Letgo App Review – Is Letgo a Scam

Letgo App Review - Is Letgo a Scam

We all have that dreaded kid’s bedroom in the home that seems to end up as a extra storage space – usually the youngest kid’s room!

One cupboard for his/her toys and clothes…and the remainder of the cupboards are fair game for any old crap.

It ain’t really fair, is it?

But what are the alternatives?

Even though it’s seldom used – some of this stuff is worth money!

The answer – try flogging it online.

Letgo is one of the ‘new breeds’ of app that allows you to sell and buy items locally – it seems to be gathering pace and therefore popularity.

So, does Letgo work? Is Letgo a Scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Letgo App Review

What is Letgo?

Letgo is a free-to-join app that gives you the opportunity to buy and sell items in your local area.

For the most part you can sell pretty much anything, but there are typical product restrictions put in place that block adult material, weapons, drugs etc.

What is Letgo?

The platform for transactions is the only thing that Letgo gets involved with – the buying and selling side of things is left up to you and the person you are dealing with.

The ‘big sell’ or attraction of Letgo is the fact that both buyers and sellers are using an app – this means that you don’t have to hand out an email address or your phone number to strangers (unless you want to, of course!).

If any of you are not up to date in the smartphone world, you can always pay a visit to the Letgo website instead to do your deals!

How to Sell on Letgo

A simple enough process really…

Take several pictures of the product you want to sell then upload them to the app, the platform will then generate a title based on the image’s description etc (it’s probably best you edit this title yourself!).

Type out a description – the more detail the better, add a price and list whether the item is negotiable or not (sometimes people like to haggle!).

How to Sell on Letgo

It’s worth remembering that this is a secondhand platform, so don’t get too greedy.

The people that make the most money on Letgo are the ones who go into it without dollar signs in their eyes.

You may have paid $200 for a cabinet when it was new…but it ain’t new any longer…listing it for $150 is going to get you nowhere!

All listings on the app have an option for a boost – that costs $1.99. This boost will lift your item to the ‘featured’ section, making it much more visible to the public.

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Buying on Letgo

If you are looking to buy an item on Letgo – their clever little search feature is your friend!

It lets you sort by category, distance, price and listed date.

You can then scan through the sellers and check their stats and reviews on their transactions, you can even send a few pre-typed responses about their items (or type your own, of course!).

The past reviews section is a very helpful feature of the app – it puts both buyer and seller’s minds at ease when they can see the history of the person they are dealing with.

Letgo Complaints

As with most companies these days, it was easy enough to find a few complaints regarding this app online.

Most people get pissed off with the amount of questions certain buyers ask…eventually leading them to back down from the deal (a complete waste of time!).

Letgo Complaints

A lot of sellers have reported buyers for trolling them for a low, low price. They set something at $20 and ‘certain’ buyers try their best to witter them down to $3…never gonna happen mate!

There are also numerous reports online of deals being struck, times being arranged for meetings…and people never turning up – that must be very irritating.

So, Is Letgo a Scam?

No, not at all.

It’s worth pointing out that the complaints above all have one thing in common – they involve people and people’s decisions.

The app itself can’t control the emotions of everyone (or anyone!) out there.

People are always going to change their mind last minute, want a bargain and in some cases…get very rude when they don’t get what they want.

An app can never control that sort of thing!

The key to using this sort of app successfully and safely is to make use of the review system – research everyone you are dealing with thoroughly before jumping into a transaction.

Personally, I thought the app was easy to use, well set up and good looking (dynamic).

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