MintVine Surveys Review – Scam or Legit?

MintVine Surveys Review

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with paid online surveys – when I first started out online I used them regularly to earn backup cash but I NEVER enjoyed doing them.

I think this is pretty much the mindset of most people who end up working online. They know most of these surveys work and pay, but they can’t really stand doing them.

Today’s MintVine surveys review will be looking at yet another paid opinion option. Although these surveys are not my personal choice of earning they are still extremely popular.

Let’s take a closer look at what this bunch have to offer…

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The MintVine Review

I thought it best that I start this MintVine review with a quick look into the background of the company. After all many of these ‘newer’ survey sites end up being poorly set up and broke within twelve months!

Branded Research Inc started up this particular website back in 2012 – so it’s not exactly a tried and tested platform ( yet! ).

MintVine Login

The platform itself is open to people from any country – it is ( apparently ) a worldwide service. I haven’t discovered any reported MintVine login problems online so at present I’m going along with this ‘worldwide’ claim.

The sign up process is simple enough and all the site requires is an email address or one of those ‘instant Facebook’ sign in methods.

Once inside you can start earning your rewards by the following means:

  • Taking a few surveys ( naturally! )
  • Failing to take a survey….what? Yep, these guys actually offer you a reward even when you fail to qualify for a survey. Not a bad result really!
  • Taking part in polls that are offered to the community on a daily basis
  • Becoming an exclusive member of MintVine mint roll and taking part in their special offer surveys
  • Taking up your typical free offer options ( most site’s like this have these offers )
  • Taking part in a handful of local business offers that are demographically displayed

Mintvine Rewards

So now we get to the important bit – MintVine rewards! How exactly are you rewarded for your spending your valuable time on this earning platform?

Unlike Clixsense, MintVine chooses to reward you with points ( instead of the bog-standard cash! ). Now, I’m not really the biggest fan of point systems – when I do something I expect to see the cash tot up in my balance!

But the point system MintVine offers isn’t at all bad really – it seems a lot fairer than many other point-based earning platforms.

Mintvine Rewards

When I was taking on the surveys I was getting an approximate reward of 250 points per survey. Their formula works on: 1000 points for $10.

When you look at it from this perspective it’s not really that bad. For completing 4 surveys I could quite easily reach the $10 threshold.

Apparently I must of used the platform on a good day because I have heard reports of them only paying 150 points for some surveys. Still I can only judge from my own personal experience ( which was 250 points per survey! ).

Unfortunately the cash payouts are not instant – they are made within 15 days after the end of the month. You can choose to covert your reward points to cash ( a Paypal payment ) or your typical gift vouchers ( Amazon etc. etc. ).

MintVine Scam

Well before I dive down into my overall feelings on this earning platform I thought it best that I covered a few of the common complaints.

Bare in mind that most ( if not all ) online earning sites get some sort of lashing off the general public from time to time. It’s up to you to decide on whether these complaints are fair or not…

Point 1Getting kicked out halfway through a survey! I should really point out that this happens on ALL survey provider platforms. It’s actually not down to the website that houses them – it’s down to the demographic algorithm within the survey setup.

I know how much of a pisser it is to get kicked out after you’ve spent ten minutes filling out half the questions but it’s common practice. The survey provider usually claims it is down to demographics but what do they do with the questions you have answered up to that point?

I doubt very much they throw them away!

But as I mentioned earlier – MintVine attempts to smooth over this unfair process by giving you a small reward if you are kicked out of a survey.

Point 2How long is this survey? There’s nothing worse than qualifying for a survey only to look up 30 minutes later and see you are not even halfway through it!

Yeah, I get that these marketing companies want thorough answers for their data crunching but let’s be honest here – all WE want is the bloody money for completing it!

I have come across many complaints online regarding the overall length of each survey. We want each survey to be simple and quick to get through. I’m afraid not many of the surveys here will be short and sweet.

As I mentioned above I was earning about 250 points per survey but each one was taking me about half an hour ( at least! ). This means I was raking in a whopping $2.50 every half an hour for brain numbing work!

I’ll be honest here – I wouldn’t get out of bed for that type of money!

Still to some people that’s an acceptable rate of pay so it’s up to you to decide ( keeping in mind that some of the surveys only pay 150 points! ).

Point 3They won’t let me cashout! There seems to be a lot of past members venting their anger on forums about not being paid. In most cases they have actually been refused payment.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily go along with all these complaints as most survey sites have a few attached to them. Most of the time people are refused payment due to the fact they have cheated.

It’s very tempting to just fly through surveys as fast as possible to the payment at the end. It’s also very tempting to lie about your demographics just to get accepted into taking one.

That’s where the problem lies – do you think the survey providers are not prepared for this type of action?

Of course they are, they may not get you straight away but when it comes to claiming your hard earned cash they will give you the bird!

Our MintVine Surveys Review

So what’s the bottom line here? Are MintVine Scam or are they a legit earning platform?

Well first things first – they’re definitely not a scam site as they do pay and they seem to pay when they say they are going to. Whether they are worth your time or not is completely down to how much you want to earn.

Do you feel the rewards they pay are sufficient for the amount of work you put in?

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12 comments on “MintVine Surveys Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. Hi Chris – Really good thorough review of MintVine Surveys. You have been honest in your opinions. Speaking for experience.
    As you say the payments are not brilliant but its all relative to the individual.
    Its good to know that there are some survey companies out there that live up to their word
    Great post

    1. Hi Mark,
      Nice to hear from someone who has had a bit of experience with the site! As I mentioned, surveys are not for everyone but a decent provider will allow you to earn legit money through them. I don’t do them often these days but I used to when I first started out online. Nice to hear that you have earned some money through MintVine – cheers for stopping by and letting the other visitors know about your experience 🙂

  2. So, I’ve done surveys in the past, and the companies drowned me with email very quickly. Is this a problem with MintVine? If so, is there any way to protect yourself? Thanks.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’d ALWAYS recommend using a spare email address to sign up for any sort of offer wall/survey site. Clixsense and MintVine are self-contained platforms that allow you to take surveys from them – they won’t fill up your mail with new survey offers.
      Still, an email address is easy to spam so I would recommend not using your best email option.
      Good luck 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    Actually MintVine doesn’t sound all that bad compared to some of the ones I have tried. I gave up on survey sites long ago because I never seemed to meet the demographic. So I think it is nice that MintVine will give you something even if you don’t qualify.
    Thanks for the information and taking your time to look into them.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Yeah I quite like the way they compensate for being kicked off a survey – makes a refreshing change! I also gave up on earning through surveys a long time ago due to the amount of time wasted on demographic algorithms.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  4. HI Chris,
    Very well put. Early last year i considered doing surveys for the cash but the payout was too little and i couldn’t cope with the sites that offered points instead of cash. I read somewhere that if one’s serious about earning from surveys they should register to around 20 highly regarded survey sites.

    Is that a good number?

    1. Hi Ken,
      Yes that seems about right but it must be a real pain trying to keep up with them all. I don’t think I could sit around doing surveys all day mind – would drive me nuts!

  5. Thanks for the honest review for Mintvine! I personally don’t like doing survey. The money is too small to be earned. And it takes some time to do a survey. Most of the time, I was not qualified to be part of it, it really pissed me off. I would rather choose doing online marketing.

    1. Hi Edy,
      Yeah I hear you – being thrown out of a survey after five minutes of answering questions is no fun at all! Internet marketing is definitely the route to travel if you want to earn real money online 🙂

  6. I personally don’t like doing survey. The money is too small to be earned. And it takes some time to do a survey. Most of the time, I was not qualified to be part of it, it really pissed me off. I would rather choose doing online marketing. Thanks for the detailed review.

    1. Well that’s okay James – surveys are not for everyone! Why not try a bit of internet marketing instead and see how it goes? We’ve got a ton of articles on the subject here…

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