Make Your Own Video Game Website (For FREE!)

Make Your Own Video Game Website (For FREE!)

Article updated on 09/08/2018

Online video game content is nothing new. In fact, it seems that it is becoming more and more common as keen players start up their own blogs and YouTube channels to review new games and talk about the latest gossip.

The only problem is that much of this amateur content leads to a conflict of opinion and the sense that most “true fans” could do much better.

The answer for many keen gamers is to step away from the forums and comments sections and learn to make your own video game website, somewhere where you are free to post your own opinions and create content that is personal, informative and much more engaging than the competition.

There are three important obstacles facing gamers that want to create a successful video game website:

  • Subject matter,
  • Technological expertise
  • Costs.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is able to help gamers overcome all three thanks to its approach to personalized content, tutorials and pricing.


Creating a Unique Video Game Website

The biggest problem for many budding website owners is finding that voice and hook that helps to separate them from the competition.

Staying ahead of the trend with gossip and reviews of games on release day can help, but it still needs to be expressed on a site that is eye-catching and gets people talking.

The last thing you want is for readers to feel like you are simply copying a Microsoft press release or trying to emulate Eurogamer.

make your own free game websiteThere are many programs out there that try and provide a direct way into online business by teaching users how to replicate the creator’s own success.

This is fine for those that want a quick fix and a simple way into that specific world, but it doesn’t help gamers that are looking for a personal approach on their own terms.

Wealthy Affiliate is different because if can help you to create your first video game website entirely from scratch, but with the freedom of expression to ensure that it is all about your ideas, your knowledge and your personal take on the world of gaming.

The additional benefit here is the sense of community and the support system that is in place. The creators of this program have not simply provided members with a set of tasks to complete and left them to figure it out alone.

Members can talk to each other through the forum, instant chat and direct messaging systems to bounce ideas off each other and figure out problems and new users quickly find that they have somebody to turn to when problems arise.

You do need to be a Premium member to send a direct message to the program’s creators, but there are plenty of helpful members out there that can lend a hand.


Attract Viewers Away From The Competition

The chance to make your own free game website may sound like a pipe dream for many gamers that want to share their passion for gaming with the world.

Just because you know a lot about gameplay and console specifications doesn’t mean that you have the geek credentials to create the perfect website.

The best way to learn how to make your own video game website is to work through a simple, user-friendly program that lets you learn at your own pace.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online system that users can access from their desktop or mobile device whenever it suits them.


Wealthy Affiliate Training


The tutorials and lessons are all available to be used when it is most convenient and there is no pressure to meet deadlines or progress to a higher level.

The lessons range from novice introductions to more detailed explanations and the courses are built to allow users to gradually progress from creating the basics of their first page, to building a more dynamic, profitable site.

As with most sites, a higher fee means greater access, but there are still plenty of introductory courses and great material at the starter level, with access to Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.


Creating a Video Game Website – The Cost

The final obstacle for many wannabe website creators is the cost. There are all the potential set-up costs – such as domains and equipment – and, if you choose to move forward with the help of an expert company or tutorial program, there are expensive fees to pay.

It can be hard enough maintaining gaming as a hobby with the cost of games and consoles, so you don’t want to then be throwing a large portion of your pay check into building and maintaining the website.

If you want to review and endorse the latest installment of your favorite franchise or set up a reaction video as you play through the level, you need that cash to buy the game and the best recording equipment.

Wealthy Affiliate fixes this problem immediately by providing a fantastic service and great information entirely for FREE.


Creating a Video Game Website - The Cost


Users can choose to opt for the more expensive, premium membership once their websites become successful, but many users can easily stick with the free version and meet all of their needs.

It largely depends on how many websites you want to run and how much access you want to the extra tools.

If all you need is a stepping stone into the world of website creation, with the intention of building one high-ranking video game site through your own knowledge and hard work, there really is no need to upgrade.

Users at the starter level receive two websites, 30 free keyword searches, high speed hosting and access to the affiliate program.

An additional bonus here is the fact that they never ask for a credit card, so you wont find any sneaky charges.

Wealthy Affiliate really can help you make your own free game website with ease thanks to the great information and user-friendly approach.

Creating the ideal personal video game website is not easy, but it is made a lot easier when gamers choose to work alongside Wealthy Affiliate.

By working through the tutorials and lessons and taking advantage of the great support system, you can not only learn how to create a high-end site with lots of hits, you can also build enough confidence to follow your own ideas and create engaging, personalized content.

Add in the fact that most of this can be done for free, and this program really does seem like the ideal guide for gamers that want to take their hobby further…



10 comments on “Make Your Own Video Game Website (For FREE!)

  1. Hi Chris
    I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and I can tell you that you are spot on with the ideas here.

    I think your readers are in for a treat should they decide to follow their passion and build a website around it using the WA platform.

    It is definitely something that only once, you experience yourself, will you know the value of the training, support and fun on offer here.

    The video game niche is an awesome starting point for those passionate about it.

    Good going and take care

    1. Well thank you Roopesh – always nice to meet someone else that is student from the WA! Tell me, how is your training going there?

  2. Hi Chris,

    I use to upload youtube videos of Call of Duty gameplay with my brother… loved it and might even get back into it. Never thought of building a website based on this passion, great idea. Would also be another great way to help build your youtube subscribers!… do blog posts on updates etc.

    great post man

  3. This is such a great idea! Mu son has been thinking of starting his own video game website and had no clue as to where to begin. You seem to have it all right here. Plus, it’s free. What more could he ask for? Thanks so much for this. I will refer my son to your website so that he can get started on building his dream right away.

    1. No problem – he can always contact me through the contact page on this site if he needs further help! 🙂

  4. Hey there Chris!

    Absolutely great idea you share here on creating a gamer’s website!

    You almost convince me to start one… lol

    The only problem with that idea for me is that I am not a gamer and therefore I’m not that clued up with recent games. So, for me to create engaging content for that market niche is not suitable for me.

    You have sparked my creative side and I have begun to consider other interest I have which may be turned into an online business.

    Thanks a bunch for sparking my imagination! A great idea for a blog niche!

    1. Hey there Hey (well that’s a strange way to start a comment reply!)

      Yeah, it’s best you are familiar with the niche topic you are basing your blog on as writing about a subject that you struggle with is a VERY hard job.

      Gaming is a great choice to start off with but there are plenty of other options out there!

      Make sure you are getting up to write about topics you enjoy EVERY day (it cuts the job in half!).

  5. I am a huge video game fan enthusiast and have been looking all over the place for a way to make my own video game website – ideally I’m looking for something that can compete with the successful competition out there already!

    in my spare time I’m always playing games on my ps4 and xbox one, so this could be a good route for me:)

    Now that i have read your blog on how ill now be looking more into it. This Wealthy Affiliate platform looks like it’s a great fit for me but I’m wondering how these free websites appear – are they dynamic and modern in look? Will they really fit the video game genre well?

    Thanks in advance for your help and your answer!


    1. Hiya Joshua,

      Well these free websites are actually WordPress based, which means you have unlimited free themes to choose out of. The WA’s website building platform is actually called WordPress Express and you can choose whichever theme you want through their dashboard.

      The cool thing about this setup (other than it being free) is that there is little to no coding involved – the websites are pretty easy to setup once you get used to the system.

      There are actually loads of themes dedicated to video gaming etc. so you will be covered on that front!

      Hope this helps mate…


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