new ways to earn.

All of the earning opportunities available to you as a Standard Member provide you with PURE PROFIT. You are a FREE member remember?

I would advise ALL new standard members to concentrate on building their balance as fast as possible – forget about renting referrals at this point as they may well work against you!

Unfortunately, the major downfall of the Standard Membership is Earnings from Advertisements, Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals.

These three are set at considerably less than the ‘higher’ option memberships.

If you take ONE THING away from this article today let it be this – you WILL NOT make any money out of rented referrals with a Standard Membership!

There, I said it!

Way too many Neobux review websites out there will try ANYTHING to get you to sign up under them…even if it means filling you with bullshit!

Standard Memberships are for making money and building towards a Golden Membership – period!

Neobux – The TRUTH!

A would wager a guess that 99% of the bad press Neobux get’s online is from past members who were looking to make a quick buck by signing up.

Neobux is a long term strategy – no matter what funds you start off with!

Many members are earning full time profits from starting off with nothing…but they had to work to get there.

If you have a bit of spare cash behind you then you will reach your destination a lot sooner.

What I’m trying to say here is that the site does work – but only if you work!

If you have ANY questions about how you earn money online with Neobux or the best Neobux strategy to use once you’ve signed up, contact me directly through the form on this site.

Don’t hesitate to ask – going into this blind will end up losing you money ( every time! ).

Your journey starts TODAY! Sign up for your FREE Neobux Standard Membership HERE


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  1. Hi there Chris,a good review there you have done on Neobux.Success does not come fortnight,it is a gradual process that consists of working hard.We must use money to make money,that is all what i know.Though the amounts paid here are quite small,i know with time they keep adding up and success will always come along the way.

    1. Yeah this is a long term investment/target – unfortunately many new members think they can make money within the first few months ( they don’t last very long! ).

  2. Good review! SIgninig up Pay To Click is going for the quick money but the truth is participants are trading their valuable time for pennies. Participants are disclosing personal information during the signup and they are exposed to spams and scams just by registering to participate in similar PTC program. I support your #1 RECOMMENDATION which anyone can follow to succeed online!

    1. Hmmm that’s not really the case here Fred – did you read the entire article? Neobux is the oldest and most trustworthy PTC platform out there. The owner, Fernando, has nothing to do with upsells or scams – that’s down to the advertisers out there!

  3. Hi there Chris, i read your review on neobux and it was really interesting, so i felt i should give it a try. I have just registered, though i am still waiting to receive the verification code that they have sent to my inbox.
    I’d also like to find out from you which other ad clicking sites you’ recommend in addition to this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. None! LOL

      No seriously, Neobux is the only PTC site you should be using – the other options are all untrustworthy. We have reviewed Clixsense here – it’s kinda like Neobux but with more emphasis on completing tasks for money. You can find our review HERE

  4. I was wondering what this platform was about…very interesting. You know as a network marketer I can definitely understand your meaning about working hard to get results. It is always the get rich quick types that join a business and find out it’s not so simple and then go away mad saying it’s a scam or doesn’t work. I fully get that it’s a problem in my industry as well.

    Pretty unique concept though the rented referrals feature. Seems like as long as you are willing to monitor them you can keep your business making money.

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Well! That’s an interesting take on NeoBux.

    6 months ago I wanted to try it, but after reading a WA member’s review on it, I saw that it’s a big waste of time. Better work on my writing skills and sites than spending hours trying to make a buck.

    But I have to admit that your “Rented referrals” strategy looks very appealing. I have a couple of questions for this:

    1. How much money do I have to invest if I want to rent 1500 referrals?
    2. How many hours a day should I work to recycle them and make a profit?
    3. How much money can I make with this number of rented referrals?


    1. Wow 1500 referrals – that’s a bit of a big jump for a starting point! You will need to upgrade to a Golden Membership before you can manage that many referrals! ( I’m unsure of the exact price of 1500 ).

      The recycling side of things can be done in about 30 mins with that many referrals – not too much work at all.

      The amount of money you can make with this many is pretty much up in the air – it depends how often you maintain them and how long you extend their renting time. It’s a dynamic environment so the money will change from day to day.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Hope all is well!

    I love what you have done with your site! It’s really laid out well and very easy to navigate. It is full of information so would need time to really sit down and go through most of the pages. I can see how much work you have put into your site, it shows. You have a good looking, no fuss site here!

    Mishyboo! X:-).

  7. Hey this was a great article, many people are always trying to fool themselves that there is get rich quick schemes when really there is nothing that exists like that out their!

    If you put your time into something combined with alot of hardwork you will succeed! Ill be sure to revisit your website for more awesome reviews

  8. Hi Chris, good review on Neobux. there are many people who are searching for online jobs and looking forward to earn from home specially mums like me. It seems like investing money on Neobux is a good deal. Even I have registered for another PPC before but as I was not getting much for survey as it is location oriented, so I quit.

    1. Well it’s only a good deal if you keep working at it Sangeeta…it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you lose control of your referrals!

  9. Well explained and shared your neobux strategy to your blog readers, appreciated for your work. Well am a long time user in neobux till now I have received more than 190 cashouts instantly through paypal.. and need to go a long way to reach my goal.. I do recommend this post people who are looking some extra income this guide is helpfully.

  10. Hey Chris,

    I liked reading your review about Neobux. You can make a nice income with PTC’s but it is definetely something you will see in the long term. Unfortunately, too many people quit way too early because they want to make money right away without putting in any effort.

    I wish I had come across your article about Neobux earlier. I tried the rental referral strategy as a Standard Member but didn’t really get anywhere with it. Maybe I should look at trying again now that I have a better understanding.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi there Tej,

      Yeah a lot of new members feel that Neobux is a get rich quick scheme – it most definitely is not!

      Even as a Golden member you are going to have to plan things out – autopilot comes when you manage to get to the ultimate level.

      I find that the most successful members are the ones that had money to invest in the first place – they get to the promised land a lot quicker and reap the benefits. It’s a learning curve but it’s well worth it!

  11. Hello Chris
    I joined Neobux some years ago but after a short while gave up,l did not have the patience to click for pennies and could not figure out a way to manage the rented referrals.
    You have explained things so well and looking at your banner,l can see you made some serious money with Neobux,$41,000 plus in a PTC site is really impressive.
    Although you review Neobux with inside know how, l still feel only long time members like yourself can make money,even if a person wanted to rent referrals, maintaining these referrals is quite alot of work.
    Thanks for a honest review, but l feel one can do better with affiliate marketing than clicking ads for cents.

    1. LOL it’s not just the ultimate members that make money there – many Golden members do to!

      Unfortunately people want something for nothing online – which includes money! If you don’t work at Neobux you won’t make any money – same as any other earning path online!

      Good luck.

  12. Hi Chris,

    Interesting read. I was actually a part of NeoBuck’s platform for a while now. In fact, I started roughly a year ago. I stopped because I wasn’t really getting where I wanted to go.

    I am not sure if it was because of my location but I was not getting any advertisements to click or anything. Am not sure what the issue was but I basically gave up.

    Based on your post I think I will give it another try but I was hoping you could shed some light on the matter for me.

    1. Hmm that is strange mate – where exactly are you located? You should at least get a set amount of adverts per day otherwise the referral system won’t work. Are you sure you checked your account to server time?

  13. Very true, success is a slow process. Unfortunately, the people looking to make quick money end up being scammed. I think many people turn to online marketing when a major event happens in their life and they need money like yesterday.
    Great review on neobux, especially the clear explanation that it takes hardwork to succeed.

    1. Yes, and a lot of people end up at the doors to Neobux thinking they can turn their finances around in a couple of weeks…which is never going to happen I’m afraid!

      Anything that’s legit online takes time, effort and dedication…Neobux is no different!

  14. I’ve never heard of Neobux before. Sounds like just about everything else. You have to work to be successful. Definitely not going to get rich quick with this. I think the only way to get rich quick without actually working hard is the lottery. How many hours a day did you work when you maintained 5000 rented referrals?

    1. With 5000 referrals I was putting in about 2 hours a day at the most Gary – it’s all about your system and how you stick to it!

      Greedy people will fail at this – clever people will make money!

      It’s not a lot of work but it is consistent work, 7 days a week. Still, it’s nice to withdraw some cash every day 🙂

  15. Another discovery I have made on ways to make money. For me however Neobux does not sound to promising, it sounds like yes, you can make money, but not very much money, especially when the majority of people who get involved and become potential clients just don’t seem to be motivated, and to me that seems like you have to be too dependable on other people’s efforts as well
    Thanks for your review Chris

    1. I know boys that are making over 5 grand a month on Neobux Jacob – the sky truly is the limit with this site as long as you are prepared to learn the ropes first…which 90% of members tend to ignore!

      You are mainly dependable on your own efforts Jacob – you have the ability to recycle bad referrals (workers) that you own!

  16. Hey Chris,

    Thank you for the information on this neobux program. I have never heard about this, so I am glad I came across your article giving me the full details about it. And you are right, I was wonder how someone actually makes money with this and how strong the structure of the whole program. Although I enjoyed your article I find the neobux system just a little bit confusing for me, so I definitely will re-read the whole thing again.
    I have to agree with you that many people are looking for a quick fix and this program might not be the answer for many individuals.
    I will come back and visit your site again, thanks for your detailed information.

    1. Yeah I think it’s best to read the whole thing again Angela – this isn’t the sort of thing you should get into if you don’t really understand the platform (you’ll only end up losing money in the long run!).

  17. Hey Chris-

    I for one have never heard of Neobux… therefore your article was very informative. The one concept that I have learned about internet marketing is that to make money you’re going to have to invest lots of money and/or time. So, either way there has to be some sort of commitment here. This concept however is way over my head, but I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this article and spreading the opportunity. Continued to success to you!

    1. It’s actually not that hard at all to get to grips with Mark but I suppose you have to sign up really and give it a go…see how the whole site works!

      It’s like anything online really – it all sounds foreign and confusing until you give it a go! 🙂

  18. This is a very detailed review of Neobux. I know it’s not easy to explain in detail the workings of some online income earning systems, but you have done a very good job here. I suppose, members who do drop out, will always blame the system regardless of how good it is so I would not overly worry about them. Having been in business since 2008 and with a massive member base, they must be doing something right. So, yes, I think they are definitely worth considering.

    1. I used to be one of those types of members Michael – never my fault…always the platform instead!

      Anything that’s worthwhile online is always going to come with a large workload, it’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid!

      Great talking with you.

  19. Hey Chris,

    This is a cool article. I had seen Neobux in the past but I have never given it a second look beyond the advertisement. I guess it seemed too sketchy for me. I think that it takes a lot of work and time to make money on the internet.

    When I see something like Neobux I just assume that they are trying to get a few bux outta me haha.

    After reading your review I will have to bo back and take a closer look as there may be some long-term potential for some extra cash.



    1. Hi David,

      Actually their main page does look a little dated and sketchy these days – they’ve had so much success over the years they haven’t really bothered to update the theme or the site layout. I guess if it’s not broke – then don’t fix it!

      Yeah Neobux is not for the faint of heart online – if you are not prepared to sit in front of a spreadsheet and plan out your moves then this is not the platform for you. I make good money there because I work hard there – it’s been a journey though!

      Good luck with your Neobux journey!

  20. Hi there,

    I can see why you would need to keep an eye on your rented referrals. I like the idea of recycling them too. Actually this looks like a solid way to make money online but like you said, it would require dedication and effort.

    I am thinking if you did this full time you could probably earn a living from it especially if you had 30,000 referrals. Does this mean you can rent your own referrals if you have the cash to invest? If you don’t have the spare cash how does one get to Golden membership?

    I’d be interested to hear your feedback.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Yes totally – most of the big earners on Neobux have actually invested money to get where they are quicker – I did as well! If you don’t have spare cash you will have to rely on your Neobux earnings to hit the Gold Membership. Mind you, it’s only $90 at the end of the day – if you can’t invest that online maybe it’s best to stay away from these sorts of platforms and aim for lower earnings?

      It’s all about patience really – that’s why so many people fail at Neobux. Once you have your referrals you then have to extend their rental period to at least 150 days each. Only then should you be thinking about withdrawing money!

      Hope this helps mate. If you sign up and need any sort of help don’t hesitate to get hold of me through the contact page on this site (I can deal with you privately this way!).

  21. Hi Cris, thank you for this review. Although I can understand it is possible to make a small income using this platform, I do have several concerns and hope you can answer them.
    To be honest I am little bit confused about all these advertising revenue sharing platforms out there and wonder how they actually make their money? I mean why do people advertise with them, does it really pay of for advertisers to pay someone to click their commercials? What kind of commercials are they? MLM and get rich schemes? Do the members who click the commercials also purchase enough products in order for the advertisement to pay off?

    1. No problems, here we go…

      First off it’s certainly not an MLM setup or pyramid scheme – I’ve worked online for over a decade now and I’ve NEVER gone near anything like that (thankfully). It’s actually not a revenue sharing platform either – it’s simply one of the best PTC sites online.

      Simply put – it is a super cheap advertising platform but the traffic is not great i.e. the traffic is you and I and we are only really there to earn money from watching the adverts.

      With PTC sites it’s always best to advertise Work Online gigs because that is what your audience is doing online in the first place.

      This site simply allows you to ‘hire’ other members in the hope that they are as active as you. The more they work the more you make off them! You also have the option to recycle or exchange lazy workers so your workforce stays active.

      You do not have to advertise on the site – you are either an advertiser or a worker!

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  22. I’ve heard so much about this Neobux platform over the last few years – I’m really surprised it’s still going…but I suppose that’s a good thing as it indicates it’s legit and working!

    I didn’t realize the referrals system was so in-depth – this is key by the look of it to making decent money on the platform. I always thought you’d be stuck making pennies every day – not dollars!!!

    1. Hi Alex,

      Yeah referrals are key to Neobux success – without them you’ll definitely be making no more than mere pennies!

      I think it’s been going for nearly a decade now, which is extraordinary for a PTC site!

      It’s completely legit and it has a decent owner behind it (Fernando).

  23. Wow fantastic creating a website to target online website creators who are trying to make money and advertise their website. What a great idea!

    In addition, the service offered by Neobux sounds very appealing!

    Being able to advertise your website, and view other ads to create revenue is pretty awesome – I take it the advertising fees are well less than PPC networks?

    This is very helpful advertising option – thanks Chris!

    Good luck!


    1. Hi Stephen,

      Oh yes, it’s a lot cheaper than all of the PPC networks out there! A word of warning though – this is cheap traffic do don’t expect super-conversions!

      I use Neobux to make money – not to advertise my website (besides it will probably ruin my bounce rate!). Check out the article again and take note of the referral system – this is where the REAL worth lies with Neobux!

      Good luck with your Neobux journey Stephen 🙂

  24. Hi Chris,
    I read your article about NeoBux and I was wondering if you could just give me some advice about where I stand at NeoBux.
    Like many people out there, I decided to immediately invest the 90$ into the golden membership to save some time. I’m at a point where I’m trying to rent packs of 20 referrals every week and extending them for 240 days. All this has a weekly cost of 27.80$.
    The thing is, I’m starting to realize that I’m not being able to reach that 27.80$ milestone every week. Each passing week I get further away from that value, even with recycling. I normally recycle > 7 days inactive with < 1.0 click average. It's almost like NeoBux wants me to lose money ??.
    My question is: do you think I should invest more from my own pocket (larger packs of referrals) or continue to try and reinvest these earnings, renting 20 refs / week?
    I currently have only 20 referrals, since I'm just starting with the golden membership.

    What should I do? Could you give me your personal advice?

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Luís Sá

    1. First off I must insist that you download a copy of ‘Neobux Handy Referrals Manager’ – there is a totally free version and a premium version that costs $7. The free version will do just fine. You need to treat every referral as separate identity – this spreadsheet will help you do just that. Having a ‘set’ recycle policy in place will NEVER work – regardless of what some of these Neobux guru’s websites try and tell you. Neobux is a dynamic platform that changes every minute – no two referrals will act the same – ever.
      Can I ask if you’ve downloaded this free spreadsheet yet?

  25. Hi Chris I first i wanted to say that i love your Blog and it seems like you mastered NeoBux with your strategy.

    So until i finally can understand you strategy i have 2 questions:

    1. Are always extending the referrals for another 240 days or are you using Autopay or Autorenew?

    2. When do you recycle your refs? Do you have a specific average of Clicks / Day?
    Or do you recycle them after a specific day they didnt click?
    Or do you let them recycle themselfs after 14 days

    1. Sorry for the late reply Jay. This is a pretty difficult one to answer!

      First off – I always extend for 240 days with autopay turned OFF – this is a essential to your success.

      I usually look for referrals that are 5 days dead before I check out their stats for recycle. Remember that this is a dynamic environment and there are a lot of ways to make money off these referrals – don’t put them all in one pot.

      For example, I have a mate who buys referrals in packages and just churn and burns them. He doesn’t recycle at all and lets the days run out on them. This usually ends up working for him 3 times out of 5 attempts – so he always sees a profit with no headache.

      But…are you willing to take this risk?

      Being an ultimate member is a lot easier from this point of view BUT it is totally possible to make GOOD money as a Golden member (in some cases members make even more per year as Golden – no high ultimate membership prices).

      Don’t be afraid to keep a referral running if you are in two minds whether to get rid or not!

  26. Hi every one
    Neobux is the best ptc right now so don’t wast your time and make some extra money join it now (LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN – YOU TWAT!)

      1. Cheers Rob – can you believe someone would actually be stupid enough to leave a referral link like that? (no mercy!) 🙂

  27. Have you collected money from neobux before, and please can I have your WhatsApp contact in case I need help on my neobux

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