Legit Flex Job Academy Review

Legit Flex Job Academy Review

Wouldn’t it be great to just copy and paste snippets of text, all over the internet, for a living?

I was a little ‘green’ at the time, but I actually thought that was a viable work option when I first came online to find work!!!

This type of job never really comes about…

A couple of days ago, a fellow blogger and friend, sent me a link to a company paying fixed rates to homeworkers who are willing to fill out simple worksheets.

I was surprised to say the least.

The company was called the Legit Flex Job Academy – not the most reassuring of titles really (I get suspicious of ANY company with ‘legit’ in their title!).

So, is Legit Flex Job Academy a scam? What is Legit Flex Job?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Legit Flex Job Academy Review      

So, what is Legit Flex Job?

Well, it’s a company that advertises itself as a place where you can simply sign up & begin earning in excess of $371.25 per week (that’s a rather exact amount really…isn’t it?)

How do you earn this sort of money every week?

Well, according to them, you can earn this cash by simply filling out spreadsheets – a dream come true right?

Legit Flex Job Academy Advert

In my time online, I have come across a handful of legit data entry jobs and they all have one thing in common – they don’t pay that much at all.

As far as over $300 a week goes – no way!!!

It sounded suspicious to me, so I dived in a bit further…only to realize that I’d have to pay to get access to their work!!!

The Familiar Journey

Okay, it was time to walk down a path I’ve walked many, many, times before…

So the landing page wants your name and your email address, well, they probably just want your email address…but the name thing makes them look like they care!!

You enter your details and you are taken straight to a sales pitch page…


Yeah bullshit.

Anyway, they are so desperate that you can sign up and start working with them the same day.

Funnily enough, they completely neglect to go into any sort of details on the exact work you will be taking part in…but they do keep on saying that they are desperate for your help (like every other sentence!).

Is Legit Flex Job Academy a Scam?

So you scroll down further through the sales page – some rather attractive cheques pop up, more crap about them being desperate for help….

Then BANG!

It hits you straight between the eyes – to start working with this company you only need to part with $37 of your hard earned cash!

Bit strange really?

I thought they were desperate for help?

If they are that desperate…why do you have to pay to help them?

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

So what’s inside the box – what are these data entry jobs that are worth $37 of your hard earned money?

Actually, if you try and click away from the sales page once you’ve seen the price…they offer you are reduced price!!!

I had to let out a slight chuckle – now I only had to pay $29 to enter this desperate bunch’s work regime.

If you haven’t already guessed – I’ll spell it out for you…

There are NO data entry jobs on offer here!

That’s right – if you pay to enter YOU WILL NOT BE FILLING OUT SPREADSHEETS FOR MONEY.

So what will you be doing?

Wait for it…

Dropshipping Amazon products.

Well, even that is stretching the truth a little bit – you will be sent a set of courses that TEACH you how to dropship Amazon products!

Is Legit Flex Job Academy a Scam?

Well, you are sold something…that turns out to be something completely different…what do you think?

The dropshipping course is made up of 14 lessons but I have to be honest with you – I wasn’t about to go through all that crap to find out if they were any good!

The dropshipping course is made up of 14 lessons
The 14 Wonderful Lessons!!!

The whole package is put together with one purpose in mind – to get your money.

Think about it for just a second…

What would happen if you went to a car showroom to buy a car…and the salesman came out with an elephant!!!

You’d say “f##k off mate – I’m after a car not an elephant!”

Why should things be different online?

They shouldn’t.

Thankfully this product is sold through the ClickBank platform – and they don’t take much crap at the end of the day (i.e. a refund shouldn’t be too hard to get!).

This is terrible product designed to get your money – nothing more, nothing less.

Avoid like the plague!

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