Making Money With a Phone (The Easy Way!)

Making Money With a Phone (The Easy Way!)

I’ll level with you here – I’m not really the biggest fan of my smartphone!

I need it, yeah, but it’s a means to an end really…and who uses landlines for home calls these days?

But phones are now BIG business – walk around a city, take a tram, sit on a train – all you can see is people glued to their little hand-held friends.

Have you ever thought about making money with a phone?

Actually using the phone to boost your bank account for once?

In this article we will be taking a look at the top options for making money with your phone – turn off Candy Crush Saga and start bringing in the green!

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Making Money With my Cell Phone

Lets take a look at some of the increasing number of apps that enable users to make money online with ease…


Making Money With ibotta

Making Money With ibotta

I actually covered this company in detail in a review located here.

This is a very popular cash back app that offers rebates on grocery, fashion/clothes, electronic items, restaurants, pets…the list goes on and on.

Check the Ibotta before you shop, travel, dine out or use the app and earn cash back on every purchase. It works with leading brands and retailers to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, discounts or promo codes.

When I first reviewed this company they were very popular and they’ve actually seemed to have grown in popularity – that is why they are the first option on this list!


Make Money Using Swagbucks

Make Money Using Swagbucks

Yep – another company that I have mentioned/covered here in a article before! Check it out here.

Swagbucks is actually an extremely popular GPT (Get Paid To) site which is free to join and simple to use. I wouldn’t put it on par with the mighty Clixsense but it is doing pretty well in second place!

The site now offers a smartphone app that enables you to earn Swagbucks (their form of currency) for completing the same tasks you can find on their website:

  • Watch videos
  • Complete surveys
  • Complete paid offers
  • Complete free offers
  • Using their special search bar

To be honest with you – the site is extremely easy to use, so this app should be a simple way to earn on the move, through your phone.

It’s also worth pointing out that Swagbucks has been around for years and is a trusted platform that ALWAYS pays.

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Over the last twelve months or so, I’ve seen a large increase in the amount of mystery shopper setups online – check out one I reviewed a couple of months back here.

Anyway, iSecretShop is yet another mystery shopper business that offers smartphone users the chance to earn through their app. Check out the company’s app blurb below…

“Install the iSecretShop app on your smart phone today and turn your everyday shopping experiences into cash! Businesses everywhere are desperate for vital consumer feedback – and they pay for it. Now, with iSecretShop on your phone, they pay YOU.”

It’s worth pointing out the the Android app has a slightly lower rating that the iTunes version of the app (at the time of writing this article!).


The App

The App

This is an app owned by quite an original little website that has been running for over four years now. In a nutshell – is looking for you to do market research for them on various topics.

So how does all this work?

Well, once they have a research subject, they text a multiple choice question to their member’s smartphone via the app or a text. The member then replies by answering the multiple choice question and shares this ‘research’ with their linked companies.

They currently pay anywhere from $0.25 to $1 per ‘question’ and your total can be withdrawn through Paypal easily.

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Gigwalk Jobs

Gigwalk Jobs

Another interesting little app – with Gigwalk you complete paid tasks that are GEO-based while you’re on-the-go.

I first came across this app on a BBC news program that was following a Gigwalk worker through London as he worked an average day.

I have to say – I was pretty surprised by the amount of money he totaled over the period of 6 hours!

Anyway, the Gig Walk jobs or ‘gigs’ pay Gig Walkers anywhere from $3 to $100 depending on the complexity of the gig or job. Obviously, if you are in rural areas you are not going to see as much work as the urban members.

A really interesting app this one – the type of work that may even get ME to turn my phone on! 🙂


Ways to Earn Money With Your Phone

Now it’s over to you – do you know of any ways to earn money with your phone that we have not covered here today?

If so, we would love to hear from you – please leave your suggestions in the comment section below this article.

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8 comments on “Making Money With a Phone (The Easy Way!)

  1. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for showing us some ways to use our smart phones to make money. To be fair, most of us carry smart phones with us all the time. However, we don’t really know the true capacity of what these phones can do. If we are to seat done and analysis how good our phone are designed. We will be amazed! 

    Looking at the list that you have presented, I am going to try the ibotta. This seems to have great options to select from and make great deal of money. Thank you for sharing this review with us. It was an eye opening experience.

  2. These are awesome apps and websites to earn money with my phone! There are also apps that allow you to earn money by playing video games on your phone. Though, those are a little harder to find because there are so many scam apps out there. It’s really neat though if you just want to earn a little extra money every once in a while. Which of the ways to earn money with your phone is your favorite?

    1. I’ll level with you – none really LOL! 

      I’m not really a fan of the phone, except if I’m on a long journey, or I want to use it as a guitar tuner (great app!). I’m just not a phone guy!

  3. Thank you for this blog post, Chris.  I am an affiliate marketer and always on the outlook for interesting ways to earn money so learning about these different ways to make money with my phone through your review was certain useful! I have bookmarked your post so I can come back to it later and take some action. That’s a lot of information you’re sharing here and my brain needs time to process it before I can act upon it… but I already know I am going to look into some of these more in depth once my brain is ready for it. Gigwalk jobs and 1Q are on the top of my list: -) Thanks!! Nathalie 

  4. Great post and good info. 

    Yes indeed, you can earn money with it. But in my personal experience. It is not like it is enough for a full time job, it is more like money to go to drink something, which is nice of course if you want it like that. 

    Anyway, for me, I won’t try these ones anymore, since I got disappointed with it. 

    Thanks for sharing it though! 

    1. No you can’t really earn a full time living with these sort of apps Emmanuel, like you say, more for pocket money than anything else! 

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