LinkedIn Profile Tips And Mistakes to Avoid


LinkedIn Profile Tips And Mistakes to Avoid

I sometimes feel that LinkedIn gets a rough ride in social circles which is mainly down to people not understanding it properly. I don’t want to sound ‘high and mighty’ here because I was one of these people myself up until recently…

It was tough going but I finally got there – I actually made this career-based social platform work for me for once!!!

So in this article I’ve compiled a handful of LinkedIn profile tips and mistakes to avoid. I have used my own personal experiences ( well, failures, if I’m honest! ) and drawn from them to create this simple guide for others…

LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid

Before we start I should first ask you this question – when did you last login to your LinkedIn account?

At a guess I’ll say about 50% of you reading this haven’t visited the site since you last had a ‘connection’ request!

LinkedIn is frequently overlooked as nothing more than a glorified job site and that couldn’t be further from the truth really. LinkedIn is an awesome place to develop professional networking.

I have gathered hundreds of connections who serve as great inspiration and an ideas base. I am now in contact with numerous internet marketing professionals who are only to happy to occasionally help me out ( if I need it! ).

But at the end of the day the site is geared towards providing professional possibilities. You never know what is going to come your way next so you NEED to be prepared…

#1 Don’t be a Shadow

I don’t know about you but I would never consider following anyone, on any social network, that didn’t have a photo of themselves. It’s sort of a big warning alert to me.

Do not be a shadow on linkedinWhy would somebody come on a social platform and not use a photo of themselves?

It’s quite a difficult question to answer really…maybe they lack confidence, maybe they are not who they say they are, maybe they just aren’t taking the platform seriously!

It’s doesn’t really breed positivity does it?

At the end of the day, you are much more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a picture that people can relate to.

If you were in the process of buying a car would you look through a list and pick one that had no picture?

No, I wouldn’t either!

#2 Don’t Photoshop

There are a number of factors that fall under this category but one in particular seems to stand out…

A lot of men and women over the age of 40 seem to think they need to provide some sort of misrepresentation of their image. If you are in your 40’s then I’m afraid you are in your 40’s – why fight it?

Many people are getting caught out on LinkedIn because of misrepresentation. If you post a picture of yourself in your twenties then at some point in the future you are going to get caught out – period!

Please don’t even think about posting a picture of your new baby or your dog either – this is bad enough on Facebook let alone a professional site like LinkedIn.

#3 Ignoring The Platform

For some reason a lot of businesses ( online or offline ) choose to overlook the LinkedIn platform. This social site is a platform that lets you to join forces with millions of new potential customers and find like-minded individuals to help grow your organization.

Once you are on the LinkedIn platform use it!

Your LinkedIn status is the right place to update your network about your professional accomplishments. It’s also the right place to showcase developments in your business.

Log in every now and again and post a little something related to the working week – keep your status fresh and you will appear a much more active individual.

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#4 Notifications

For some reason LinkedIn offers an automatic notifying option within it parameters. I’m sure you’ve all noticed a few connections on your timeline who are constantly changing things?

I hate this and I’m pretty sure most other LinkedIn members out there hate it to!

Notifying your network of connections EVERY time you make a change is not really going to paint a clever picture of you. Go into your profile settings and change the settings on notifications.

If a really important event has happened then choose to notify everyone as you’re posting it. Just don’t notify everyone about every single profile change you make – it looks a little stupid really ( harsh but true I’m afraid! ).

#5 Limit Group Messages

Limit group messages on linkedinWhen I first started using this platform I often made the mistake of sending out group messages to people who couldn’t care less. Not many of them broke the connection but I’m pretty sure more than a few ignored me from then on in.

If you have an update on your marketing efforts don’t start sending it out to connections that are in the IT industry – why would they want to know about it?

You basically look like you are spamming the majority of your connections and if you think about it…you are!!!

#6 Proof Read EVERYTHING

This is the section of the article where I make myself look like a bit of an ass I’m afraid!!!!

When my LinkedIn account was little more than six months old a kind and thoughtful connection pointed out a couple of mistakes to me. I was horrified!

These were a pair of glaringly obvious grammar mistakes on my profile and they had been floating there for the full six months. I hadn’t really taken the time to proof read my original profile bio and as a result I looked like a complete amateur for six months!

About 99% of online word processors have some sort of automatic spell check or grammar alert built into them. There really is no excuse for bad grammar – especially on a career based site like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Tips And Mistakes to Avoid

So there we have it – unfortunately it was impossible for me to get through this article without looking like a fool in certain sections!

But with a bit of luck the thoughtless mistakes I first made on LinkedIn will hopefully help you to avoid the same path.

Just remember that you are your own brand on LinkedIn so treat yourself as a good one! Be consistent in that brand and be clear about your direction – stay relevant and stay active!

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18 comments on “LinkedIn Profile Tips And Mistakes to Avoid

  1. I’ve not properly got into LinkedIn myself yet, but this is really informative. You are absolutely right that you need a photo. That is true on any social media site really. People will be much more likely to interact with you if they know who it is they are talking to.

    I think that is also true about our own websites, and I’m really pleased to see that you have photo of yourself on your website. This is so important to make you seem like a real human. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Yeah people tend to trust you a lot more when they can put a face to a name – on any account you have online really! LinkedIn is a pretty cool social site but it only really works for business and career elements ( I wouldn’t go posting pictures of my cat there! ).

  2. Although I don’t currently have a linkdin profile, I feel compelled to obtain one after reading this article. You offer some great advice and tips for the newbies as well as some tips for mid level users. I’ll be sure to bookmark this page for when I create my linkdin account! Thanks for a great read about common mistakes!

  3. Wow.
    Really – the-right-place-at-the-right-time article for me 🙂
    Thank you!

    It looks worth of it to look more precisely and deeply towards LinkedIn proposals.
    For me this social network was in the ‘ignore list’ for a pretty long time as well.
    Now I’d like to reconsider my attitude.

    P.S.: but the way it would be cool to check your recommendations regarding the very networking process through LinkedIn 😉

    1. Hi Paul,
      I find networking through LinkedIn VERY worthwhile – the connections you pick up there tend to be solid followers who are interested in your niche and your profession. It’s not the most stylish of social networks but it can be VERY powerful 🙂

  4. I’m so happy I came across this website talking about linkedin. I’ve never really understood the idea behind it and I’ve had a lot of requests in my email from friends asking me to join but I didn’t take it seriously. Your humorous approach to managing your profile got me twisted up in stitches!! Good job Chris. I will definitely check it out and see what I can gain from joining linkedin. Thanks!!

    1. Great stuff Bisco!
      I’m glad I could finally twist your arm. LinkedIn can be a very powerful marketing tool if it’s used in the correct manner.

  5. Thank you for the very first sentence, you are describing me there. I do have my ‘profile’ on Linkedin but it is almost empty and I really do not care much about it. Not the first mistake I am making with social media role in my online activity. In fact most of the time I ignore connection requests. Reason: I believe this is sent by the network itself and not by people. Am I wrong?

    About your No. 2, I have noticed photoshopped images even at some other places, like Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thank you for the text indeed.

    1. You know what Jovo – I’ve never thought about the network trying to set up connections themselves before ( and now you’ve really got me thinking LOL ).

  6. I started using LinkedIn just for job hunting a few years back. It helped a little but wasn’t the source of finding work that I have now. But I do want to start using it for social media in a professional manner.

  7. I don’t believe I have an account with LinkedIn. I never think about them I just go straight to Facebook , twitter,, or google+. I will definitely check into them after reading your account. I have signed up for so many different social media places lately. I may be like those people who mention who never check in to their accounts. Thanks for letting us realize there are other social places out there.

    1. No problem Vicky!
      LinkedIn is a more ‘serious’ social platform though – it’s geared more towards professionals and careers so use it wisely! 🙂

  8. Great awesome site totally just been bookmarked!

    Linked in defo one of the most overlooked sites, social network sites to be more correct that is overlooked! As is twitter..and I for must admit I have to use linked in a lot more and learn more about it. As for twitter..I rock that to tune of 3k-4k unique visitors daily from just over 26k followers! awesome traffic source when you really know how to use it and no doubt linked in is the same..if you know how!

  9. I like Linkedin. One more trap that I think people fall into is that they treat it like Facebook. They add ANYONE to their network even if they are not relevant to anything you’re doing. I try to make sure that I keep my Linkedin profile specifically set apart for professional connections. I don’t necessarily know every single one of them, but they are at least a connection that is relevant to my experience.

    1. Sounds like you are doing the right thing there Kyle – it’s a slightly ‘upper classed’ social network ( if you catch my drift! )

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