Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing


Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately I’m the type of person that learns fastest by making ( pretty stupid ) mistakes. This was certainly the case when I was trying to complete my internet marketing training.

I’ve just about covered them all – some a lot more idiotic than others but mistakes all the same!

I thought I would draw on my ( bad ) experiences to create this article on mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing. Hopefully it will go a long way to helping you avoid the pitfalls I fell into…

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Everyone has to go through some sort of internet marketing apprenticeship before they see any sort of results online. Some get through with only a few scratches – others get through with big ugly scars!

Let’s take a look at the most dangerous and common affiliate marketing mistakes…

#1 Hitting The Sell 

This was the first big mistake I made and it really had me bamboozled for the first few months I was online.

You’ve built up a little blog or website, you’ve created a rather efficient funnel and you’ve made the process as dynamic as possible – now it’s time to go on the sell right?

No, no…slow down a little bit there buddy!

If people land on your page only to be confronted with a big ‘This is The Product of The Century’ title they will hit the back button and resume their Google search!

common affiliate marketing mistakesIf people land on your page and are confronted with three paragraphs split up by three CTA’s ( Calls to Action ) they will hit the back button!

If people land on your page and are confronted with 400 words describing how brilliant a particular product is…back they go!

Newcomers to the affiliate marketing world always tend to stick to the positives of a product and visitors will recognize this. How many products have you come across that don’t have a single drawback?

Visitors are far more likely to buy off you if you cover the positives AND the negatives. Don’t go overboard here and list EVERY negative you come across – you do want to sell something after all!

You just need to be as unbiased as possible – potential customers will see this and feel safer in your hands. Your opinion will start to count.

#2 Time is NOT on Your Side

I don’t know if people will ever truly overcome this as it’s part of our human nature – for some reason we ALL find something more interesting to do when we are faced with the prospect of work!

I’ll admit – I’m a lot better at managing my time than I used to be, but I’m still guilty of wasting it now and again.

Building up a successful online business is going to take a LOT of time – you are not going to have much to spare.

  • You don’t want to be thinking about the next episode of Game of Thrones when you sit down at your PC to work.
  • Facebook can wait – who wants to see funny pictures of cats anyway?
  • Email alerts DON’T have to be answered – the message is going nowhere!
  • YouTube is NOT an option – we are here to work!

You get the picture – there are a million distractions online that can easily effect your output. ​

You need to put yourself firmly ‘in the zone’ for certain periods of the day – the more used to this you get the more you will enjoy the efficiency.

#3 Product Overload

Product OverloadOh, I certainly learned the hard way on this one!!!!

When I first started out building my internet marketing empire I tried to get through as many products as possible. It was a lot easier in those days as smaller micro-niche sites still ranked pretty well.

Whenever I came across an affiliate product I liked I signed up to promote it – within a month I didn’t know my ass from my elbow!

It is so easy to overload yourself this way – multiple streams of income are great but make sure they are manageable. Spreading yourself to thinly is a recipe for disaster in this business.

#4 What’s in Vogue?

This is certainly one of the biggest mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing – the shiny object syndrome that so many newbies fall for!

You are halfway through setting up an Aquaponics website to promote a Clickbank product when you spot something new doing the rounds. Not only is it new – it’s selling like hot cakes!

You stop work on the Aquaponics website and quickly start building a site around this popular new product…then something else takes your eye…

You’ll end up with about 50 half-baked websites promoting products that will rarely sell. This is down to the fact that you have not put your heart and soul into ANY of them.

You keep on chasing the shiny new object and letting all your good work go to waste. Pick a product, build around that product, make that campaign successful – then move on!

#5 Education

I can’t stress enough how important a proper education is to your internet marketing efforts. Unfortunately there are untold amounts of ‘speedy’ internet marketing basics out there but NONE of them are going to be that helpful.

Education OnlineYou have to be prepared to learn as you earn – this business is full of tricks and you are going to need to know about ALL of them!

A short internet marketing course spread across several webpages is just not going to cut it – no matter what the website owner is telling you!

There is also a lot of piss poor internet marketers and bloggers out there that ‘think’ they know the right way to do things. These are the idiots that breed misinformation and ruin people’s efforts.

If you want to learn the trade you are going to have to study and study hard – there are no short cuts. The guy who gets the proper education will ALWAYS be the guy that comes out on top.

I went through my education at the Wealthy Affiliate because of the FREE starter membership they offered. I completed every one of the tutorials available to make sure I had the best chance of succeeding.

If you are interested in their FREE membership education then I suggest you read our full review on their services located here.

#6 Backing a Lame Horse

This mainly boils down to how important research is BEFORE you decide on promoting a product.

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of promoting an option without conducting prior research on it for its quality. Check out customer reviews and customer complaints on EVERY product you have an interest in.

A site that promotes a bad product will find it very difficult to recover from it – don’t be one of them!

#7 Take Action

I hear so many people complaining about the lack of spare time they have to invest in an affiliate marketing campaign. There are no excuses here – FIND TIME!

This is not the sort of business that you can log into for an hour every day – it takes dedication.

Many of you will be juggling a full time job as well as starting off in internet marketing. I’m not going to lie to you – the going gets tough!

You need to dedicate a period of time on a daily basis for this to work out. Maybe you could spare a couple of hours in the morning? Maybe you could find time after dinner in the evening? Maybe you could play a little ‘catch up’ on the weekends?

It doesn’t matter where you find it – just find it!

Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

If you want to avoid the common affiliate marketing mistakes we recommend signing up for the FREE tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their open education project by CLICKING THE LINK HERE

16 comments on “Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Very good points, Chris.
    To me, #6, Backing a Lame Horse is really important as it ties into some of the other points as well. When you have really researched a product you won’t fall for #1 as you will have plenty to write about. You won’t fall for #2 for the simple reason that you can’t – you will involved with the product enough to have the interest and not while away your time.

    1. Hi Robin, great points!
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion. Glad you enjoyed the article and the points we covered within it 🙂

  2. Hello! Great article with lots of helpful information! I think that everyone makes the same mistakes when starting with affiliate marketing but overtime you learn what works and what not. A website has to have great content to attract the reader in order to convince him to buy something. Education is all that matters in this business just like every other business. The more you learn, the more you earn.
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Katerina,
      I think making mistakes online is probably the quickest way to learn ( learning the hard way! ). Once you make a mistake you tend to make darn sure you don’t make the same mistake again! You are bang on the money about content – the only way to rank a website successfully these days!
      Thanks for stopping by – glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  3. Yo never cease to deliver great and quality articles. This is a very educative article right here. You have given a lot of tips on how to avoid the very common mistakes most of us including myself commit when when first of all start online.

    keep on sharing such great tips with us. i will be back again to check your other articles out

  4. Hi Chris.

    Great summary of the topic on Mistakes to avoid in Affiliate Marketing. It’s good to know you’ve made the mistakes first and lived & learned, thankfully to share with us.

    I agree that Internet Marketing is achievable, but it takes education first. So thanks for your wise words that come with much personal experience.

    Also, Internet or Affiliate Marketing does take some effort and we need to treat it like a business and take it seriously.

    Spending our days laid back in a computer chair watching stupid cat videos and letting time slip away with mindless distractions will never yield results.

    Good points mentioned all round and a great post loaded with good sound advice.

    To your success and your readers.


    1. Cheers Peter – nice to know so many people are enjoying the articles here!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your two cents 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,
    You make some very valid points in this article. These are all important things to remember if you want to be successful online.
    To me, education is the key, then using what you have learned and taking action. You are right in telling people that it takes consistent hard work and dedication for your efforts to pay off.
    Great post

    1. Cheers Kerry, glad you enjoyed the article. A good education is vital if you want to succeed with building up an online business but a lot of people tend to overlook this – they go for the shiny objects and end up getting scammed! There are no shortcuts online ( unfortunately! ).

  6. I like all the point you talk about – but specifically in #4 – you mention picking a product and sticking to it. I believe this is true – you have to build up the knowledge to where your opinion is valued – and people will read and then act on what you’re writing. Good post – I enjoyed reading it and it has given me some good ideas.

  7. Hi there Chris
    i am into affiliate marketing myself and i most say this is great. A lot of marketers are just excited to build a website just to make money and forgetting that visitors will be more interested in informative and educative articles rather than sale pages. It is really wise you pointed that out to the audience. good job

  8. Each and everyone of these mistakes can break an entire affiliate marketing attempt. Number 1 is probably the biggest mistake. Not only are these websites with only 400 words annoying, they’re also boring. There’s nothing worse than a hard sell. Number 2 is a personal problem for me, but I have solved it by blocking websites for a certain amount of hours. It has really boosted my productivity! Education is also important, you’re probably never going to succeed at anything if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    I really enjoyed reading this. Keep up the great work!

    1. Well I’m glad you agree with the list we have here Alec – also nice to here you have educated yourself on the subject ( at the WA maybe? )

  9. Great step-by-step article of the common mistakes in affiliate marketing. I know I made a couple of those when I started working online. I finally found something I enjoy and I think that’s the key. Affiliate marketing wasn’t really for me. I love business and marketing for local businesses, so that’s become my passion.

    So when you find what you enjoy, take action!

    CEO & Project Manager
    Nickel SEO

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on the article – glad you agree with the points we are covering here!

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