Matomy Scam – Poison For Your PC


Matomy Scam

I’m afraid I really don’t like writing these articles but for the sake of everyone else who aims to work online I feel I have no choice. This particular rant and rave will be directed at the ​Matomy scam artists that seem to infect many top earning sites…

The Matomy Group

So first off let’s take a look at the Matomy group and what their aims and ambitions are:

  • Matomy ( attempts ) provides ​digital publishers with a full-service, multichannel monetization solution
  • Matomy offers advertisers a wide global reach through various media channels

​Now I’m not 100% experienced with the publisher’s functions that the Matomy network provides so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there. What I am 100% experienced with is the advertiser’s functions and how they work.

The Matomy Network in The Online Earning World

As you can see the Matomy network is a media group that offers many different ways for advertisers to get sign ups – this basically means they will try any old trick in the book to get:

  • Your email address
  • Your home address
  • Your mobile number
  • Your land line number
  • Any information about your shopping habits available

The Matomy Group Stealing your informationYeah, they sound like a nice bunch right???

​But my experience with the most effective Matomy scam comes through Online Earning Sites. These sites are where I built up my money to progress into the internet marketing world – I have a LOT of time for these simple yet legitimate sites!

For the sake of this article let’s take a look at one of my favorite sites to earn online – Clixsense. Now Clixsense offers a lot of legitimate ways to make as much money as you want online but for some reason they have opted to take on the Matomy group.

Why this is I’ll never know!

Fancy Some Malware?

So, I’ve already covered the basic raping of your email address and ALL your personal data for about $0.50 – what other wonders does the Matomy network offer unsuspecting newcomers to the online earning world?

How about a nice portion of DEADLY Malware for your PC?

Yep – they love the advertisers that want to infect your laptop with a tracking device that basically shags every other process on your system!

One of the options to earn that Matomy offers you through Clixsense is through downloading ‘free’ games and apps. Now why would thy pay you to download a program that they KNOW you are going to uninstall as soon as you’ve received your payment?

Well they would’t would they – that’s the stupidest business model ever! 

These games will implant some sort of invisible Malware or ( VERY visible ) toolbar on your system that will never leave – you’ll be hammering the anti-virus programs for months to come ( believe me! ).

Read this very carefully – EVERY downloadable offer from the Matomy group will contain some sort of Malware…it’s what the advertisers pay them for!

I’ll Contact That Nice Lady at Matomy Support!

That’s the beauty of this company – Matomy support is basically non-existent when they are in the wrong! 

That’s right – they have support workers that are a little bit selective!

If they owe you money through one of their mistakes then suddenly the whole company is struck down with a mad virus turning everyone deaf and blind – yikes!

But on the other hand if you owe them something – expect them to suddenly recover from this deadliest of diseases and get hold of you pronto.

I wrote this article as a warning to any of you that are thinking of signing up and using the effective Clixsense site. I adore the offers it provides but I cannot for the life of me understand why they also offer the option of Matomy services there!

But it is what it is…and it sucks!

I’ll leave you with a few first hand experiences I gathered ( pinched! ) of the web today – see what you think!

NOTE: I have removed the usernames of the post authors to protect their privacy ( Matomy wouldn’t!!! )

Matomy complaint

Doesn’t really fill you with confidence does it? But there’s more…

Matomy scam again

A complaint that actually highlights the fact that Matomy killed a computer!!!

Another Matomy complaint

The lase sentence from the above post is one you should keep in mind – always choose trusted sources and trusted routes of income! And finally…

Final Matomy advice

I could go on all day here but I’m pretty sure I’ve offered you enough on this subject to avoid this company like the plague. If you have any similar experiences with the Matomy group please leave them in the comment section below.


10 comments on “Matomy Scam – Poison For Your PC

  1. Hi Chris!

    Very useful info as usual!
    Your site is on my bookmarks as reference for online business man!!

    I just made my self an account at Clixsense, thanks for the heads up with this guys!!!

    I’m just starting into online business, and this kind of scams really irritate me.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job preventing us to fall for this stuff!

    Best regards


  2. Thank you for sharing your review of the Matomy Media Group.

    I have to agree this seems to be a complete scam and it’s the worst when you can’t get a good response from support!

    It’s crazy to think that each download contains Malware too.

    Thanks for the review I’ll make sure to stay away from this company. Any places you highly recommend to make money online?


    1. Hi Brok,

      Try out Wealthy Affiliate, Clixsense or Neobux – they are the sites we recommend here ( Wealthy Affiliate being our number one recommendation! )

  3. Wow, thanks for the warning.

    I haven’t come across any Matomy ads on the net yet, but will indeed be extra diligent. There is nothing worse than an attack of malware and viruses on your computer, and it wastes so much time trying to get rid of them.

    If you do happen to get this malware on your computer, what do you reckon is the fastest way to get rid of it? Any suggestions?

    1. Malware Bytes is a free program that kick ass with this sort of thing – I’d always recommend that first. Also, keep your antivirus database up to date!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for warning us about this Matomy group. I personally haven’t heard of them but I have been warned.

    There’s nothing worse than downloading malware without even knowing about it. It’s happened to me before and I ended up wiping my whole computer off and re-loading everything back in again – It’s no joke.

    You mention Malwarebytes and I use this every Friday, It’s part of my routine. Scan the whole computer and there’s always some malware Malwarebytes finds.

    Have you ever heard of CCleaner? – I use that too. It’s great for a scan once a night as it only takes about a minute. Very quick.

    Thanks again,

    1. I have heard of CCleaner but I opt to use a more professional program on my laptop…well it’s a cracked version of a highly expensive program LOL.

      Great to see you here once again Simon!!!!

  5. Hi Chris ! I just want you to know that I really appreciate your work in unmasking these scams – I have been following your article releases for quite some time now.

    I also was a dreamer thinking that I could get rich by snapping my fingers. I made my own research as I was ready to pay a pyramid scheme, that’s how i discovered Wealthy Affiliate that completely changed my concept of easy money.

    Wealthy Affiliate really helped me and now you with your great information about scams. I actually got recommended your site by a fellow member at the WA!

    Keep up the good work mate – maybe I’ll see you inside the WA at some point in time?

    1. Hello Nicu,

      Well first of all it’s great to hear that you found the WA…and avoided signing up for that dodgy pyramid scheme!

      Unfortunately they are everywhere these days and it’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart!

      It’s also great to hear that you were sent in my direction by another WA member. I wonder who that was???

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