Learn Social Media Marketing Free

Learn Social Media Marketing Free

The topic we will be covering in this article involves using social media sites as part of your online marketing strategy. Social Media is BIG business in the marketing world and can become an awesome ally if used correctly.

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Social Media Marketing Free Online Course

Simply put, social media sites ( like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. ) are places where people create profiles and make or interact with friends.

The top social media sites are now extremely vast and offer numerous chances for a marketer to reach millions of different target markets.

They are places for fans of your niche to hang out and discuss the topics they are into ( which is great news for you! ).

But they are not the type of communities you should go into ‘on the sell’, remember – not many people go to a social site looking for a bargain! As a marketer you need to be coy with your movements and think more about customer service…

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How to Market With Social Media

There are two main ways to use social media marketing…

  1. Promote Work ( Content )
  2. Use Their Ad Networks

I personally prefer to use social sites for promoting content that has already been published to my sites. This isn’t usually an immediate effect – it takes time to find like minded individuals (fans of your niche) and connect with them (followers).

How to Market With Social MediaEven when you do manage to follow them you must produce interesting and engaging work to grab their attention on a daily basis. Blog posts, pictures, videos or any other multimedia must have that ‘something special’ and stand out from people’s timelines.

Many of the top social media sites use an ad network platform to generate avenue for themselves. As marketers we can use these platforms much in the same way as we use Google Adsense.

With this form of social marketing you do not have to create a specialized business page for that particular site. You can simply set up an advert and drive interested members towards your landing page elsewhere!

Social Media Marketing Tips For Business

So what is social media marketing best used for? What are the most effective social media marketing tips for business?

Well, Geographic features are implemented into most social networks so this means that local businesses can really rock the platform!

These geographic instances make it easy for people in your area to find your profile through searches. I often spend a lot of time on Twitter using searches to locate the competition in my area.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Business

I don’t really compete with them once I’ve found them – I prefer to strike up a relationship with them ( keep you friends close, keep your enemies even closer… ).

A great way to use your social media business profile is to highlight deals and promotions. You can limit these special offers just towards your loyal followers and use the platform much like an email mailing list.

All this means that you can reward your loyal fans an let them know they are being rewarded at the same time! You can even go as far as creating exclusive content or activities just for your social fan base.

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Advantages Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing


  • Interact on a personal level with past & potential customers
  • Allows you to use that ‘personal touch’ with customers
  • Customers feel like they are interacting with a ‘human’ for once
  • It creates Loyalty and trust between you and your customer
  • Gives you the ability to reach a much wider audience
  • Gives customers the easy option when it comes to contacting you
  • You are able to draw valuable feedback from your followers/fans
  • You can spy on your fans ( profiles ) and find out what makes them tick
  • Social profiles often show up in Google’s results


  • The time element – successful social profiles take a LOT of upkeep
  • Every social site has a different set of strict rules
  • Your content can often fall victim to comment trolls

Social Media Marketing Free Course

There’s no getting way with it – there is a lot of stuff to learn within social media marketing. But, once you get your head around the daily grind of maintaining a social presence you will start to enjoy it!

The key to all this working out for you is to be ‘social’ and don’t be a blank business board. Don’t sit about waiting for fans to come to your business – get out there and show them you are worth something (again, be social!).

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