MobiSave Review – Scam or Legit?

MobiSave Review - Scam or Legit?

I never thought I’d say this but…I’m kinda missing reviewing the dodgy old Binary Options crap at the moment!

Where did it all go?

For some reason the mobile phone industry has burst onto the scene over the last twelve months or so and ‘work online apps’ are popping up everywhere.

The surprising thing about all this is that a large majority of these apps (that I’ve reviewed) turn out to be pretty much legit…

Who would of thought?

Today we are offering you an unbiased MobiSave review – no affiliate links to the product here or any of that marketing sh#t!

So, is MobiSave a scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The MobiSave Review

MobiSave is yet another one of those popular receipt scanning apps that pays you for spilling the beans on your recent shopping exploits.

It was set up by a geezer named David Florence in 2015 so it’s still pretty much in it’s infancy.

They are not a stand alone company – they have a parent company named Loeb Enterprises.

So How Does This App Work?

All of these receipt scanning apps tend to work on the same format…

  1. Before you hit the local stores list the items that you plan to purchase on the app
  2. Visit the store then purchase the listed items there
  3. Grab your receipt and scan (or take a picture of it!)
  4. Send in the image and receive a little cashback for your efforts!

Is MobiSave a Scam?

What About The Money?

The cool thing about this particular app is that there is no minimum payout threshold to hit before receiving your dough.

This to me allows it to stand out from the crowd/competition a bit!

The rewards for each product are based on a number of variables but I have heard that some items can pay over a $3 reward (most pay under a dollar though!).

There’s also no messing about with a fussy payment processing system – all you get is a swift 24 hour wait before your money hits your Paypal account (awesome!).

Getting Started

Again, this is a pretty simple process. Simply visit their website and pick the app your are interested in downloading – Android or iPhone compatible.

Also, depending on which type of phone you own you can either download the app from the App Store or through Google Play on your phone directly.

The Downsides

It all sounds pretty cool so far doesn’t it? But what about the downsides?

Well, as usual, there are a handful of complaints online that are directed at this system.

The most popular complaint seems to be directed at certain offers disappearing into thin air before you can claim them.

This is obviously a right pain in the ass as you won’t end up with any reward after you’ve bought a certain item!

A handful of people have also complained about their receipts being rejected by the system.

Please remember that every receipt you send in MUST be clean and easy to read!

This is a sort of ‘pocket money’ app so don’t believe a lot of the hype on their website.

If you are looking to make decent money online then this is most certainly NOT the option for you!

Is MobiSave a Scam?

Definitely not! But at the same time it’s not exactly going to fund a private jet or buy you a small island.

There are a handful of teething problems with the app (covered above) but that is very much to be expected – this is a relatively young service!

At the time of writing this there are a lot of happy users/members but remember – that could change within a matter of weeks!

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8 comments on “MobiSave Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. Hi Chris–

    I guess a little pocket money here and there can help fund the weekly lollipop. Excellent review of what this is and what it isn’t. I think the thing that sets this one apart is the no minimum payout aspect. This could work for some quick cash if you don’t expect a huge return.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’m glad I ran into your website to discover for the first time this new App for earning/saving some little cash. 🙂

    Definitely, it can help once in a while for a coffee or even phone credits. It’s a good idea for the young ones as a start to play around learning how to make money.

    About the problematic aspects, it is normal to encounter dificulties in the system as it is still new and fresh in the market.

    Thanks a lot for your review!

    1. Hi Geraldine – you’re spot on with the level of reward it will give you! It’s fine for building up a bit of pocket money for a coffee, beer or phone credits etc. – but you won’t be able to drum up good cash with it! And yes, it is normal to encounter initial difficulties with a new system but I still had to highlight them in the review. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Hey Chris,
    I laughed when you said that miss the dodgy binary options program because actually, I feel the same way lol.

    There were so many scams especially on binary options because it is so easy to create and fool people. Just show a video on how you earn by clicking and poof! Your bank account will grow exponentially with innocent people who think that they could do the same.

    Mobisave sounds really decent but when dealing with anything online, there shouldn’t be any room for flaws if any in my opinion. Another great review by the way, cheers!

    1. Hello once again Riaz – long time no see!

      Great to have you back here once again leaving your opinions on our reviews 🙂

  4. Very interesting review,

    Is seems like a good way to save money on stuff you would be buying anyway.

    I Agree a don’t think you would get rich from this but saving and even making some money from it seems totally feasible.

    It seems like that app’s are taking over the world now days

    Thomas Ydell

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