MatchedBets Review

MatchedBets Review

The cool thing about running a website like this is that I often get contacted by owners of new products or services – they (sometimes) get their opportunity covered here, whilst I get a new article subject…it’s a win/win really!

But unfortunately, more often than not, the products/service/software is just not up to par…and I have to refuse covering them.

Thankfully, this is not the case with MatchedBets.

Several weeks ago I was contacted Robert Cockburn from who was wondering if I’d be willing to take a look at their product.

Now, I have dived into the rather exciting world of Matched Betting before and to be honest with you – it’s a pretty cool way to earn some cash online (A LOT of cash in some cases!).

So I was up for it from the word go – I jumped straight in!

Let’s take a closer look at…

The MatchedBets Review

So What Makes MatchedBets Different?

I was actually a member of a similar Matched Betting community about two years ago (which I shall not mention by name) but I ended up running with my profits after about 10 months or so – I did pretty well out of it!

At the end of the day I got tired of the attitude of the platform’s owner – he was relatively young and a bit of a smart ass…the community members tended to follow suit!

A typical matched bet setup

MatchedBets immediately stood out to me as a betting community that had ‘older heads’ steering the ship. As it turned out – some of their team have almost 30 years experience in the betting industry behind them.

They also had some nice features that set them apart from other matched betting sites such as:

  1. A fully mobile-optimized website allowing users to do matched betting on the move or away from their PC.
  2. Live chat support on top of email support and our forum (very important factor for newbies to Matched Betting).
  3. The odds in their calculator and odds script are updated in real time, meaning no page refreshes are needed to check the odds haven’t changed before placing bets.
  4. Their unique bet tracker tool track all bet activity automatically. This keeps track of profits and displays them in the users account. This feature means no more keeping track of your bets with spreadsheets.
  5. Their recently launched ‘AccaBackers’ tool which makes matched betting with accumulator refund offers a breeze. This allows users to earn even more from matched betting offers very easily.

The key point above, to me anyway, is the support network they have in place. The Matched Betting community that I joined had a Facebook group as their community/support…and that was pretty s##t to be honest with you!

The Forum
Help From The Community at The Forum

MatchedBets have realized how important it is to have instant help when you are new to the betting world – mistakes mean money lost at the end of the day!


AccaBackers is a tool which MatchedBets offers to their premium customers for free. Some other matched betting sites charge for similar tools so this is a great addition to the service MatchedBets provides.

AccaBackers was built with the aim of creating the best ACCA tool on the market and I believe they have achieved that. There are 14 bookmakers to choose from. All of which offer accumulator refund promotions which can be used alongside the tool to guarantee a profit.

Each accumulator in the AccaBacker tool is preloaded with the rules of each offer from each bookmaker, making it a breeze to use and profit from. Although the accumulators are premade, users can edit them to change games which might kick off at a more suitable time for them. It works seamlessly with other features of MatchedBets also such as the Calculator, Bet History and Dashboard.

AccaBackers is a great tool for the matched betting community as a whole and really helps MatchedBets stand out from their competitors.

How do They Compare?

So how does the MatchedBets platform compare to the other ‘big boys’ in Matched Betting? For that, we’ll have to take a look at Oddsmonkey and the Profit Accumulator communities…

The three services are similar in that they provide offers, odds matching tools, calculator and support in the form of guides and online help.

MatchedBets differentiates itself by offering mobile optimized tools that give more freedom to its subscribers, as they can do offers almost anywhere they have a good signal.

The Odds Matcher Tool

The Odds Matcher and Calculator update odds and exchange availability in real time which can save the user valuable time and frustration when reaching the exchange to lay.

The Betracker is a unique tool that provides a full history of matched betting activity and automatic update of profits. It allows members to keep track of progress from start to finish of an offer which is useful when doing multiple offers and waiting for free bets to be allocated.

Pricing is competitive and with 3 offers available, MatchedBets allows users more opportunities to see, first-hand how matched betting works.

The table below compares MatchedBets, Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator…

MatchedBets Comparison Chart Image

Matched Betting

As I mentioned earlier in the article, I sort of have a ‘soft spot’ for Matched Betting as I saw quite a lot of success through it. I also like the way you are pulling the wool over bookie’s eyes in a legal way (because they make enough money off people’s misery anyway!).

But it’s important to realize that Matched Betting is NOT gambling – you are not risking any money…if you follow the instructions PROPERLY.

I won’t beat around the bush here – I lost money initially!

Not much, say about £15 (or around $20), but that was down to excitement and my own mistakes – you have to make sure you are 100% ‘in the game’ when you take this sort of thing on.

There is a learning curve for newbies to combat – but it’s not that steep.

Make sure you travel this learning curve in it’s entirety before you start taking on the offers provided to you…

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