Kannaway Fraud?

Kannaway Fraud?

What is it with the MLM industry targeting people who want to feel better about themselves? Surely we’ve got to the point where we need to help people for FREE sometimes?

About a week ago I nosed in on forum conversation going on between two health site webmasters. One of them was up in arms about a ‘Kannaway fraud’ whilst the other claimed the company was legit and relatively new ( so it was too soon to judge…apparently! ).

I had heard nothing about this ‘Kannaway’ group before but I was pretty sure it was yet another health based MLM product…and it was.

I’m not a fan of anything MLM – I’ve mentioned this many, many times before. But for some reason I have a morbid fascination in how they work and what they offer.

I had to dig a little deeper…

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Kannaway MLM Review

I’ll start off this Kannaway MLM review by covering the background of the company. Kannaway was founded about a year ago and they refer to themselves as a Hemp Lifestyle Company.

They provide an array of healthy products that are laden with something called CBD rich hemp oil.

Kannaway MLM Review

A lot of people will probably get that alarm bell sound inside their heads when they hear the word ‘hemp’ and they’re probably right to! Hemp is something that’s VERY closely related to the cannabis plant.

The Kannaway company is owned by a man named Stuart Titus.

Kannaway Hemp Oil

So what are the Kannaway hemp oil products on offer? Let’s take a closer look at their product line:

  1. Beauty Define Sav – This is the basic Kannaway cream that offers wonderful results on your skin etc. It is made up from some sort of secret recipe that contains CBD rich hemp oil.
  2. Hemp Vape Pen – Now this little beauty interested me somewhat as I gave up smoking a few years back…and I still use my vapor pen with a glass of wine every now and again! This Vape Pen is pretty much the same kind of thing expect they opt to use CBD hemp oil – what this tastes like is anyone’s guess?
  3. Kannakick Energy Chews – Nothing new here, just your bog-standard energy chew that contains caffeine and CBD rich hemp oil ( big surprise! ).

The Cost of Kannaway

Well this is a MLM opportunity so don’t expect to pick up any product packs for $10…

The beauty package ( or the impressively titled Defined Transformation Kit ) will set you back a whopping $554.00. I don’t know about you but I’m sticking to Nivea!

The energy sweets package will set you back a rather healthy $31.98 and the vapor sets are $90.

At this point I didn’t really have anything against the products but why does the price have to be so high? Does anyone else out there believe that these products probably cost no more than $10 to make?

Welcome to the MLM industry!

The Kannaway Opportunity

So what is the actual Kannaway opportunity? How can YOU make money through this hemp system?

If you fork out and pay a monthly membership fee of $29.99 you are given the opportunity to flog these hemp products.

It’s no different than any other MLM opportunity really – you buy the products in advance and then sh#t yourself when you realize you can’t sell them all!

You have to go through standing orders, hitting sales targets and recruiting new members – nothing new there!


The company has only been running for a year so even a miserable sod like me can’t call it a scam. I can however, cover a few worries I’ve seen floating about online…

First off it’s a bog standard MLM scheme – around 97% of people that take these schemes on ending up losing money ( and that’s a fact! ).

The Cost of Kannaway

I also stumbled across an article that covers the grey area linked to hemp products at the moment ( this article only covered the US laws ).

Apparently only 18 States are truly happy with the prospect of hemp products being legal – the others fall into this grey area.

How long will these types of products be allowed to slip through the net – anyone’s guess?

Is Kannaway Legit?

Well as I mentioned above, this company has only been up and running for about 12 months now. Even though it’s a MLM opportunity it would still be wrong of me to label it as a scam.

But my own opinion on these sorts of products is not a particularly healthy one. I feel that these companies are jumping on the public’s insecurities and highly overcharging them for cures.

At the end of the day it’s nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme – but some people do make money out of these systems!

What do you think? Do you feel this system could work for you? Please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

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9 comments on “Kannaway Fraud?

  1. Interesting article – MLM programs/promotions are all scams as far as I’m concerned. They promise you the world by saying you will become a millionaire overnight… expect you to part with large amounts of money and then to do all the hard work by shifting the stuff (whatever that is) – usually it’s just crap. Hemp is used in a lot of beauty products such as hand cream in the UK i.e. The Body Shop. As far as I am aware there is nothing wrong with it even though it is derived from cannabis plants. I have looked at your other pages and I completely agree with you – WA does appear to be the most ethical and sound passive income program available.

    1. Hi Holly,

      Thanks for dropping in and leaving your opinion on the opportunity! ( I didn’t know that The Body Shop had hemp products by the way! ) 🙂

  2. I feel that I have very mixed feelings about MLMs because I’ve seen a lot of people get into these “opportunities” and not make anything. Instead, they lose there money. Now I know that it could be possible on a product based model that does not overemphasize recruitment, but there are not many out there like that. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work! There are some really good opportunities online though and one needs to be open minded, while still being wise in looking for opportunities to make income online.

    1. Yep I’m the same with MLM’s JP – not a fan at all! Unfortunately they still attract a lot of new members so….

  3. HI Chris, I always enjoy reading your articles. I have never heard of Kannaway before reading this. As far as the membership fee’s, outrages! The cost of the products-seriously? I too vape and can get pure CBD rich hemp juice way cheaper than that. By the way, the one I have tried has very little taste and no, you don’t get a buzz from it.

    The only MLM companies I have ever work for was Tupperware and Avon. Made very little money off my friends and family the first year. The second year I lost my ass. Needless to say, I learned my lesson with MLM’s.

    You #1 recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate is certainly something that everyone who is looking to make money online should be paying attention too and forget about the MLM ripoffs!

    1. Hi Suzzette,

      I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way about MLM’s – many people end up with this lesson I’m afraid! At least you’ve got your feet pointing in the right direction now (by the sounds of things!).

  4. Iv’e vaguely heard of Kannaway before, and while the product seems rather interesting, the entry point seems to be really high for a network marketing business. The fact that the company has only been in business for a year makes me even more leery that investing in Kannway may prove to be a waste of money over time. I appreciate you taking the time to highlight some of the primary components of Kannway that allows the reader to make an educated decision for themselves on whether this is a worthwhile company to partner with.

  5. I personally believe in cannabis and hemp health products because they work directly with the endocannabinoid system in the human body which enables and helps the body to do what it naturally does best and that is to heal itself. As far as the price on these products go it’s to be expected that they will be expensive (especially if the cannabis is illegal in the country or state it was produced in) because it takes a really large amount of high quality marijuana to produce a small amount of cannabis oil extract, and then you still have to separate the CBD from the THC so that people don’t get high from using your product. CBD being one of the most medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant. The health benefits from using cannabis products though are undeniable as was scientifically proven through out years.

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