Mass Income Machines Review

Mass Income Machines Review


I’ve lost count of the amount of new products or ‘money systems’ I’ve reviewed on this site that manage to sell themselves…without ever really telling the customer how they are going to make money with the process.

Here we go once again with Mass Income Machines.

Another ClickBank product that seems on the outside to be pretty worthless – palming off near enough worthless training/information for your hard earned cash.

So what is the real truth behind the product – is Mass Income Machines scam or is it legit?

Welcome to the Mass Income Machines review…

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The Mass Income Machines Review

What is Mass Income Machines?

No idea really!!!

No seriously, it’s near enough impossible to give you a decent description on what this product is and what the maker is aiming to achieve with his/her training.

As I touched on above, it’s yet another ClickBank product that has a sales page that takes you through a funnel walk of upsells, not stopping until it has convinced you that you NEED these services to reach your first million etc.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before by now!

What makes me laugh about this particular product is that fact that is was only released several weeks ago, yet they still insist that it has made thousands of people A LOT of money. How exactly? Did they hand out lottery tickets?

The spokesperson on the sales page claims that the Mass Income Machines product is going to completely change your life, due to the money it is going to bring in, but not once does he indicate on how this is all going to work – what you are going to be doing for the money?


Is Mass Income Machines Scam?


Suffice to say that it is ‘all done for you’ and you are not going to have to lift a finger to roll in the green with this baby!

Remember that this product costs just $37.

Why is this important?

Well, how many multimillionaires do you know that would be happy to share their secrets for just $37?

Everything they have worked their whole life for, and everything their children and grandchildren will be relying on…for just under 40 dollars. It ain’t gonna happen, is it?

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The Truth

Okay, I might as well come clean and tell you now that this is probably going to be the shortest review I’ve ever done on this site (and currently there are just over 400 reviews posted here!). There’s no point me stringing it out for a conclusion we already know – this product is crap.

The training, or system, or whatever is finally inside the box (along with the dodgy upsells along the way), will be complete rubbish.

The owner is basically taking $37 off you, then they are going to make even more out of your email address. Seriously – if you buy this thing watch your spam mail folder have a heart attack within a week!


What is Mass Income Machines?


Clickbank is a great platform, and it has a lot of great products, but for some reason it does let these shitty products slip through the net…

Maybe it’s because they are not directly a rip off – they do offer you something for your money, even though it’s crap training?

I don’t know.

All I know is that these types of products seem to be ‘allowed’ on most digital product platforms.


Is Mass Income Machines Scam?

Well it does offer you something for your money…but that something is going to be near enough worthless…

I’m going to have to call ‘scam’ on this one.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to make money online.

There are no quick fixes and there are no fast track routes to earning in the internet world – if you want to make big money, you are going to have to learn your trade first through a decent education…

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11 comments on “Mass Income Machines Review

  1. 1st of all I love the name of your site. I was actually searching for “passive residual income ideas” and your site was one of tthe first things to pop up so it brought me here. I love this review by the way – it reminds me of something I told myself recently and that is… any time I see certain words like “massive” or “crush your competition”, I already know that it’s going to take me through a funnel like you described here and I just I run, not walk away as fast as I can!

     Keep up the good work!!

  2. I don’t know how websites like these don’t get shut down! A matter of time I guess. It just goes to show, if you can offer something, anything, then you are ‘allowed’ to remain on the internet even if this thing you are offering is pretty much worthless. This is a scam, whether they are offering training or not, it doesn’t matter- they can’t promise all these things and lie about the amount of money people have made from it!

  3. It was really a short review. A lot of these sort of products come out on a regular basis that it has become near impossible to keep track. Like you said clickbank is an awesome affiliate network but I really don’t know how these sort of products slip past them.

    Whether these products are not scrutinized before been approved to be distributed to the general public is beyond me. Just the way facebook does not appreciate when advertisers make ridiculous promises that can never be achieved. Clickbank is suppose to also do the same.

    They make ridiculous promises to lure people to buy their products and are not able to deliver on their promise. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people fall for these but what can we do but to do our best to expose them for what they really are.

    1. Yep, like I said in the article – I’m not prepared to waste so much time writing about a shitty product like this! Probably the shortest review I’ve ever written Jay. 

  4. I try to avoid anything with a ton of upsells.  All those promises of getting rich is not ever going to work out the way that they want you to believe it will.  They take your money and sell you a dream not a reality.  They are the ones getting rich because people are believing it and buying it.  Too many upsells and you just end up broke and not making all the money they said that you could make in such a short amount of time.  Making money takes work, even if you are doing it online.

  5. Wow!!! that’s crazy. That’s exactly why I always do my due diligence, and research the product before I either promote it or buy it. I’m actually using Clickbank right now, and it is insane that some products are shitty.

    I’ve been scammed a few times before, but It is pretty conspicuous, “Mass Income Machines,” that sounds kinda far fetch lol.

    Thanks for the info!

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