Make Money Doing Voice Overs – VO Genesis Review

Make Money Doing Voice Overs - VO Genesis Review

Product: VO Genesis

Subject: Is VO Genesis a Scam?

Product Creator: Jenny Lewis

Website: (Click Here!)

Price: $97 (Close The Page Enough Times And The Offer Ends up at $19.95!!!!!)

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The homepage for Jenny Lewis’ VO Genesis follows a pretty familiar formula:

  • There are some appealing claims about the money that can be made,
  • Testimonials from users that have seen their working lives changed dramatically by using this system and…
  • Plenty of statements about how this is all real, and legitimate.

All users have to do next is sign up for more information. Skeptical readers need a little more to go on than that…

Should you give Lewis your details in order to learn more about these opportunities, or is VO Genesis a scam?

What is VO Genesis?

VO Genesis is essentially a guidebook that aims to help users make money doing voice overs. Lewis constantly refers to the product as a ‘loophole’, which is not the best word to use when trying to attract cautious users, and promises a simple way to make good cash without building “complicated websites” or filling out “crappy low paying surveys”.

The book sets out to teach users the fundamentals of good, desirable voice over work to help them break into the business.

The guide starts from the very beginning, to help novices get started, and there is also a section on growing a home business, which shows the confidence that Lewis has in the strength of her guide.

The information is clear, concise and is spread into different categories, such as the types of voice over work available, tips for improving your style and how to negotiate with employers.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

Timing: The guide is tapping into a growing market. Opportunities to make money with voice overs are more common than ever with the demand for internet videos and commercials is increasing, so it is the ideal time to learn how to succeed in this world and make good money from it.

User-Friendly: The guide is written in a simple, user-friendly way so that beginners can easily learn the basics and get started with a new career. It may be an all-new approach, but there is nothing intimidating about it.

Subject Matter: The guide covers a lot of subjects so users feel they have broader knowledge of the tricks of the trade and how handle the industry.

User Confidence: The guide comes with a 60 day guarantee to give users even more peace of mind. If you decide it is not for you after a couple of months, you can easily opt out.

The Cons:

Cost: Lewis isn’t giving this guide out for free, but there are users that say they quickly made as much as 10 x their investment because of the advice given. There may also be the costs of software and computer equipment to consider.

Commitment: This approach requires a lot of user effort. The guide is a starting point to help users build their own home business. It will not set up gigs or give users any other form of leg-up. Once the guide has been read, success is down to the user.

Who is VO Genesis For?

is vo genesis a scamThis guide is seen as the ideal solution for anyone that is between jobs and in need of extra cash, or for those that want to work from home with an easy form of income that is far removed from their old desk job.

This system is not going to suit everyone, however.

It may be designed so that anybody can use the tools to make money doing voice overs in the comfort of their own homes, but not all users will get along with this approach.

Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with the idea of putting your voice out there, open to the inconsistency of the payments and ready to put the work in.

One day could bring a well-paying job for a short amount of work and the next day may not be as prosperous.

The Final Verdict: is VO Genesis a scam?

In short, it appears that with the right attitude and commitment, it really is possible to make money with voice overs via the VO Genesis guide.

This may be a simple, low cost guide book and users will have to put in all the effort to succeed, but it is designed as the ideal stepping stone into the voice over industry to give newcomers a better chance.

The simple layout and focus on beginners means that many buyers really can start from scratch and gain a great insight into starting this new career. With enough effort and drive, these four-figure fees could be possible.

Click Here For More Information on The VO Genesis Guide!


We hope you enjoyed this VO Genesis review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.

12 comments on “Make Money Doing Voice Overs – VO Genesis Review

  1. Hello there! I’m quiet interested to things that involve in making money at home. But I’m still not clear enough after reading your review. I hope you can forgive me about that.

    my question is, How exactly I make money from this VO genesis? And what exactly is that ‘voice over’ method supposed to mean?

    From the picture displayed in the beginning of your post, it seems that my potential earning for this program is $8000++.. Is that so? Can you clarify me what exactly I do to get that 8000 dollar?

    1. Hi there, voice overs are simple voice tasks over video or photograph – narration for example. How much you earn is completely up to how much time and effort you put into the guide. Just because a product owner is quoting $8000 doesn’t mean you are going to make that much – you have to put the teachings into practice!

      (There is a blue link in the review leading to the Wikipedia explanation on voice overs – I suggest reading that first if you are interested in the guide!) 🙂

  2. Very good overview.
    I actually looked into this a while back when I was researching voice over work.
    Although alot of the information can be found online, the guide can be handy and a great resource for someone who is exploring this for the first time.
    You are absolutely right, though…it takes a great deal of work and commitment (along with the right equipment), but can certainly pay off.

  3. hi, actually i bought this program before I joined WA Jenny Lewis created the product I believe and made it a part of mom staying at home and work . There is a lot of information in the product and some books and tips. You can record your own voice and it is certainly interesting to see what you can do with your voice. You website states clear the pros and the cons, very nice. It is true, it takes a lot of commitment and Jenny makes it all sound too easy .The review is great, Marion

    1. Hi there Marion – great to hear from someone who’s also tried the product out! Thanks for adding your own personal views to our review. 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    thanks for this… always wondering what Vo Genesis was exactly. Like you mentioned they make some pretty large income claims and I’m always skeptical when they throw big numbers like this around.

    Sounds like it might be worth checking out anyways… especially if we can score it for $19.95 as you mentioned 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

    1. No problem Mason, it certainly is worth the $19.95 but you must be willing to put the effort in! A lot of people will fail at this due to them thinking it’s an easy ride – it ain’t!

  5. Huh, well this is a new one on me. I never seen an Internet business centered around creating voice-overs. Sounds like a skill that really needs to be mastered if you wanted to make a business out of it. It sounds really good, but what about factors like not having a good voice and not having instruction on where to find gig? It would be better if the product had a list if companies that hire. How about upsells? Do they do those? I enjoyed reading you’re review of it. You covered everything very well.

    1. Oh there’s always some sort of upsell with these digital products Jason – it’s part of the package these days! (just ignore them like most of us do!). EVERYTHING you need to start off in this niche is included in the guide so please don’t worry about that (I’m not going to list their angles otherwise I’ll have them kicking down my door LOL). 🙂

  6. Hi Chris.

    I have heard about this voiceover program before but I was unsure at what level it was directed at. Would you say it’s intended for newbies to the business? Will I need any prior knowledge in this field before buying the product?

    Also I was wondering about the business itself. Someone pointed out to me that once you have learned the trade you are sort of on you own. So I was wondering if this program helped with that – you did touch upon it in your review but I would like to be sure!

    Thanks for your help and your review – this is an awesome business to get into if done correctly. There are always needs for voiceovers! 🙂

    1. Hi Dan,

      About 99% of the work from home products I review are aimed at newcomers to the business – this is no different! Actually, this targets newbies but it is also a handy addition to the professional’s arsenal.

      I didn’t know much about the voiceover business before testing this product so I needed something that was newbie-friendly…and this certainly was!

      The course will also teach you where to get high paying gigs almost immediately – so there’s no need to worry about being left out in the cold after you have finished learning.

      Overall it’s a great choice if you are interested in this sort of thing!

      Good luck! 🙂

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