Making Money With a Van – New Ideas For The Self Employed


Making Money With a Van

About 99% of making money methods we’ve covered so far on this site have something to do with a computer or the internet. Today I thought we’d take a look at the options available to you if you are interested in making money with a van.

The reason for this is that a good friend of mine recently purchased a rather scabby van for an extremely low price. He bought the van without thinking about it resulting in several of us sitting around a bar table coming up with ideas for earning money with a van.

Turns out there were quite a few impressive suggestions…

Earning Money With a Van

I’m not going to beat around the bush here because I’m relatively positive that most of you are here for suggestions ( instead of reading the ramblings of a website owner! ).

1) Roadside Bounty

This is probably not for everyone but it came up as one of the suggestions that night due to a retired local making GOOD money out of it!

Show me the moneyIt basically involves driving around and picking free stuff up off the side of the road. A simple daytime drive around a couple of local neighborhoods will uncover untold amounts of bounty.

In this day and age when people don’t want something in their house and are sure somebody else will make use of it they simply leave it on the pavement outside their house!

This is where you start to think outside the box and make a little green stuff…

Simply pick up as many ( decent condition ) items as you see fit and then sell them on online. There are thousands of sites that will allow you to do this and 99% of them are FREE to use.

Don’t forget that most of these buyers will travel to you to pick up the item so you’re onto a right winner!

You may only get about $10 – $20 for each item but it’s free money and it soon adds up – the more you pick up and sell the more you make!

Look for sites in the same ball park as Craigslist or GumTree – I promise you there are a LOT of these out there ( if you don’t mind paying insertion fees simply use eBay! ).

2) House Clearance

The most popular way for making money with a van – by far! House clearance services are constantly required and supply the van owner with a tidy ‘cash in hand’ sum.

Ideally you would have some spare space somewhere if you take on this sort of job because a lot of what you ‘clear out’ will have some sort of value.

From here you can either sell the items online or set up a boot sale stall or garage sale – the possibilities are endless as long as you have a dry storage space.

I know of a handful of gentlemen that use this process to set up small stalls in antique centers – you’d be surprised at the quality of some of these clearance items ( and we all know the prices rich idiots are willing to pay for something they deem as being antique! ).

3) Mobile Billboard

This is one of the more diverse ways of earning money with a van but man can it make you some money!

During our beer filled conversation that night one of my mates mentioned that he had spotted a small box van travelling around with billboards each side of it.

Mobile Billboard

Now these billboards were probably not that cheap but they were impressive – they changed advert every 10 seconds. I’m told this type of advertising board would coast upwards of $250 but man what an investment that would be!

It’s sort of like Google Adsense internet marketing for the side of your van! People will pay to have their advert displayed there for a set amount of time/hours and you do the driving.

Think about it – you could be earning money as you pick up the kids from school ( as long as they don’t mind sitting in the back of a van on the way home LOL ).

You could offer to drive around in rush hour traffic for clients giving them a huge amount of eyes on their adverts!

4) Courier

This job can easily be pulled off using a car but a van obviously has more space so more scope for larger items.

If you do a lot of driving, why not see whether someone needs a package delivered en-route? It’s a pretty easy and laid back way of making money right?

This brings me to a site that was mentioned during our conversation that night – Now I was not at all familiar with this site before hand but after looking into it I was more than impressed.

This site is completely FREE to use for people advertising jobs and couriers looking for them. When you become a member you are able trawl through the job archives looking for items that need delivering in your area.

Find an item you would like to deliver, bid on the job and wait and see! If you’re not that greedy you will easily get more than a few bids accepted.

It’s important to remember to factor the price of your petrol into the deal when you are finalizing with the ‘sender’ – you don’t want to be doing jobs for free after all.

This site really is a little goldmine especially if you live in a city or urban area ( more jobs on offer usually ). If you have a van you would be mad to miss this!

Get Out There!

We did come out with a few other ‘ideas’ for making money with a van but to be honest – they were getting more and more ambitious by the minute ( sensible discussions usually start to go downhill when beer is involved! ).

The four options I have included here in this article are what I deem to be the most interesting and the most effective. If you have any ideas for making a quick buck with a van please join in the conversation and leave them in the comment section below.

16 comments on “Making Money With a Van – New Ideas For The Self Employed

  1. This is very outside the box thinking. Therefore I like it. People get rid of stuff all the time and never think to give it to good will or the salvation army. They just put it on the street. It’s a great idea to pick these things up and sell them online. I have also found they need to be quality items. Many people do get rid of quality items simply because they have no room or have upgraded furniture. Until I read your post I never thought of the advertising I could get for my orchestra by putting advertising on my board members cars or vans.
    Thanks for the info and ideas.

  2. Never tried roadside bounty but that’s a pretty neat trick Chris! I know a neighbourhood full of wealthy people who just throw away their old couch or cabinets which are way more expensive than the ones I have at home! Sometimes I pick them up and put them in my our house but there are just too many of them, selling off cheap is definitely much better!

  3. Hi Chris! I really enjoyed your article. It’s very interesting to come up with new ideas of making money and the truth is that lately all I’ve been reading about was how to make money online. So your article was kind of inspiring to me. Thank you for this helpful article!

  4. Hi Chris,
    We’ve a couple of lads who live round the corner from us drive their van picking up charity bags on behalf of charities for example Oxfam. They are busy – out all day. Just contact the charities around you.

    Around by us there are a few companies advertising all the time for drivers to deliver parcels around your local area.

    You are right about selling unwanted items picked up on the street, another persons rubbish is another persons profit. You’d be surprised what sells on Gumtree and Ebay etc.

    Hope this helps someone.

    1. Awesome stuff – some great tips here for my readers Simon! It’s true that there are often many different transit companies looking for new drivers to help out – just get on the phone (or the internet) and check ’em out locally. Thanks for leaving this info here mate! 🙂

  5. Fantastic read! I didn’t know van is very useful to create income. I like the first pointer, I have many neighbours who threw away unwanted items near the corridor or pavement. With this, I will be more aware of my surrounding and see if I can pick up any unwanted items and sell them. Thank you for this interesting article!

    1. Yeah you’d be surprised at the treasures you can find on the side of the road Kevin! What’s junk to some people could well be worth money to someone else!

  6. Yo Chris,

    I’m liking this website in general, you’ve got some really good articles – I’m working on my own website so the affiliate marketing stuff is very relevant to me.

    I have a mate who has dabbled with the van idea before. He’s a builder by trade but has a number of nice big vans which I think would be a pretty nifty way to advertise. I’m going to link him the article.

    Cheers, Ed

    1. Hi Ed,

      Well I hope your affiliate marketing website is going in the right direction – we’ve got a mass of tutorials and articles here aimed at starters like yourself so have a good look around.

      Thanks for sharing this article with your mate (the one with the vans!). After all – sharing is caring! 🙂

      If you need to contact me personally about any help with your website you can use the contact form located here

  7. These are great ideas. And especially the courier service. I worked for a courier service years ago in Baltimore.

    It didn’t pay well. In all these years it never occurred to me to cut out the middle man and seek out customers directly!

    We still live in a land of opportunity. But sometimes we don’t see the opportunities right in front of us.

    1. Hi Chazz,

      Well cutting out the middle man tends to work out in 99% of situations…plus a bit of a work ethic thrown in for good measures!

      Glad you enjoyed the article! 🙂

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