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make money completing tasks

I’ve had a lot of recent requests for information on how to ​make money completing tasks online. I have dedicated a full page to Clixsense located HERE but I decided to go into the subject of mini tasks in a little more detail.

In this article I will be covering the site CrowdFlower – the top place to go if you are looking to make money with simple tasks.

Your Destiny in Your Hands

When you are using these tasks to make money your destiny is in your own hands – the more you work the more you earn. But it’s not quite as simple as it sounds – to make money doing tasks online you must be:

  • Dedicated
  • Have a great deal of patience
  • ​Hard working

​These tasks are mundane at the best of times but they do pay honest cash EVERY time!

Still Interested???

So let’s get down to the ‘guts’ of how to use CrowdFlower on the Clixsense platform.

Clixsense offers many different ways to earn online and one of these ways is through the tasks offered by CrowdFlower. The cool thing about completing these tasks through Clixsense is that you don’t have to wait to get paid – you complete the task you get paid instantly to your Clixsense account.

About two years ago I was in a bit of what I like to call ‘a tight spot’ due to unseen financial circumstances arising. I needed extra money from my online occupations and I needed it quick.

This forced my hand and I had to get into the opportunities Clixsense offered a little more religiously.

It worked! I got out of my sticky financial situation but man was it hard going.

I started off picking at the higher paying tasks available like the example below

Higher paying CrowdFlower Job

It seems pretty east doesn’t it? Well that’s the trick the employer uses to drag you in ( keep in mind this job is higher paying but it is still ONLY $0.12 ). You are lulled into a false sense of security where you think…

‘hey, I can complete loads of these tasks and at $0.12 a task I can make a tidy sum!’.

The problem is these sort of tasks take a lot longer to complete than you might think. Check out a tiny portion of the instructions provided with this job…

High paying task instructions

Starting to get the picture yet?

I learned the hard way that this WAS NOT the way to go. If you stick to the lower paying, quicker jobs, you are more likely to make the money you were aiming for.

The higher paying tasks tend to be a little confusing and if you get stuck halfway through you end up with no payment whatsoever ( I learned the hard way ). Below is an example of a much simpler and user-friendly task…

easier job

These jobs pay a lot less but they are simple to complete and MUCH quicker and less confusing to get through. By targeting as many of these jobs as possible on a daily basis I became very efficient in a small space of time. Check out how simple it is:

easier job 2

The task above will take no more than a minute to complete and pay you $0.03 for your effort. Sure that doesn’t sound like much but when you clock up a few hours worth of these simple tasks you will see your earnings take a nice, steady rise!

You can even make money with simple tasks that require your opinion – nothing more!

That’s right, there are no wrong or right answers with these opinion based tasks – you just give your opinion and get $0.01 for it ( takes about 5 seconds! ). Here’s a typical example below:

Opinion taska

Make Money Doing Tasks Online

All this boils down to how patient you are and how long you can sit in front of a computer for. I’m friends with fellow Clixsense members that earn VERY GOOD money through these tasks but they are VERY dedicated and they work hard!

Please don’t expect to get rich from doing this sort of work because it is just not going to happen. However, if you have hours to spare in the day you can make yourself a decent enough weekly wage.

Always keep Clixsense open on a tab on your browser and keep popping back to the tasks section – new tasks are added every hour, 24 hours a day! The more often you’re there the more often you earn!

Do YOU want to make money with simple tasks? Click on the link below to sign up for a FREE account with Clixsense and start earning:

10 comments on “Make Money Completing Tasks – Simple But Mundane

  1. Hey Chris, Wow! Before reading this Post, I had no idea that these type of money making sites exist! Thank you… I so need those $$$.. I know they are small amounts of money, but then… as you said, it takes time to get paid!

    And Because its coming from you, then I’m 100% sure they are legit!

    Thank You…

    Nadeem ~

  2. Thanks for reviewing Clixsense and Crowd Flower Chris. I knew these types of sites existed but I always wondered if you would ever get paid for them. Do you have to make a certain amount before they pay out? It sounds like a really good idea for anyone with spare time on their hands. One to keep an eye out for in future.

    1. Yeah all of these sites have some sort of payout threshold Neil – usually around the $10 mark but it varies from site to site 🙂

  3. Great and informative article on make money completiks tasks simple but mundane. You made clear and nice points in the text. But as you seem to be an expert in this make money online stuff could you give me a bit of advice. I’ve been looking into different systems that would teach me how to make money online but they all seem so scammy. So do you have a program to recommend? Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Jesse,

      Our number one recommendation for earning online is in the top navbar of this site ( under #1 Recommendation ). Check out our review of it and see if it is something that appeals to you!

  4. Wow, after reading through your article about getting involved with “Crowdflower” and Clixsense, I would have to honestly say that it does not make sense to me to get involved in this type of income opportunity. I will definitely check it out, but I have to say for me, that is a huge amount of time spent on a computer, to earn those low amounts.
    I can see how they add up if a person is like you say, dedicated and has the advantage to spend most of their waking days to be connected to doing things online.
    I will definitely pass this along to others who will benefit from your information.

    1. Well it’s certainly not for everyone Angela – some like this sort of work whilst others prefer the longer term online business opportunities. Clixsense is hugely popular – but not all the referrals I direct there work for long (whilst others are extremely happy to stay there!).

      Each to their own…

  5. Interesting. I have looked into online money making jobs like this before and came ot the conclusion that they are more work than the time they take to complete, but maybe your strategy is the best. Choose easy, mindless, type jobs that pay less and just do lots of them. If I am ever in a cash flow jam, I will look into this. Can it be done on a cell phone or does it have to be on a computer?

    1. Not sure about the cell phone Sarah!

      When I used to use them to pay for my marketing education they were strictly internet based (desktop). They may well have developed apps now but I doubt it – seems like an easy way to cock up an internet business!

      Besides, I doubt the people that are paying for the tasks would be happy with them being completed on a cell phone etc….

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