Music Xray Review

Music Xray review

It may surprise you to know that I wasn’t always a website owner and internet marketer ( shock! horror! ). That’s right, I actually studied music at Leeds College of Music and Amsterdam SAE.

I’m a music lover – plain and simple!

Late at night when I finally manage to shut my laptop lid the first thing I reach for is my acoustic guitar – it’s the only way I know how to relax and wind down!

That brings us to the Music Xray review we will be going through today – a website where I have signed up as a musician and also signed up to earn ( under different accounts obviously! ).

I was interested in what they could offer my solo projects and what they could also offer the readers of this site…

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Earn Money With Music Xray

In this article we are going to concentrate on the ways to earn money with Music Xray – after all I don’t get many musicians landing up on this site ( as far as I know! ).

Music Xray was launched in July 2009 and is part of a company named Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc.

Earn Money With Music Xray

They are set up to help indie musicians get feedback on their songs – it’s basically a cheap way for a songwriter to get his/her work heard by a lot of people.

So, they charge musicians a smallish fee for a set amount of listens and they pay their members to do the listening – make sense?

How Does Music Xray Work?

The site offers a free membership to just about anyone ( as far as I can tell ) and it’s extremely easy to register. I chose to sign up with a valid email address but you can go down the login with Facebook or Google+ route.

You have a sort of mini-survey to fill out where you have to list your favorite genres of music and the artists you consider to be ‘top of the tree’!

How Does Music Xray Work?

Once this is completed ( about 60 seconds worth of work at the most! ) you can then sit back and wait for Music Xray to send song alerts to your email account.

I think I had to wait less than half an hour before the first song alerts started to pour into my mailbox.

I clicked through to the site and found out I had to listen to a song for 30 seconds before the mighty sum of 10 cents would be credited to my account. I then needed to show whether I would be considered a fan or not ( the thumbs up, thumbs down gig! ).

That was about it really!

Music Xray Cashout

It all seems pretty easy so far doesn’t it? Surely you’ll be able to retire within six months of using this idiot-proof site?

Well this is the world of the internet folks – there’s ALWAYS some sort of catch!

In most cases the catch is the payout threshold against the small rate of pay…and that’s what Music Xray relies on!

When I discovered that the payment level was set at $20 for Paypal I soon lost all my enthusiasm to carry on earning – we are talking about $0.10 a song here!

I also found out that they didn’t offer instant payouts once the threshold was met – another kick in the teeth for the hard working online earners!

Music Xray Complaints

Well, I’ve already covered a couple of Music Xray complaints above but there is one more I feel I should cover.

I was less than impressed by the amount of work/songs they have on offer. During the first 48 hours of my membership I received quite a few opportunities to review songs. As the days wore on this number seemed to descend rapidly.

I’m not really sure what the reason behind this was – maybe they shoot a load of tunes at you for the first few days to get you excited and then slowly hold the tide back?

Maybe they don’t really have as much music on offer as they make out?

Music Xray Scam?

So…is Music Xray scam? No, definitely not in my book! I’d say that 99% of the earning sites that are set up on a ‘low earning – high payment’ platform are totally legit.

This is down to one thing – they are completely sustainable!

They do not promise big money and they do not promise overnight riches – they simply promise low pay for small tasks ( and everyone’s a winner…sort of! ).

The cool thing about these earning tasks is that they are fun – I mean listening to music for money…surely that’s up EVERYONE’S street?

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8 comments on “Music Xray Review

  1. hi Chris what a unique idea for a website! I guess you’d have to be really in to your music to make much money out of this one! I do love music, but don’t always have lots of time to listen to it, and would be worried that this might make it feel like a bit of a chore! It is a great idea for budding musicians though, have you ever put any of your music on there?

  2. Very interesting review. I’ve never heard about Music Xray program or that you can listen to a music and get paid. That’s good for those that love music. But while I was reading I felt that something must be wrong in the program and it really was. Yes, it’s legit, definitely not a scam, but it’s not going to help you you make enough money to quit your job. In my opinion, it’s not worth the time. Do you have any recommendations? How can I start making serious money?

  3. I first heard of MusicXRay on youtube, there was a girl that said that you could make $50 per day listening to music on their site… Guess that is not possible huh, I didn´t think it was either but I felt that I had to check it out myself… Glad I found this review (and others) that confirmed my thought.

    Thanks for this!

  4. I’ve been educated already by reading this. Indie is a new word for me. I had to look it up. I didn’t know it meant independent. Great word to incorporate into my vocabulary.
    I really like this concept. I’ve never been paid a dime for listening to any kind of music. I will definitely check this out. Even if the selection is limited and the opportunity for listening is rare, if all I have to do is listen, then I view this as getting some money for doing something I enjoy and something I would already be doing anyway. Even if it takes a year to reach the $20 payout threshold, it’s $20 more than I would have had listening to music elsewhere. Perhaps, as they progress, there will be more selections and more dimes to be earned.
    Thanks for the review.

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