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List Dominion Review

​I have been in the online marketing business for several years now and there is always one sector that leaves me cold – email marketing.

I was fully trained in the subject during my Wealthy Affiliate tutorials but I’ve never taken to it as it seems rude and intrusive to me!

But I’ve received several requests for a List Dominion review from regulars to this site. I wasn’t overly excited by the prospect of completing this review but it did offer a slight change in direction for me…

Email Address Mailing List

If I had to guess I would say that I come across at least five new email address mailing list programs a week!

I’m fully aware that some internet marketers make good money out of them…but they’re still not for me.

The all seem to promise the world and then offer very little when it comes down to ‘the guts’ of the program.

What makes List Dominion stand out from the crowd?

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Let’s take a closer look…

List Dominion Review

This product was created by Jeff Baxter and Abdulmagid Zanati and it aims to improve the success you have with your mailing lists ( obviously! ).

Apparently if you jump on-board with them they can teach you techniques that will earn you over $16,000 a month.

Now this is where most offers fall down with me – why highlight a precise amount ( $16,490.95 in this case ) if you know damn well you cannot back it up?

But this is the only downside to the overall pitch of List Dominion – the sales page was not as over-hyped as one might expect.

The Product

I decided to purchase the product due to it being on a dime sales system at the moment. These types of systems usually cap at about $20 but I managed to grab it for $10.

The low price was unfortunately backed up by a few typical upsells but this is normal practice in the marketing world. I ignored them and carried on deeper into the product.

Inside the product I was confronted with a decent enough website that housed a professional enough welcoming video. Below this video there were two links:

  1. A link to my awesome training
  2. A link to a Facebook group

​​I decided to check out the level of training available first…

#1 List Building Training

I have to say I was a little underwhelmed with this first offering of training. I was basically taught how to create an account with JVZoo and then an account with GetResponse.

This first module of training seemed to be geared towards teaching me how to promote List Dominion through email marketing – basically doing their dirty work for them! 

You are even taught how to set up a subdomain on the main List Dominion website – sort of like a private landing page or squeeze page!

The next two videos explain what Solo Ads are and how to buy them via a Facebook group and how to create tracking links.

#2 Let’s Hit Facebook!

This part of the training managed to teach me a few tricks that I had not come across before and I was quite pleased by this!

I’d only paid a tenner for the program and this information was well worth that! 

But then the training started to center on Facebook and this turned me off quite a bit. I’m not a fan of Facebook at the best of times – the sooner it falls into the internet sea the better in my book!

But this training was trying to teach me to market List Dominion to my Facebook followers. That’s right – my friends and family members!

I don’t know about you but my friends and family would have no problem in throwing me off a cliff if I started spamming their timeline!

I then thought long and hard about how many of the people on my friends list would actually have some sort of interest in this product…none really!

This module then moves on to cover building relationships with fellow niche marketers and jazzing up your Facebook profile.

All of this information was pretty good and well researched but the idea of marketing this product to my friends and family…no, no, no!

#3 Money in The Mailing List

This section was made up of 3 rather informative videos on how to build up your mailing list and make money through it.

It starts off by training you how to spot the buyers within your mailing list – you don’t want a list full of freeloaders after all right? You want your list to trust and believe in the things you are saying so that they will eventually move to purchase.

I then ended up on a video I struggled to understand – I know jack about consultancy after all!

They kept on telling me I should be aiming towards charging $20,000 in consultancy fees – it sounds nice but they lost me at the beginning of this video module ( unfortunately! ).

I quickly moved onto the final module before I got even further adrift on the subject. This final video supplied me with great insights into closing deals over the phone.

Only one problem though – I only perform marketing in the digital domain! 


My first impressions of this product were not all that good – I felt I had come across it’s type many times before.

But once I had got past the sleazy upsells I encountered some pretty solid techniques that I had not come across before – I really enjoyed the learning process.

This is not a scam – it can work for you if you put the time and effort in. 

However, this is not the marketing direction I would like to go and I have a feeling the majority of you will feel the same way!

If you are looking to learn something new on email marketing for the low price of $10 then go for it – this is definitely worth your time.

If you are interested in learning more about email marketing we suggest checking out the FREE tutorials that the Wealthy Affiliate community have on offer. Read our full review on the services they offer by clicking the link below:

8 comments on “List Dominion Review – Email Marketing Power

  1. HI there and thanks for taking the time to check out List Dominion with an in depth review that I found very interesting to read. I like the way you have been clear and honest about the pros and cons. I was wondering if I didn’t choose these guys, where would you point me in the direction of instead?

  2. Hey Chris I am with you on email marketing – NOT A FAN.

    Sounds like I have no need to check out List Dominion either as you pretty much spelled out what my thoughts on the product would have been. I do wonder though- what’s with the $20k consultancy deal – can you expand on that. I know it’s too good to be true but I’m just curious how they pitch that one.

    I do think that email lists are a good thing to have if securely maintained and used appropriately. I wonder how you feel about this.

    For example if I were to gain the trust of my visitors enough for them to provide me with their email I would use that to send them updates about my site, new postings, special offers and so on. with this I don’t see a problem, how about you?

    Thanks for the great info Chris and I assure you I’m not wasting any time on list Dominion.


    1. Hi Eric,
      I do have a lot of friends that see relative success with email marketing…it’s just not for me! I’m not keen on the process really and I prefer to do things straight ( if you catch my drift! ). Nothing really wrong with it as a marketing technique – just not my thing 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    Just read through your experience with List Dominion. What I would say is that this program can be handy for some marketers. List building is indeed a powerful marketing technique, but this sector involves financial risk.

    You have to set up a campaign with autoresponder, squeeze page, and buy clicks through SoloAds. And there are lot of split testing. If you don’t have at least $200 a month to begin, it is better to focus on free traffic first like SEO.

    1. Thanks for chipping in Edy but I’m afraid I’ll never be much of a fan of autoresponders and list building – far too intrusive for my personality and the way I want to appear in front of my audience!

  4. Hi, Chris.

    Great review as usual. I think list building is one of the advanced stages in any affiliate marketer’s journey.

    I am still not there yet but I’m always seeing people talking about how huge it is to build a list and make money by recommending products and helping your subscribers. The saying goes something like: The money is in the list.

    The best thing to do to build a list in my opinion, is starting focusing on free traffic. Buying clicks and creating campaigns since the beginning can be risky sometimes if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Have a great day.

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