Make Money from Nature

Make Money from Nature

Nature is known for and has been called so many things; beautiful, bountiful, rich, amazing…but most importantly, you can make money from nature!

And for free too!

Okay, maybe not all that free, but all it takes is a little bit of effort and some creative thinking.

The truth is, however, you can make money through so many ways using nature but we are going to take a closer look at 15 of the very best.

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#15 Renting Out Your Cabin

What’s so natural about that you wonder…? Cabins don’t grow on trees, those are man-made, right?

Well, you’re right, but here’s the connection; most cabins are tucked away in woods, away from the busy, noisy and filth-filled city life.

You will be surprised by the numbers looking for a cabin to rent even during winter!

People are looking for ways to get in touch with nature and blow off steam, and your cabin could be the only way for them to enjoy this gift.

It could cost you to get the cabin in shape for renting (also for fetching better prices…) but everything around you is of course provided by nature, for free!

It’s a win-win here and definitely good flexible business since you only rent out your cabin whenever you’re not using it.

#14 A Quest For Truffles

Do you know how much white European truffles cost per pound currently? About $3, 800!

That’s a lot of money for some underground fungi right… ?

But that’s the beauty of this rare natural gift that usually sells for anything upwards of $1, 000 per pound for the standard regular edible stuff.

A Quest For Truffles

The most expensive truffle in history was a two-pounder auctioned for a whopping $330, 000 in Macau.

Why are truffles so expensive you might ask?

Finding these babies is not easy. This genus of fungi is sub-terrain and grows close to roots; which of course automatically means you can’t spot them with your naked eyes.

So how do you hunt for truffles? Trained dogs or pigs…yes pigs.

Unlike the dogs that have to be trained to sniff out truffles, pigs have an in-born thing when it comes to sniffing this culinary diamond!

Dogs are also much easier to control since the hogs would rather eat the truffles than let you have it.

#13 Demand for Fine Plumage…

If you can catch wild birds and release them without any harm then good for you. Bird feathers make great hair accessories and there are a couple of artists plus other ‘crafts people’ looking for fine feathers to include in their various works.

Duck down which is most preferred as a high end filler for pillows and duvets can be plucked (harvested) from domestic rared birds including chickens.

#12 Farming Organic Veggies

This is for those who love gardening and don’t mind getting dirt under their fingernails. You can go an extra step with your love for gardening and grow some vegetables for sale.

Farming Organic Veggies

The produce can be sold to your neighbors or to the local store depending on the size of your harvest. You can even decide to go further and market your produce online and ship it to faraway customers.

The opportunity here is limitless!

Anything from spinach, carrots to pumpkins or cucumbers and even paprika or hot chillies works…the demand for organic veggies only seems to be going up.

#11 Selling Photos From Nature

You won’t believe how much dedicated nature photographers make by selling their photos online to stock photo websites.

These can be photos of amazing landscapes, beautiful sunrises or sunsets, wildlife photos including high-res photos of funny looking bugs, unique flowers, and so much more…

Always remember to take care of nature and make very minimal interference whenever you can. Do not tear off any petals or pull out any small herbs while you’re at it.

Also, don’t feel compelled to kill any animals like butterflies or birds or squirrels for a photo-shoot session unless it’s ending up on your dinner plate later.

Plus…it’s also highly doubtful that anyone will want to buy dead animals’ photos anyway…

Guys like National Geographic can pay pretty good money for animal photos taken directly from their natural habitat…especially if you can catch one in it’s nest or even better…with babies in the nest!

Selling the photos through your own website is also another bold way to go.

#10 Old McDonald From Downtown

Another way to make money from nature is raising small farm animals that require minimal space.

These can range from goat to poultry like quail, turkeys, ducks, geese and chickens that can provide more profit in terms of selling their produce such as eggs, feathers, hide, meat and milk or home-made cheese.

raising small farm animals that require minimal space

You can also decide to rear other animals that are not necessarily kept for food such as guinea pigs, snakes, albino lab rats, ant-farms, and some species of wild birds that have a high demand in research and educational institutions as well as small museum exhibitions.

Of course, you have to check with the zoning authorities first and find out if it’s legal for you to keep livestock in your neighborhood regardless of whether you have the required space or not.

And this takes us to the next point…

#9 Selling Compost and Manure

Well, this is the bonus of keeping animals and doing a bit of gardening. You’re definitely bound to end up with a smelly pile of poop and rotting leaves!

Yeah, many of you would rather skip this part but wait…this puke-inducing mess in the form of manure or compost can be bought by other gardeners…

…Especially those who grow marrows or flower farms that want to improve the quality of their prized flowers using your rich highly nutritional muck.

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#8 The “Kyle Waring” Nature Loot!

For those who know or at least have heard of Kyle Waring know exactly what I’m talking about. This guy has made a fortune selling things you walk by everyday!

He has been selling 3 New England leaves during fall for about $20 (inclusive of shipping…). Kyle even has a website, where he markets the dried leaves.

The genius also makes more money selling real snow from Boston. How do people buy snow for up to $200? Ask Kyle, who by the way also has a separate website for it (

#7 Selling Stones and Geodes

You are lucky if you live in a rocky area because this presents another interesting way to make money.

There are so many artistic individuals and landscaping companies out there looking for nice looking rocks to lay down in beautiful arrangements on residential or commercial gardens, driveways, or lawns.

And they are willing to pay some good money for it!

Selling Stones and Geodes

Geodes are more popular with tourists but they can also be sold and shipped from an online store. Geodes are stones that have have crystals formed inside them.

#6 Creating Natural Picassos

Any soul with the tiniest artistic knack knows that most of the things nature throws off freely can easily be turned into a unique masterpiece by a creative mind!

Pieces of wood found in the forest can be carved into nice figurines for sale or turned into exquisite pieces of furniture.

Shells picked up along coastlines can also be used as décor or used to make other pieces of art such as jewelry or decorations on picture frames among others…

You can use more raw materials like colored pebbles, feathers and leaves to create amazing art work that can be sold for varied prices all over the world.

#5 The Local Tour Guide

You were born and bred there… you can practically make your way through the backwoods with your eyes closed…mmmhh…what to do? What to do…?

Why not become the local “Steve Irwin”?!

Yes, you can become the local tour guide and enjoy taking tourists around while getting paid for it!

#4 Hunting For Wild Herbs

This could be much easier than sniffing around the forest for truffles but nevertheless, a very tasking endeavour.

Hunting For Wild Herbs

Wild mushrooms, mustard or herbs like Ginseng can be used in so many ways; from ingredients in fine restaurant delicacies or Paleo diets to cultural and religious rituals or making soaps and oils.

Some can be dried up and used for various home decors as well as bringing in nice relaxing natural scents.

#3 Become a Nature Guide

Some things like fishing, hunting or animal handling skills may come naturally to you but not everyone grew up with an adventurous grandfather or on a farm!

Some of us are dying to gain your prowess and we will quickly take some lessons and a few insider pointers from you in exchange for a fee.

You can also choose the less physically involving route and write downloadable guide e-Books for sale.

#2 Selling Pieces of The Past

Fossils are another way you can make money from nature. Collecting small items like pieces of pottery, plant impressions or even invertebrate fossils from small animals might be done without consultations with the authorities.

Saying that, going for dinosaur remains will probably require you to knock a few office doors and get some paper work approved first!

These can be sold to private “nature collectors” or researchers and professionals in related fields.

#1 Selling Seeds and Seedlings

There is a constant demand for trees, shrubs and other garden plants to decorate compounds and lawns – these people or landscaping companies need a source.

That can be you.

You can make money by selling seeds for various sort after plants or prepare a nursery and sell the already developed seedlings.

Selling Seeds and Seedlings

With many world governments pushing for the reclamation of lost green cover, you can be sure to find a lot of customers in “green organizations” or other institutions supporting the “plant a tree” cause such as schools and companies as part of their CSR.

Money Through Nature

There are countless money making opportunities in nature, but you have to see your chances and take advantage of what your surroundings offer.

My only advice for you is to try as much as you can to preserve the environment in every way as you continue to make money from nature.

Oh, and to answer your question as to why you just can’t simply grow your own wild herbs or truffles as opposed to finding them in the woods…

Growing truffles hasn’t been perfected yet because the natural environment and conditions that give them that exceptional earthy flavor are impossible to replicate.

It has been done yes, but the outcome is just not quite the same…

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8 comments on “Make Money from Nature

  1. I’ve never once thought of the numerous ways to exploit nature for profit. It makes sense for one to think this is possible but you’ve laid it out in a precise and concise way. Farming organic food to sell to people in the neighborhood is a wonderful idea I will have to share with friends as well. Photographs would seem to have a huge market as photo content is always needed. Great article.

  2. Hello and good evening, i really enjoyed your post. you gave several very creative and clever suggestions that had me nodding my head as i was reading, thinking that’s a really good idea. i remember watching a show about the truffles and the dogs running around from tree to tree to sniff them out… I have to admit I had a bit of a giggle when you mentioned the pigs…don’t know why, just thought it was funny…pig are stubborn and determined, but if they can find them faster,,,better for you…lol…the herb garden and the seedlings are also very good ideas…i was just in Walmart and they are selling the same thing…i was just thinking why am i not doing this?…you have some really great ideas!

    1. Thanks Gina, great to hear that you found some worth in our article’s ideas. Good luck with your nature venture! 🙂

  3. I’m blown away by the abundance of ways we can use nature to our advantage! Who would have thought?

    I saw a documentary on TV about truffles once. They were using a dog to sniff them out, as you said. But they were also explaining something about there being ‘fake’ one, or maybe they were just a different type (not too sure) which were worth no where near as much money, so that’s something to watch out for.

  4. This is really cool !

    I never thought about actually making money using natural resources like this. I like the idea of harvesting truffles ( a delicacy 😀 ) and wild herbs.

    But there is an immediate question that comes to mind.

    Are there any licenses or permits associated with harvesting these things?

    It is really cool but is it the case that any random person can just go into the jungle and harvest them?

    1. Hi Lucas

      Well in my country (the UK) it’s fine to harvest truffles as long as you get permission off the landowner…if you are on someone else’s land of course!

      Keep in mind that sometimes this harvesting leaves a bit of a mess – clean the ground up after yourself just to be sure!

      Hope this helps – and happy harvesting! 🙂

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