Make a Popular Website (2019 Edition)

Make a Popular Website (2019 Edition)

It’s the most crushing feelings a blogger will ever experience online – the realisation that you are struggling to get eyes on your work…and people are not opting to visit your site.

You’ve slaved for hours, and your website looks snazzy, has a snappy speed to it, and is a joy to navigate…but hardly anyone is walking through the front door!

So how do you make a popular website in 2019?

Let’s take a closer look…

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How to Get More Traffic in 2019 (9 New Strategies)


The video tutorial above is by a guy some of you may already be familiar with – Brian Dean. He is the owner of the rather popular internet marketing and SEO website Backlinko.

The video tutorial covers the same nine strategies Dean used to get over 2 million visitors to his blog this year (and that’s powerful stuff!).

The Rundown

What I really like about the way Dean attacks this subject, is the fact that he is fully aware that 99.9% of the SEO tips out there at the moment are not going to make you a rich blogger anytime soon. In fact, most of them have ALWAYS been a little limited in the way they provide results.

What traditional SEO tips am I talking about?

Well, first of all, try typing “Get More Website Traffic” into Google’s search bar….

Around 80% of the results that pop up on that first page are not really going to be any help to you.

Search Engine Optimisation tips like:

  • Create a Facebook page for your website business
  • Start a blog on your website
  • Share your posts on social media
  • Start a Pinterest board

Are these really worth their weight in gold?

Have they ever been that effective?


Get More Website Traffic


These tips are not worthless – far from it…but they ARE NOT GOING TO SEND MILLIONS OF VIEWERS TO YOUR WEBSITE.


Well, think about it for a moment – how many webmasters are in the exact same situation as you at the exact same time? How many other bloggers out there are failing to get the required traffic to their blogs?


This means that millions upon millions of other webmasters have made the exact same Google search as you – so they’ve ended up with the exact same SEO tips!

You along with every other lost blogger out there, are using the same tactics on the same free traffic…so you need to stand out from the crowd.

How To Make a Popular Website

In this video tutorial Brian Dean offers you a few ‘outside of the box’ website traffic tactics that he has used successfully on his own site. Share Triggers and Content Transformation are just a couple of the effective new techniques you will be introduced to.

If you have any queries about the video tutorial or the subject it is covering, please leave them in the comment section below.

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12 comments on “Make a Popular Website (2019 Edition)

  1. Hi Chris, I have read your whole article and understood that we still need to learn more and nine new methods of traffic generating is great techniques for organic visitors. I like the backlinko website training and content transformation idea. Will I have to pay for it in the beginning? However I like your #1 recommendation of joining in Wealthy Affiliate and I have already joined this as a premium member. Do you think I need to go for other technique now? Thanks for sharing the helpful tips. 

    1. Hi Mzakapon, 

      No the Backlinko website is free – it’s much like this website in that it offers tips/techniques/reviews etc. If you are a member of the WA – you really don’t need to sign up for any other training! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post , great video from Brian Dean at Backlinko with his SEO tips for 2019 . I checked out your # 1 recommendation through the link your provided looks interesting? I seen it before while cruising the internet but am thinking I should maybe sign up for a free starter account. Just wondering is the free training any good or is it just fluff? 

    1. Hi Rick, 

      Well it’s definitely NOT fluff mate – I know of several people who have become successful off the WA’s free training alone! (so go for it – see what you can learn for free!!!!). 

  3. Hi Chris. It’s good to see you share such an important topic that many people do not care about; but actually is the gold of doing business online. Traffic is what we need and are struggling to get too. Yeah I have done some couple of searches in Google and got pages that never helped and I am aiming to provide pages that would actually help in these topics and this video will go a long way helping me get traffic.


    1. That’s good to hear Rye – don’t forget to contact me directly from the site if you need any more help with the subject! 🙂

  4. Hello and thank you for this informative article Chis. I really appreciate it. I am definitely going to check Brian Dean’s new video about ranking and getting more traffic in 2019. He is one of the best authority bloggers out there. His tips really helped me earlier and everyone in blogging industry should follow that guy.

    I am also going to check your top recommendation. You stated in your review that this Wealthy Affiliate helped you with becoming a successful blogger.

    I can not wait to check it out.

    Thank you.


    1. That’s good news Strahinja – don’t forget to contact me directly if you need any help with signing up with them etc.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. You’re completely right! For some time I worried about boosting my traffic and these are the common suggestions that I found online. But I always felt like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing somewhere that I need to find. Your post has provided me more than I anticipated to find and it shows how much work needs to be done to get there. 

    It’s worth reading your post. 

    1. Cool – glad it could be of help to you mate! 

      Make sure you watch the vid a couple of times, as there’s a lot of info in it (make some notes!). 

  6. I love Brian Dean’s SEO tips Chris, 

    Been following him for years now and he is one of the many successful bloggers that lead his entire life solely from his blog. I love his Skyscraper technique, I’ve been reading it every month so that I can keep up with his methods in SEO and to keep improving my knowledge , what’s your favourite SEO technique?

    1. Hi Riaz, 

      Well I’m a keyword research addict mate – I love my Jaaxy keyword tool and I love searching for long tailed keywords! 

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