Making Money Online Writing Articles


Making Money Online Writing Articles

Not everyone will be comfortable with creating and running a blog – some of us just don’t have the time. A lot of talented writers look towards making money online writing articles to fill their monthly quota.

When I first started up online I wasn’t really seeing a whole lot of initial success through my websites – I was a newbie and it showed!

My education through the Wealthy Affiliate platform was second to none but I still had to get out there and hone my writing skills a little.

I took it upon myself to sign up for as many legitimate online writing sites as I could find. I spent the first 12 months of my career online juggling between blogging and writing for money – it worked…but it was a LOT of work!

I thought I’d publish this article today for those of you that are interested in taking the writing route online. If you are dedicated and you have the time you can make an impressive living out of this earning platform.

Here are the top choices I would recommend to people looking to earn through their writing skills online…

#1 Write Comedy Material

I thought I’d cover a site a friend of mine uses religiously first because I find it a new and interesting online option. College Humor is a writing site that specializes in content that makes people laugh.

It was started up by a two high school friends and it delivers daily comedic content to the online masses. Of course you are going to need to have a funny side to your writing before you see any success with this site but it does pay rather well.

College Humor Homepage

You are not just limited to the written word either. College humor excepts the following media contributions:

  • Articles
  • Funny Videos
  • Pictures
  • New Jokes

​​At the time of writing this they apparently attract over 15 million monthly unique visitors to the site. The video section is extremely popular with a few cult comedy newcomers rising from it’s platform.

This platform is certainly not for everyone but I felt I really should cover it here today – it’s popular and it’s definitely on the rise!

If they accept your article they will pay you a set one off payment of $25. If that article then makes it to the homepage you will receive an extra $50. If that same article then receives over a certain amount of reviews you will receive a further $50.

Simply put – you have the opportunity to earn between $25 – $125 with every article you publish there…

Worth thinking about isn’t it?

#2 Making Money With iWriter

I first came across iWriter when I searching for some help with one of my niche blog sites. The site was making money but I didn’t particularly enjoy the subjects the niche covered. This means I struggled to come up with new content.

So I ended up on the doorstep of iWriter looking for a writer to help me with my content – I was very impressed.

IWriter Homepage

So I dug a little deeper into the site to get a writer’s perspective on the site. Here’s what I found:

  • ​Writers earn a fixed rate for the articles they sell on the site
  • Writers need not apply to be taken on by the site
  • You can produce short article of 150 words for $1.50 a pop
  • Clients on iWriter do not have to approve your article
  • Your article can be simply rejected by the client and you won’t get paid

​Please don’t think this is a site full of hungry blog owners that will reject everything looking for a bargain deal. Most of the members here seem to be fair and legit.

What I like about the site is the ability for writers to move up the rankings. When 30 of your articles receive decent reviews you will be labeled a premium writer. This means that your earnings will instantly double ( that’s $3 per 150 words!!! ).

The better the reviews the higher your earnings will multiply. I know of a handful of writers there that now earn triple the rate that they started off on.

A really decent writing site this one – for clients and for writers.

#3 Writing For Pukitz

Again, this is yet another site I came across when looking for specific niche writers. Pukitz is a rather impressive site for people who want to make money from writing on niche topics.

If you sign up with this lot you must be prepared to concentrate on one niche at a time. For example, if you start writing about golf you will be expected to complete at least 30 articles on golf before you can move onto the next topic ( niche ).

Pukitz Hompage

The articles are submitted to the adim of the site and he looks over them and edits them as he sees fit. You will then earn $0.50 per article per month.

You cannot submit short and sweet articles to this site – each article needs to be a minimum of at least 500 words.

The cool thing about this site is that it allows you to own the articles even after they have been edited. You are actually renting the article out to the hungry bloggers.

A very dynamic and effective writing site for the modern niche writer – the more articles you write the more you get paid every month ( simple! ).

#4 Listverse

I was first introduced to Listverse when I was looking for content for a geek website I own ( it’s a little bit ‘X Files’ if you get my drift! ). I fell in love with it instantly and I frequently visit the topics/lists published there.

Articles on this site come in a list format and are expected to be over 1,500 words. The stranger the list topics the more chance you have of being published. I often come across a lot of paranormal and UFO based lists on this site, it’s awesome fun to read through.

Listverse Homepage

When your list is accepted you will receive a whopping $100 for your efforts paid through Paypal.

Each list must be original content ( of course ) and have at least 10 items on it ( amounting to at least 1,500 words ).

Committed Listverse writers are continually coming out with weird and interesting list articles – anything goes here really!

If you feel you have an interest in the diverse I definitely recommend writing for this bunch – if I had more time I would sign up in a shot!

Making Money Online Writing Articles

Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of sites out there that are set up for making money online writing articles. The sites I’ve covered here today are sites that I have a personal experience with – I wouldn’t cover any sites I couldn’t personally recommend!

Before singing up with any online article site I would always recommend reading as many testimonials as possible. Some of these sites are not what they seem and will try ANYTHING to get out of paying you.

If you are interested in turning your content skills towards internet marketing we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services by simply clicking the link HERE


22 comments on “Making Money Online Writing Articles

  1. When I first thought about doing some form of business online I had considered looking into making money online writing articles.
    Some of the biggest things I thought about was how much would you actually make for writting and how much writting would you actually be doing.
    The other question was even though you get paid up front it is a one shot where as if you do your own site it can lead to residual.
    Writting for others can be a good thing but your Wealthy Affiliate link is the way to go.

    1. Hi Travis,
      Yes, writing for others can be very lucrative but you will find you are writing a lot of content if you want to hit the really good money. This means that you need to be a pretty handy writer – no writer’s block as the clients will expect delivery pronto!
      It is a decent legit way to earn online if you enjoy producing content 🙂

  2. HI Chris
    I have considered writing articles for cash. These are interesting sites, I couldn’t do funny though, that would be hard for me. iWriter sounds pretty good $1.50 doesn’t sound like very much but when you start writing your own blog you realize 150 words is not hard to write.With Listverse you would have to have that science fiction interest to make it work. Cool ideas.I enjoyed your article.

    1. Hi Randy,
      No I can’t really do funny myself ( although I try LOL ). IWriter is a decent platform where you get paid more the better your feedback becomes. I’ve had about ten article orders from their writers and I’ve only had to reject one – not a bad percentage overall!
      I agree with you on Listverse – you need to pick a pretty diverse niche to write on to see success there 🙂

  3. Nice job on this article! I learned a lot that I didn’t know. It’s very interesting that one can make money online from freelance writing. I might look back into this later on.

    What’s the service you recommend the most? I’d love to hear what the best option is.


    1. I’d say that iWriter is probably the easiest option to get work from – many webmasters post jobs there over an hourly period. The site is slightly geared towards the publisher more than the writer though so you have to be ‘on the ball’ with your content.

  4. I have never considered writing articles for money. Your article here has taught me a lot about it and I thank you for that. A lot of the amounts mentioned seem quite small to me for the effort involved. But the truth is that all those little bits do add up.

    Nevertheless I don’t think I’ll head in that direction because as a blogger I find I already have more than enough to do.

    But I appreciate you expanding my knowledge base and who knows…one day…

  5. Hi Chris

    I always knew people could earn money online from writing articles, but I never really understood what people had to write about in order to make the money in the first place.

    After learning about the 4 programs you have mentioned, article writing seems a bit more clear to me.

    Thanks also for your sound advice, and I’ll check out Wealthy Affiliate as well 🙂


  6. Hello Chris

    These are some great online writing services you have shared in order to make money online 🙂

    I’ve been searching for the perfect platform, and your 4 recommendations sound awesome!

    Which is the best one you recommend I should start writing with because I can’t decide?

    Cheers for your help!

    1. Hi Neil,

      I would say that iWriter is the best out of the lot because of the amount of work it has to offer. But…iWriter is geared more towards the publishers so you need to make sure you are producing GOOD articles to get paid ( average articles will always get rejected! ).

  7. Hey, I’ve written online for money in the past, mainly for TextBroker, but also for other sites. It looks like iWriter is similar to TextBroker. It looks like the money is similar too.

    I’d never considered writing comedy and getting paid per article, though. I suppose it’s great work if you can get it and if you are good enough at it to keep getting the work.

    Of course, these are only short-term solutions. The best way to make money from writing is to write for your own website that earns money. Once you know how to do it, it’s actually quite easy. It’s just a case of learning about it in the first place, don’t you think?

    1. Totally agree with you Marcus!

      Writing can be a little hard at first but the more you do it the better you will become at it – it’s just a question of confidence at the end of the day! 🙂

  8. Hey Chris,

    I always learn something new and valuable, each time I read your post.

    I always thought that earning money via online writing was restricted to elance & odesk, but the information in your post is very helpful.

    I especially like the bit you covered on iWrite (CH is not my cup of tea)

    Also I wasn’t aware that Listverse pays you a whopping $100 if your list gets accepted. I too visit listverse very frequently but who would have thought I could earn money submitting articles there.

    I am heading over to iWrite now 🙂

  9. I have always been curious about ways of making money online. The Internet is such a big platform that I feel that I should be taking more advantage for. Writing a blog will allow me to reach millions of people.

    I feel like you provide us with four different ways of earning through creating content online Thank you for sharing!

  10. Great review of popular websites from which you can make money online through writing and submitting articles. l started by writing articles on Hubages and you can earn a few dollars by monetizing the articles using Google adsense, Amazon and Ebay affiliate links. l didn’t earn any cent from my articles because they were poorly ranked in search engines. Worse still l gave up and donated my articles for free. What a wasted effort. Thank you for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate. l now own my own websites and the content on them. l can now independently decide how to make money using the websites without any dictation. You rock.

  11. Honestly, I hate writing. Especially when I wS in highschool wherein I need to write many articles for my english subjects. But then, it got really ironic because now i do blogging. I started to do blog because I have discovered its massive income potential. I have read in your article that there is also some money in writing jobs online. So what do you prefer between blog and writing jobs?

  12. Hi Chris Great post here and I learned something useful in terms of where to go to find a writer if I get stuck and occasionally that happens. Nice to know you can also sell your writing if you get creatively inspired and have an abundance of articles (which sometimes happens too). ha ha I always enjoy reading your stuff and often learn something useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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