Making Money off YouTube Videos


Making Money off Youtube Videos

Ahhhh YouTube…the place to go to watch skateboards fall and hurt themselves and funny cats. But have you ever considered making money off YouTube videos?

Those videos that make you laugh out loud could well be making the guy who posted them a LOT of money!

In this article we will be looking at the ways YOU can make money by simply making and posting videos – sounds like the perfect job right?

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Show Me The Money!

This all sounds pretty cool so far but how much can you actually make from this process?

Well the sky’s the limit really! 

Show me the moneyA few months back now I came across a news article covering a young lad named Fred Pye. Now Fred hit it big time by doing nothing more than creating video game walk-throughs for Grand Theft Auto.

Seriously – Grand Theft Auto!!!!

Do you wanna know how much our young friend makes through these simple game tutorials….£24,000 a year! 

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

But it isn’t gonna be that easy for everyone – you need to find something that interests you and something you’re pretty sure is going to interest other people. You then have to stick at it and get as much content ( video ) out there as possible.

The Rule of Thumb

I’ve searched high and low for an estimation on what sort of reward you can expect from YouTube Videos and this is what I’ve drilled it down to…

1000 views = approximately $1.50

So you see, it’s not quite as easy as you thought it was going to be.

To make decent money out of this system means that you are going to have to hit about a million views on as many of your videos as possible.

Where is This Money Coming From?

Well by now you’ve probably all heard of Google Adsense – if you run a blog you are probably already using this service on it!

This is the main technique people use when making money off YouTube videos.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense allows you to simply monetize your videos with their adverts. I’m sure you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of YouTube videos displaying those irritating little adverts at the bottom of the viewer right?

But it’s not quite as simple as it sounds ( nothing ever is! ). You must build up your channel and gain some subscribers and engagement before YouTube will coming knocking with the Adsense offer.

You will receive an email out of the blue with an offer to use this form of advertising on your videos. The basic gist of this is advertisers pay Google to advertise on your videos and you’ll get a cut of the profit.

Tips For Making Money off YouTube Videos

So let’s take a look at a few of the necessities needed to make this gig work…

  • Video Editing Software – There’s not much point going out and blowing $$$ on this type of software as most of the Freeware out there is more than powerful enough. ​
  • Camera – Yeah this is pretty much a given right?
  • A Familiar Niche or Genre – Please don’t choose a genre you feel is profitable if you have no interest in it, it won’t work! Doing this type of thing is a heck of a lot easier if you enjoy the subject you are covering. As I mentioned above, video game walk-throughs are extremely popular but you are not the first one to have thought about this – competition will be high!
  • Name & Brand Yourself – Try and find a cool and memorable name that won’t offend to many people ( I recently came across one username with Hitler in it – NOT COOL! ).
  • Keywords in Titles – Most successful videos on YouTube are created by internet marketers. Why? Well they know how to use keywords. Find your self a reliable keyword research tool and find some low competition, high traffic keywords. You will need these keywords as a basis for your title – a good keyword enriched title will drive Millions of people your way!
  • Don’t Take You Foot off The Pedal – Your activities on your channel must be regular to keep people coming back. Don’t sit back and think money will just fall in your lap – that never happens!
  • The Ability to Stand Out From The Crowd – It really doesn’t matter what niche you pick, you always need to be the guy that stands out from the crowd. If there is a lot of competition for the subject matter you are covering strive to be better than the rest!

​Nobody Likes a CHEAT!!!

My final point here today is to highlight that there is no real way to cheat the system here – no matter what you read online!

DO NOT purchase Likes, Shares, Views or Subscribers – you’ll get found out in the long run. Once you’re out you won’t EVER be allowed back in!

Build up your channel naturally and put a bit of TLC into your videos – if you enjoy what you’re doing it will show in your work. There are a lot of people making money off YouTube videos…so why don’t you?

Have fun!

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13 comments on “Making Money off YouTube Videos

  1. I have been reading your article on making money off YouTube with great interest. I understand this is the matter of big numbers (big traffic) as you point out. This is the same in any internet marketing. But I really did not understand until now how it works in practice.

    I had to laugh when I saw the user name Hitler you write about.

    So all the usual rules for good ranking applies to YouTube videos as well? Keyword in the title etc. The rest is up to Google Adsense and great numbers if one can achieve them. Have you yourself started this income channel?

    So it looks much more clear to me now. Many thanks, really nicely written text.

    1. Hello again Jovo!
      Yes I apply all the same SEO rules to my YouTube videos as I do to the articles I write for my websites – after all, YouTube is owned by Google!!!

  2. Insightful article. I have always been interested in how people are able to monetize their youtube videos. I like your candid information, it’s hard to sort through all of the grand promises and scams to find genuine information on how this can really work. I’ll have to put some time into thinking about what my niche or genre could be.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Honestly, Chris, I haven’t started youtube videos. I have procrastinated that part of my business for years up until now. After reading your article on how I can be making money off youtube videos? I am definitely going to start this part of my business this weekend.

    You have broken it down in such a simple form that a beginner can execute right away. I like the idea that I don’t have to wait for no software to begin. A smartphone is all I need. If you have any more tips and would like to share, please feel free. thanks for these valuable tips.


    1. Hi Bishop ( and Trevor! ),
      If you ever need any personal help with starting up your own YouTube channel feel free to direct message me through the contact form on this site – I’ll help you get up and running in no time 🙂

  4. I’m doing all of my video on facebook now. I’m planning on doing a lot more with my dog. He’s a crazy little iguana chasing, water loving guy who gets a lot of attention everywhere he goes.

    I’m wondering if rather than using those videos to get traffic to the content on my my site, if I should just do it on YouTube using your approach? I have a few ideas that I think could really make my videos stand out, and make him famous online…he already is locally.

    1. That sounds like a pretty viral idea Chris – the type of thing that could really take off online!
      YouTube is the obvious choice of platform for this little fella 🙂

  5. Hi Chris
    I enjoyed this post about YouTube marketing. It takes all the mystery out of it – well it did for me, so I guess other people who are more internet savvy would also find it informative and interesting.
    I have often wondered how people make money from YouTube videos – for example, one of my kids spends a lot of time watching craft and cake making channels – so they would be making money from my daughter just watching or only if she clicked on the ads?
    It’s very well set out and I liked your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate also! That sure is a legit site…

    1. Hi Ellie,
      Most of the YouTube ad money is made from a sort of CPA system – a certain amount of views ( say 1000 ) will get you a certain amount of money.

  6. Chris,

    I always wondered how people could make money with Youtube. Your article gives me good insight on how someone could make money on Youtube. I haven’t ventured into the Youtube arena just yet.. When I do, the information here will be helpful as far as monetization goes.

    At least trying to make money on Youtube doesn’t take a lot to get started, but it does look like it requires a good amount of time and probably SEO too.



    1. Well it’s like anything online Bryan – the more you do it the easier it becomes! A slight knowledge in SEO will be an advantage when it comes to ranking the actual videos 🙂

  7. I enjoyed the reviews on your site, very thorough and informative. Left a question on your clixsense review. Very professional looking site, really like the theme your using. Social buttons in place and working and you seem to get a lot of comments on every page. Keep up the good work, I will return to your site from time to time for more money making ideas. Have a wonderful day.

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