Merry Christmas to The World


merry christmas

​I thought I’d take a step away from the normal ‘earn money online’ posts today to get a little bit more personal with the visitors this site receives from all over the world.

It’s December the 30th and Xmas day has passed without ( to much ) incident for once. It’s been a pretty mad year and next year looks like it’ll be even madder!

On September the 21st my second son arrived in Heath Hospital, Cardiff, Wales. My first born son is now nine so it’s been quite a while since I stepped into the ‘baby zone’ and the pressures that come with it.

I’m not gonna lie to you – it’s been damn hard work! 

When you add the fact that I work from home to the equation you’ll begin to see the pressure I’ve been under since Ricky’s birth.

But that’s what this post is about today – looking past the pressure and giving yourself some time off to truly enjoy everything you have in life.

Working online requires a HUGE amount of dedication and discipline but you have stay focused on the important things in life at the same time.

I took it upon myself to step back from the manic writing regime I go through on a weekly basis. This is not the only website that I own so you can imagine the amount of work I have to put in every week.

I have cut down on the article frequency and I have spent a bit of time getting my Neobux account back in shape so I can earn that little extra residual cash this year.

It’s been nice – it’s been real nice!

I have been taking my son for long walks in the pram through the cold Welsh winter days and I have been spending more time with my partner and my nine year old son.

It’s been less pressure and I’ve loved every minute of it – it’s made Christmas FEEL like a different time of year for once!

So if you take anything from this post today make sure you use it – we all need to step back every now and again and take in the truly beautiful things in life.

I’m trying my best not to sound like some sort of hippy here but I hope you get the picture. Work hard BUT also play hard to!

Merry Christmas to the world – here’s to your online earning success in 2015!



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