Making Money With Woodworking Projects

Making Money With Woodworking Projects

Product: Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits

Subject: Make Money With Woodworking

Product Creator: Jim Morgan

Website: (Click HERE!)

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Woodworking is a hobby for many people and little more, yet some keen craftsman harbor a desire to turn their passion into something bigger.

The Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits guide was created with the belief that if Morgan can create a profitable business, anyone can.

If Jim’s rags-to-riches story from his sales page is to be believed, this is a hard-working man with a love of woodworking that turned his life around and now wants to help others.

The question posed by this Jim Morgan Wood Profits review is whether these good intentions are enough and if buyers are receiving a worthwhile product…

What is Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits?

Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits is a guide that the creator is so proud of, he put his name in the title. These are his tips, based on his own experience, and his is the name credited in many of the positive testimonials.

The aim of this guide is to teach people about making money with woodworking projects.

This means that there are plenty of plans and guides for different items to help users expand their abilities, but there are also guides on sales, marketing and business development.

 jim morgan wood profits review

Morgan claims that the projects are top sellers that take less than an hour to build – although this could depend on ability – and there is a clear focus on making profitable items as well as desirable ones.

This breadth of knowledge means that users should be able to create more professional items and then have the confidence and knowledge to sell them.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

1) Credibility: This is an important benefit for many buyers that want to use this guide to make money with woodworking.

There are lots of testimonials on the sales page from buyers that highlight the professional nature of the information and the trust that they have in Jim Morgan.

They can see that this is written from first hand experience, and this offers them the confidence to continue.

2) Diverse Projects: Every hobbyist woodworker has their favorite items to make – not everyone wants to make furniture – and this guide acknowledges that by providing hundreds of plans that cover furniture, storage boxes, clocks, toys and other household items.

This means that users can work towards a personalized, or diverse series of goods that best reflects their business.

3) Easy to Understand: There is a lot of professional level detail to the steps and tips in the guide because Morgan clearly knows what he is doing in the workshop.

Despite this, he has been able to write a guide that is clear and simple to follow. There is the sense that he understands his audience and has perhaps put himself back in the shoes of his former self when creating his advice.

4) Available in Different Formats: This is a digital guide which means that users can keep it on their electronic device to read at their leisure, print out a copy and keep it in the workshop or even request an MP3 audio file so they have a hands-free approach while working.

5) Money-Back Guarantee: If users start this guide and feel that they have bitten off more than they can chew, or another option comes along, they can get a refund within 60 days.

Calling this the “love it or shove it” guarantee is a nice touch that highlights Morgan’s personality and shows that this is not your average sales page.

 jim morgan wood profits review

The Cons:

1) Experienced Woodworkers Only: The steps may be clear to follow, but all new users need to have a basic foundation in woodworking if they want to proceed with this guide.

There is the assumption that users are familiar with the tools and methods required and that the audience are amateur woodworkers that want to turn professional.

2) Dedication Required: There are a lot of skills to learn in this guide and it takes lots of time and practice to complete the projects and understand the steps.

Some estimate that it requires 20 hours a week of effort, which means that it essentially turns into a part time job before the business is even up and running.

3) Different Levels of Packages: The idea of a VIP package may sound great for those that are willing to pay the price, but it does mean that some buyers are receiving more content than others.

The VIP option provides extra plans and documents and also allows for “unlimited coaching access”.

The problem here is that increased demand for these limited one-on-one slots and Morgan’s apparent popularity mean that he can alter the prices and increase the costs as he sees fit.

Who is Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits For?

This is not a guide for anybody that wants to turn to woodworking as a completely new career choice, especially those that have never picked up the tools before.

Instead, this is for people that really want to learn how to make money with woodworking and turn a hobby into something more meaningful, and profitable.

Who is Jim Morgan's Wood Profits For?

If you have the basic skills, the desire to better yourself as a woodworker and the dedication to put in all the work required, it is possible to see results.

If you only have a small interest in the craft, however, and aim to treat this like a weekend hobby, it will not be worthwhile.

Conclusion: The Jim Morgan Wood Profits Review

Making money with woodworking projects takes time, skill and hard work and this guide is basically a tool to give woodworkers a push in the right direction.

The value provided here can depend on the time users spend on putting the tips into practice, but also on whichever price they pay.

The VIP experience may be overkill when the basic guide seems to be helpful enough.

There are a lot of beneficial aids here for the right users – from the diverse plans to the advice on sales strategies – and Morgan’s guide does provide support along the journey.

Newcomers will not succeed with this detailed guide, but it can help to provide a clearer path for those that want to sharpen their skills and take the next step towards selling their creations.

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We hope you enjoyed this Jim Morgan Wood Profits review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.

112 comments on “Making Money With Woodworking Projects

  1. What a fantastic site, enjoyed reading your site, never thought about making money from woodworking projects before. Is great for somebody who enjoys woodwork. Seems like you can earn a fortune! Think i will have to see if my kids will be interested in learning and practicing this skill haha

  2. This is a very interesting concept! I am a keen supporter of turning your hobby into a business and woodworking is a highly creative one to dabble with.

    You are right, one needs to develop a certain skill first, maybe also have a knack for it, but think of how much fun that would be when you are actually doing it.

    And from what I can tell from your review, quite lucrative too!

    Thank you for bringing this information to us.

  3. Great review and the pros and cons seem to be right on point.

    Like most things you can see about making money but you do need to know what to do and how to do it.

    This package of making money with woodworking projects I can see being very viable as I see people already doing some projects around my area now.

    The difference with what your offering is more than just doing some projects with woodworking but also dealing with the very crucial business side of things.

    1. Thanks Travis, we always include both the pros and cons otherwise the review serves no purpose – there are already way too many biased reviews online!

      We were generally impressed by this guide…so we covered it! 🙂

  4. This seems like a very interesting product. I do like wooden products, they remind me of nature. I don’t have any experience or skills in woodcraft though since I haven’t really done it since basic school.

    What would you recommend for someone who doesn’t have any prior experience in woodcrafts?

    1. Hi Matthew!

      Well I wouldn’t really recommend this product to someone who has no real carpentry skills – go on YouTube first and pick up a few of the basics! 🙂

  5. Great post! Thank you for pointing out that this is for experienced woodworkers only. I have a feeling many folks would be interested in trying this and then find themselves frustrated because they have not developed the skills of woodworking yet. This definitely seems like a worthwhile opportunity for the right person.

  6. This is quite an interesting review, I never imagine using Woodworking project to make money, however in my country we do not often use anything with Wood, The last I did this was when i was 14 years old, around 14 years ago, But going this, I think it time to create a new Hobby,

    Thank alot Chris, if there any project I created using woodwork , I will send a picture of it to you 🙂

  7. Great review!
    I’ve always wondered if you could make a reliable income through woodworking. I often see shops around with different rustic woodworking products but wondered what kind of time would have to be put into these artistic delights.
    It’s great that Jim Morgan includes information about marketing and selling the projects. Some people don’t understand the scope of work that’s included in actually selling their projects. It’s one thing to build them and quite another to sell them.
    I may have to check this out in the future.

    Thanks for the review, keep up the great work!

    Ryan Sims

    1. No problem Ryan, great to hear that you like the sound of this money making guide! Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion! 🙂

  8. I’m reading your site for quite some time now and I can say that you’re doing an amazing work! I like the structure of your articles and I can really say that you are very dedicated and passionate about writing.

    I really enjoy woodworking myself since when I was a kid, and maybe even want to start my own business. I will consider buying this product in the future. Thank you!

    1. Well thanks for the positive vibes on the site Julius! Thanks for considering this product as well 🙂

      Don’t forget – sharing is caring so spread the word!!!!

  9. Awesome Review! I always see those those wood sculptors on the streets of downtown Seattle making amazing pieces at low prices.

    It’s great to know there is a trusted program out there to help carpenters and woodworkers make a business through their trade and skill!

    How long would it take for somebody whose new in the woodworking world to get going in something like this?

    1. Oh not long Erich as long as they took it seriously enough – it’s a great guide but you need to put some work into it! 🙂

  10. Hi there Chris,

    This sounds like a good program for someone in the woodworking niche. But I am curious to know if it teaches you how to scale your business in the online world such as website creation and writing content.

    The positive reviews tell a lot about the quality of the program and if someone can merge the knowledge with the training at WA, he/she can surely grow a successful business in this niche.

    1. I would say that merging the two would be best Cathy – after all, running a website is a whole different education module really when you think about it!

  11. Oh, man! I really do miss my school days of woodwork lessons because I used to enjoy crafting different useful objects to take back to my parents.

    Building my own woodwork business now would definitely be something I’d love to do for a living. And there seems to be great money in it too! 🙂

    Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits sounds like a great product to me, since I do have a little basic knowledge in woodwork.

    Cheers, Chris!

  12. I don’t have any experience in wood works, but my uncle is there in the wood working industry and has several years of experience in that work. So I would recommend it to him as it is going to help him earn some additional income. Also since this requires some additional knowledge in internet marketing, I would help him in achieving it.

    1. Sounds like a good idea Sundar – a solid base in internet marketing is a great start with this product! Good luck 🙂

  13. What a wonderful post.

    I love doing woodworking and I was looking for a way to use my hobby to make money. This definitely pointed me in the right direction.

    Woodworking has been a passion of mine from since I was a little boy doing my arts and crafts at school. Now I can turn this into a side business wow.

    Thanks a million for opening my eyes. I’m definitely going to buy this course.

  14. I’ve reviewed some of the post that said this program is a scam. Many people cannot learn the things that taught by the product and as a result being scammed. How do you think?

    1. We had no problems with this product whatsoever Steve – you have to have a certain ability to be able to learn I suppose but that’s nothing new! No problems with it at all and definitely not a scam?

  15. Great opportunity it seems for wood workers. One must touch the sky if he/she choosing the profession as their hobby. i really like the concept.
    And definitely, we need to give our time, efficiency, dedication and hard work to get success in any field of work.
    I am going to bookmark this page and going to share with my husband.

  16. Wow, what an interesting program!

    I don’t have woodworking skills and interests so this exact product is not for me but still it’s an interesting idea. There are so many ways to build a business nowadays and it’s good that there are training like this available. Some of the training are scams but as you state this seems to be legit. I’m thankful that you are honest in your review saying that the program is mainly for the experienced woodworkers.

    1. No problem Roope – a shame that you’re not really interested in this sort of thing (how did you end up on this page? LOL).

  17. Hi Chris, nice review. Building woodworking business seems interesting. I used to help my father a long time ago and I enjoyed it. But I am afraid to start a business that I have no knowledge about. You said it provides some lessons in marketing and business development. It is enough to really start a business in this segment?

    1. Yes Stefan it certainly is – this covers EVERYTHING you will need to start up a woodworking business. You do have to be dedicated to it mind – nothing worthwhile is easy! 🙂

  18. I have a cousin that does woodworking and just got into a program for it. He really loves it…to the point he now had a great huge beard like a lumberjack. He’s way to small and smart to be a lumberjack, but he’s definitely strong enough.

    Really inventive idea on how to make money.

    1. Well woodworking is actually a really popular way to make money these days – hand built objects tend to reach a pretty awesome price Benjamin! 🙂

  19. Like I said before, my cousin Brandon has been killing it with woodworking. I’m sure he’ll be rich in no time with how well he’s doing and the dedication he takes to his new trade. Big change from becoming an engineer or even a trainer or something he brought up before. Me on the other hand, I’d just end up with splinters haha!

    1. Sounds like your cousin is well on his way to success Benjamin – tell him ‘congrats’ from me! 🙂

  20. I must say, this caught my eye as it’s not your run of the mill money making scheme. I really like the fact that it’s making something real and then selling something real for real money! I don’t know, call me old fashioned!

    I’m interesting in giving this a go. I like the fcat there’s a 60 day guarantee on it – do you know if people actually will get a refund if it doesn’t work out? I’m just trying to weigh up the risk vs possible reward….

    Thanks for the great info by the way.

  21. Chris, Some good info on how to turn woodworking skills into income. I wonder if Morgan’s guide discusses tools needed, space requirements and marketing. I find it interesting that some of his top sellers take less than an hour to build. Wonder what they sell for. Thanks for the info.

  22. This seems like a great option for wood workers. But unfortunately not everyone can just pick up the tools and go. This does show people that you do not have to have a 9-5 or do internet marketing, but instead turn a hobby into a business and enjoy every minute I’d it! Pretty neat idea if you ask me. Thank you for sharing!

    1. No problem Jesse!

      Yes you need the basic woodworking skills really otherwise this training might well leave you behind!

  23. What and interesting site you have created. This was a new insight for myself. I personally do not have any experience in woodworking but to discover that anyone who has a passion for it, that may be a professional looking to advance further or someone who does it as a hobby and wants to turn it into a more lucrative hobby has that resource available to them with this program. Great review, Great site, excellent, honest information, it is very readable and trustworthy. All the best, JRay

    1. Well thank you very much JRay – but what are you doing reading an article on woodworking projects? Interested in learning maybe?

  24. Woodworking isn’t for everyone. It’s expensive also, with the need for many quality expensive tools, then the experience to use them tools correctly. If one has the tools and experience I think it might be a viable option.
    I was wondering what sort of projects are involved here? Is it the cheesy crafts motif? Or quality beautiful hard to make woodworking projects, that people are willing to pay good money for? Thanks!

    1. Naaa it avoids the cheesy school projects Dan – it just sticks to items people will actually find useful and want to buy

  25. Hello Chris, and how is everything going today?
    I just happened to come across your passive residual income ideas and was well informed about every article I read in it.
    I found your first article about making money online with woodworking quite interesting and loved the way you explained how the whole process works. I myself always had the desires to build stuff with wood, and even thought about turning it into a business, but the whole concept of making a passive income just sounds way to good to be true, but after I saw your “60 day love it or shove it guarantee”, and the thousands of dollars income that comes with it, I was convinced that it was actually possible and there is no risk to try it out.
    I was also well informed about how some of the online businesses like the MLM marketing and the clixsense appeared to be scams.
    Now the same is true about the online affiliate marketing business “Wealthy Affiliates”, but I have to agree that there are more upsides to this company than there is down sides. I myself, like you have been with them since June of 2016, and although I find it to be hard work, it is here more to help you rather than hurt you in succeeding. i definitely find it to be challenging and it makes me want to think about how to go about the whole process of making money online. Both Kyle and Carson definitely know what they are doing and I would recommend it to anyone.

    1. Hi Zoli,

      First off welcome to the site! Secondly, Clixsense is definitely NOT a scam – we actually promote it here LOL (check the top navbar of the site!).

      It’s great to hear that you like the look of this woodworking product – this is another opportunity we love and have had no complaints back on it yet!

      Great to meet you and to chat – come back soon! 🙂

  26. Thanks for the great review and information Chris!

    I know that you can make a pretty substantial side income with wood working and I actually have a friend who makes small wooden cars and trucks and sells them at local flea markets and craft shows.

    Do you think he could benefit from the information included in this since he already has a business up a running on the side, or would he be a bit advanced for the material?

    1. I think there will be more than a few pointers in here that would help him grow Tony. Remember – this guide is put together by an expert in the field!

  27. i have been having many trees in my backyard and have been thinking of the neccesary way to remove them and i never wanted to throw thm or burn them i therefore search for information on how i can use the woods until the moment when i got the information you have provided and from them i will be able to make something valuable with them other than cutting and burning them
    please donot hesitate to provide me with any related information regating the use of woods
    thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Jose, to be honest with you – ALL the information you need on the subject is contained within the guide. It’s the best option out there for creating a woodworking business!

  28. Thanks for writing this review about woodworking. Honestly I’ve never thought of this as an option to make money. And as I suspected since I have no experience, this probably wouldn’t be a good option for me. But it sounds like a good resource for someone that does have some experience. That said it always amazes me the various ways people can make money.

    1. Cheers Eddy – by the way don’t I recognize you from somewhere? I’m sure you’re the admin at Work At Home No Scams (dot com of course!).

  29. Hey Chris,
    Wow Woodworking business in an eBook? There’s a first for everything but its great nevertheless because I find woodworking a very cool hobby.

    My brother is into woodworking and you should see his room – wooden daggers, staves and bows neatly hung on his rack in front of his bedroom.

    Is it a ClickBank program may I ask? I would love to show this to his but you know how careful we need to be when it comes to online programs right. Cheers

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Yeah Clickbank house this guide – that’s why the refund guarantee lasts so long (Clickbank always have you covered!).

  30. Chris,
    Having a hobby of woodworking now, this seams like a good way to make an extra income. I really like the idea of plans for different projects. I have three cabinets I am refinishing now. I am not sure that I would like to dedicate 20 hours or more to this a week. I am glad that you have pointed out realistic pros and cons to this project. I like the idea for me of just keeping woodworking as a hobby.

    1. Well you can still make a little bit of money on the side off your hobby John – nobody said you had to take this on full time! 🙂

  31. Wood working has been one of those crafts I would love to pick up. I have little to no experience though and this might be hard for me to start with this.
    However, I think this sounds like a pretty good idea for anyone who has a general knowledge and would like to make some profits off of their hobby. Not a bad idea.

    1. Hiya Jeff,

      Yeah I think it’s best you know some sort of basics before taking on this guide – it may prove a little too difficult otherwise!

      I also think it’s a wonderful idea to work from home – especially if you branch out and get a website up and running (a great place to showcase your woodworking projects!).

  32. Wow this is amazing. And it seems really profitable too. This is something that I would actually like to look into. I didn’t know that somebody could make that much with an online wood working business. Keep up with the updates on your site with all these great opportunities. Thanks for the article.

    1. No problem JP – I love the idea of making money off woodworking projects myself! Unfortunately my internet life and job does not allow me the time to take this sort of thing on…but it would be cool to make stuff for a living…wouldn’t it? 🙂

  33. Interesting article. I have completed a couple of woodwork projects myself in the past, and my Dad is quite good as such things. I might have to send him this link.
    I am a bit dubious over whether you can actually make a living and earn thousands from this course, but I guess there is only one way to find out…

    1. Well it’s like any self employment avenue Josh – the more you put into it the more you will get out. EVERY niche subject has the ability to give you residual income – as long as you’re prepared to work at it.

      Maybe this is not the niche for you? 🙂

  34. I don’t have very many woodworking skills myself, but its great to know all the things you can do with woodworking. Makes me want to get some practice on the basics so I can do some more advanced things! What do you recommend for someone just starting out, to get to the level of making a living with woodworking projects?

    1. Well not really Guy – unless you know a few of the basics first. This is targeting people who have a basic foundation of woodwork skills below them. You don’t have to be an expert but you do need to know a little bit first!

  35. Hi, Chris and thanks for the plain and clear Woodworking Projects review.

    I do not wanna say that this is what I am exactly searching for but, like many people, except sloths, I used to do some woodworking jobs by myself.

    Actually, today internet is full of any information including Youtube video guides but a lot of them are not up to standard…unfortunately!

    I guess that for $27 a guide how to make money with woodworking project is a good price and I do not think that it is a scam. Only you need to learn and be patient to succeed.

    1. Scam? Of course not! I don’t promote scams here Andrejs!

      No, this is a clean and easy to follow path to setting up your own woodworking business. We have had excellent feedback on it so far! 🙂

  36. It has been many a year since good old wood shop in school. That has always left a tiny burning desire to work with wood, though I have never truly gone down that path at all.

    I still daydream every now and again about working with wood. When I heard about this I got a bit excited as I think I wood (get it?) love to do something like this.

    However I paid close attention to your cons and realized that I do not have a good fundamental base of woodworking knowledge at this point in time. I am thankful you pointed this out otherwise I might have just plunged in and been disappointed.

    I will make sure before I go this route to do some research and gain experience first. Thanks for the review and heads up.

    1. Hi there James – love the pun by the way!

      Yeah this is maybe, just slightly, above the level of beginner really – I also studied woodwork and I just about got away with some of the sections in this guide. Mind you, it’s not a hard, hard thing to grasp – but you need a few of the basics behind you to be comfortable with it!

  37. Hi Chris , that was a great article on woodworking. I love having most of my materials in woods, because they last longrer. What I never knew is that there is a MLM part to it. I have a friend who is very creative in woods design. I will explained about this opportunity to him, I am very sure he will like it. Thanks again.

    1. I really don’t see where you got this MLM idea from Amelia – ANYTHING MLM is not allowed on this site…and it never will be!

  38. Hi Chris,thanks for your truthful review on the woodworking monetization.Woodworking can be a very special niche in western country,but I am not so sure for the Asian country.As per my understanding,there is lesser and lesser woodworker over the years due to young generation no longer favor the beauty of the artwork.

    Nevertheless,it can be a special hobby to collect those special woodwork,which explain why there is still a demand for the woodwork.

    Did the guide taught about how to monetize the woodwork on international market?

    1. I would of thought that would be all the more reason to take something like this on over there? I mean, at the end of the day you will have very little competition for hand made wood products right? Worth thinking about mate! 🙂

  39. It really sounds like an interesting program. If you rate it 9 out of 10 it might be a pretty legit one.

    If you like to work with wood and craft amazing things, this program will be the best suit. It can work as a hobby but also as a means of earning passive income as your blog states.

    Thanks for putting this information (I really didn’t knew about Wood Profits)

    1. Having a job based around your hobby is the real thing isn’t it Kevin – can you imagine getting up every morning and doing something you love…for money! A dream come true really! 🙂

  40. Being a college student that is looking for other ways to earn money, your website has answer some of my questions. I was wondeing if you was going to be putting up new ways to earn revenue every week. I would be interested in learning how to make more revenue online.

    1. We try and cover as many options as possible Johnathan – check through our archives or the categories table in the right sidebar of the site to find our older articles. Alternatively, use the search bar at the top right of the sidebar to search for a specific niche or topic! 🙂

  41. Wow I would have never thought of woodworking as an avenue to make money from home. I think this is actually genius! You actually got me considering this option as I also engage in eCommerce online and this would be a great way to sell items on eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms! I might actually be purchasing this program. Thanks for this very informative review.

    1. Hiya Michael – that’s great to hear!

      I agree that sites like eBay would be an excellent choice for selling woodworking projects – people go mad for hand made stuff don’t they?

  42. A step by step tutorial post that gave me a lot of information about a type of work I had never heard of thought about. The cons were tough not allowing everybody to join because of experience, but somebody who has had an experience can give it a try!
    Great other reviews, keep it up!

    1. Well you can join, of course you can Andi, but you may well struggle unless you have a basic level of woodworking education behind you!

      It’s definitely not excluding people – but if you can’t walk…you shouldn’t really run!

  43. Hi Chris.

    Its very interesting that there is in fact a program that allows you to make money with woodworking independently.

    I don’t know very much of anything on woodworking, but if I did, I’d be all over this, 20 hours a week for woodworking? Potential to make $90,000-120.000 with woodworking a year, and off 20 hours a week?? I work like 60 hour weeks just to make $30,000 so you know I’d be all over this!

    Thanks for your review Chris, this looks like an amazing opportunity for those interested in wood smithing!

    1. Yeah I thought so myself Jacob – I was sort of jealous reading through the guide as I knew I was not at the level where I could take this on. I bet it would be an awesome and creative option for self employment!

  44. This is a very informative review. I would agree that this is probably not for beginners. I can see how one could make some good money if they are good woodwork. Nice, quality wood products are hard to find nowadays. I have always found woodworking to be interesting. It’s nice to be able to turn a hobby into a profit. Thanks for sharing your review.

    1. No,not really for beginners Gary but I wouldn’t rule anyone out!

      I find that hand made wood items go for astonishing prices these days – it’s well worth thinking about getting into!

  45. Wood working for profit. This is a new concept for me. I imagine someone spending hours wood working on a tiny animal figure or something of the sort. I personally do not have the desire to engage in wood working but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an audience out there willing to buy this book and learn the craft. My favourite part of this e-book is the “love it or shove it” guarantee. This is a strong selling point for anyone curious about trying wood work.

    1. Yeah these guarantees are excellent for these types of products Anna – if you find the niche is not a good fit you can simply grab your money back and carry on searching!

      It’s always a good safety net and indication of confidence in a product.

  46. I don’t have any experience in wood works, but my friend’s dad is in the wood working industry and has many years of experience in this field. He is an old man who does not know much about internet.

    This piece of information is very great and to the point, I think this idea can help him! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jayden,

      Okay no problem – if you think it’s a good fit for this older guy then go for it! I hope it ends up being exactly what he is looking for. Good luck!

  47. Hi Chris

    This one more proof that anyone can turn his passion or hobby into an online income, even if you consider it as a business, to start a new business for under $1000 and make such an income as Morgan says is a big deal.

    From another hand, I’m sure that selling such products online is very achievable, there are lot of online marketplaces to sell wooded products, like EBay and Etsy.

    Great review but I hope you can add the cost of the product.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. The cost of the product has changed three times since we initially wrote this review Daria (twice it has actually come down in price!).

      If you want to know the price simply click the link – we are not prepared to print the wrong price with our review (that’s basically misleading people!).

  48. I was just writing a review about this sort of thing a short while ago. If you leverage the right training and tools you can market just about anything and woodworking projects are good example of this.

    Jim Morgan has a good product here aimed at all levels of expertise. I particuarly like the face that the training is in digital form which means you can learn just about anywhere.

    I dont think the income projections are unrealistic either. Niche activities such as this can be very profitable indeed and this is excellent all round.

    1. Yeah these niche activities can really take off Andy – especially when they are based on hand made products that are unique! The sky’s the limit really 🙂

  49. What a brilliant way to not just have fun but also make money out of it! I really admire people with this special talent of art! They can make beautiful and decorative treasure for everybody. My friend is very good with woodwork. But he lives in Australia. Do you think he could still have the full benefit of this program?

    1. Of course he could Timea! He speaks and reads English and he’s good at woodwork right? That’s all you need to get this sort of thing up off the ground and running! It’s not limited to what country you live in!

  50. Yet another very catching article on your site, pleasure to read your stuff! Honestly, I would never have thought about making money from woodworking! I have done some before, a few years ago…clearly I should get back at it! Do you know exactly how experienced you need to be to make this work to its potential?


    1. Hi Alasdair,

      Well you need the basics in place first mate – if you studied it at school you should be fine to start with this. Knowledge of tools etc. needs to be pretty good, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert.

  51. Hi, Chris, this is a straight forward review about Jim Morgan’s woodwork profits. It is my first time ever hearing about this product but based on your review I clearly understood how the whole product is programmed to work based on the fact that it is not planned to just for a single hobby but up to a hundred different woodwork ideas that best reflects different businesses.

    I am currently looking for education like this for my brother who works well with wood. He’s not a beginner and has made several items already.

    Do you feel he is at the level where this book will work for him?

    Really a great review Chris, looking forward to your response!

    1. Hi there Nyaaba,

      By the sounds of things your brother already has a few woodworking tricks up his sleeve, right? This means he would be a perfect fit for this guide.

      Remember, you only need a basic knowledge of working with wood to get started, but you need to be a little above newbie if at all possible.

      Don’t forget the refund with this baby Nyaaba – he can always try it out for a month and get a refund if he feels it is not the education he is looking for.

      Good luck with it mate!

  52. I think this looks like a great resource to get into making money doing wood working projects. This is a passion of mine as I love to do DIY projects. I really never thought about making money doing this, but it sounds fun and easy! I have a lot of tools, and consider myself advanced enough to be able to make things I could sell. I am going to look into this. Seriously a great opportunity!

    1. Well that sounds really promising Mom (not my mum…but you catch my drift!).

      If you do take this guide on please consider popping back here and showing us images of some of your woodworking products – we would really love to see them…and so would our readers!

      Sounds like you’re onto a winner there girl – go for it! 🙂

  53. Hi Chris,

    I like how this includes diverse projects and to be honest I was getting a bit excited because I thought I had finally found what I was looking for. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while but I’m a bit out of touch.

    Then I read that it’s not for novices. Although I had a keen interest in woodworking it was so long ago that I don’t think I go back to it without some help.

    Is there a course you could recommend prior to this package?

    1. Novice is quite a broad statement Craig. If you have the basic skill set needed for woodworking then this guide will be fine for you. If, on the other hand, you have no experience with woodwork whatsoever…then this is not going to be the correct choice for you!

      As far as a ‘brush up’ course goes, why don’t your try YouTube? Some excellent beginner tutorials there and more importantly…they’re free! 🙂

  54. With an artist, who loves wood working, this is extremely interesting topic. My step father is also an eager carpenter and I love watching him work. I always learn something. Before I go ahead and order this, I am wondering how much of this is actually furniture and other larger items as my working space is limited and I concentrate on creating smaller items.

    1. It covers many different items of varying sizes but you can always stick to the smaller options if you want – totally up to you! 🙂

  55. Hey Chris,

    Nice review! I was wondering what kinds of plans are in this guide. Will it start off with smaller stuff then work into stuff like say dressers or cabinets?

    I’m not ready to make a business commitment but I do want to spruce up the homestead with some custom woodworking. Custom things like crown molding, rafters for my cathedral ceilings and basically all the trim in my house.

    I heard that doing this can add mega value to my home and I would love to give it a shot! Do you Know if Jim Morgan has a smaller guide geared for the everyday home owner? If so I would love to check that out!

    Thanks for sharing your article!


    1. I’m unsure about the woodwork guide geared towards the homeowner David – As far as I know this is the only carpentry guide Jim Morgan has out at the moment. Yes, Jim starts of with much simpler items than the guide finishes with – he makes sure he’s not overloading the reader!

      You certainly don’t have to make a business out of this. If you simply want to learn how to be better at woodwork then this is perfect. Maybe one day in the future you’ll take it a step further and start a business out of it?????

      You never know whats around the corner…

  56. Wow, what an interesting article. I had never even considered doing something like this. It has really opened my eyes to the possibilities to turn passion into profession.

    Excellent review of the product, clearly you know it well. As someone with no woodworking experience, you gave a balanced and informative review which even I could understand.

    This has actually given me an idea for an article on my site (I’m a budding marketer but a bit of a newbie!). Would it be okay to take some ideas off you and maybe review this product myself???? (please)

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Hi there Sarah,

      Yeah of course it would – take as much influence off this site as you like girl…as long as you don’t copy my work word for word LOL.

      I know what it’s like when you are first starting out. This product is a great quality option to work from home so it’s an excellent choice to promote. I’ve had no unsatisfied customers so far! 🙂

      Take what you want – and good luck!

  57. Hi Chris. I really like how you’ve always presented new and unique ideas to generate passive income online – I would never of thought of starting up in woodwork or carpentry!

    I consider myself an amateur wood crafter, certainly not a pro. I’ve always loved to create something, anything on my own and, its much better if the things can be sold for profits =)

    I suppose my level is an advanced high school level overall – I was near the top of my class but I didn’t take it on after I had left school. Do you feel this guide would be a right fit for my level?

    Many thanks for this review Chris – so many ideas already floating around my head!

    1. Hiya Issac!

      Well it sounds as though you have the basic knowledge of woodwork under your belt already from school – this is actually all you need to get started with this guide.

      It’s not suitable for the complete newbies – it’s aimed at those who know the basics but need to learn more – take the next step up. If you can make a picture frame you more than qualify for this! 🙂

      Good luck with the guide mate!

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