Job Spotter App Review – Indeed Job Search App

Job Spotter App Review - Indeed Job Search App

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across numerous Job Spotter App reviews on various companies, but I stayed away from them because I was unsure how they worked (or if you could really make money off them!).

About a week ago I noticed a Indeed job search app on the market – now this is a company I know VERY well and I was pretty sure it was a legit setup.

So, in this Job Spotter App review I will be looking over Indeed’s contribution to the mobile device world – can you make money with their app and is it a legit setup?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Job Spotter App Review

What is The Job Spotter App?

The Indeed Job Search App is a program that allows you to take snaps of ‘Help Wanted’ or ‘Apply Within’ job signs and submit them for approval and payment from the company.

To make things (hopefully) a little bit clearer, here is the blurb from their Google Play page:

“Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn redeemable points, all in the name of helping local businesses. If you spot a hiring sign, take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to Job Spotter. Submit enough photos to earn the most points, and we’ll give you an Amazon gift card in exchange.”

To be honest with you, I think it’s a pretty rad and unique idea for people to earn money off – you are helping your community, and in turn your country’s economy, whilst earning money at the same time!

What is The Job Spotter App?

You download the app, completely free of course, then install it on your device (available at either Google Play Store for Android or Apple’s App Store for iOS).

This is the process for making a little cash from the installed app:

  1. Take a walk around your local town or city.
  2. Find ‘Help Wanted’, or related job opportunity signs, and the establishment’s storefront – take a photo of both.
  3. Submit the photographs through the app platform.
  4. If your submission is approved – you will receive points that you can redeem for rewards etc.

Simple enough really!


Rewards Through The Indeed Jobs App

As far as I can tell – if you are able to download the app in your location then you have been accepted into the program. There may be restrictions on people living right out in the sticks, if you get my drift?

Each point you earn is equal to one penny on your reward card. Most submissions pay out between 5 and 150 points.

Rewards Through The Indeed Jobs App

Once you have applied for your reward gift card, it usually takes a couple of days to receive it in an email format.

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Job Spotter Complaints

Even though Indeed has a positive B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, there are still some complaints floating about regarding their app setup…

People generally seem to be pissed by the amount of pay you get for submitting info on new job opportunities.

Think about it for a minute – how long will it take you to find just one of these signs? Has this sign been submitted before you noticed it?

Going through all this for a couple of dollars – not really the type of work I’d be looking for!

Job Spotter Complaints

A lot of members have also descended on internet forums to voice their opinions on the pay structure – not everyone wants a gift card…most of us want cold hard cash!

I’ve also encountered a few complaints from past members regarding the length of time they waited for payment – apparently not everyone sees their rewards within 2 days of claiming them.

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Is Job Spotter App A Scam?

No, I don’t think this is a scam, and I know the Indeed company pretty well (they have a good rep!).

It’s important to realize that this is a low paying setup – you won’t earn more than a couple of reward cards a month – tops!

Are you the type of person who is looking to fill in some time and get some exercise?

If so, this could be the app for you!

But, if you are looking to make a full time wage online, you’ll need to be looking elsewhere…

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17 comments on “Job Spotter App Review – Indeed Job Search App

  1. It is amazing the number of different ways to earn an income, especially now that the internet is so popular.

    I would have never thought of setting up something like this, and now that I know about it I would find it hard to dream up the concept in the first place.

    I really can’t see that there is much money to be made from an enterprise like this however, I do know from personal experience, that when money is tight any option to earn money is going to be tried.

    This brings me to the internet again, with so many opportunities out there (for producing an income) there is merit in considering other options. Something that I will be looking into early in the New Year.

    I am intrigued to see that you have have a no.1 recommendation for us to look at, the time is right.

    1. Hi Steve, 

      Yeah go ahead mate and check them out – a great place to learn how to start an online business and they’re free! 

  2. Thanks for the review of Indeed Job Search App. On the one hand I like the idea of the app, it seems like a good way of helping people find work in their local area. On the other hand it seems like a lot of work for the return. As you say, if you want a bit of exercise and don’t mind earning a small gift card that might pay for the odd book or small gift then Indeed Job Search App could be for you. But it’s not going to make you a millionaire any time soon. 

    1. No, it’s certainly not going to make you a millionaire Ann, but if you’re looking for some extra cash and exercise – you’ve found it! 🙂

  3. I have never heard of indeed job search. Doesn’t seem like the best way to make money online though. At Wealthy Affliate there are numerous opportunities to learn and make money. You gave given a detailed review. However, I’m not impressed with it. The best part of it is that it helps people looking for a job, but to be honest, how many of these signs can one person submit to make a solid income.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Chris this pretty cool, it’s a fun way to earn a cool reward. It won’t be making anyone rich but then that’s not the intention behind the concept. Do you think this is available for people from other countries? I’m from South Africa, if not perhaps there are other similar apps/offerings – do you know of any worth mentioning?

  5. I’ve been on Indeed recently, looking for extra work to supplement my family’s budget while I’m building my own website and “ONLINE KINGDOM”!!  lol

    I noticed many of these pictures taken by someone and wondered about them. There was usually no other information about the job opportunities besides the pictures, so I generally ignored them.

    I wonder if it’s even in the best interest of Indeed to do this. If I’m ignoring them due to lack of information, I’m sure many others are.

    Makes me wonder if this “money for pics” thing will last long…

  6. Hi Chris, oh, what fun!  I’d love to take snaps of job offers when I’m out and about.  Does this app only work in the States?  I’m in South Africa and I have made some sideline income with a similar app called Field Agent. 

    As a Field Agent, I go ton missions to shops or restaurants and take a few photos of the shop stand or Adverts in store and answer a few quality control questions.  What’s nice about the Field Agent app, is that they pay via cash into your bank account rather than gift cards.  

    It’s not a huge money spinner (mainly because there are not enough missions to go on) but good fun as a side hustle and quick, easy money.  I did a quick search on your site and noticed you haven’t reviewed Field Agent yet.  

    1. Hi Lauren,

      I’m led to believe that there are similar versions of the app in numerous other countries (by the sound of things – you’ve already found one!).

  7. Hi there,

    Awesome article, I found it very interesting!

    I didn’t know about the Job Spotter App until I read your article. To be honest, I wouldn’t have worked in this kind of job because I don’t think I can make a decent living out of it. But my son who is 16 now is looking to make some money. He is a student, and it would be very convenient for him to work from anywhere. Is there a restriction in term of age?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  8. What a unique idea, Job Spotter App!  I enjoyed reading the information you provided regarding this app, very straight forward information regarding how it works and how you can earn points to go toward obtaining a gift card.  I’m always amazed by all the different ways to earn money which can be found on the internet, if a person is truly interested.

    I have a question for you, have you actually used this app, if so, how much time did you spend to say earn $100?  Also, regarding the pictures you submit, are there certain requirements, size, etc.?  Just curious!

    When I hear about something like this, I am just amazed at the opportunities available on the internet if you are willing to perform a little research and effort!  Who would have thought just a few years ago, the amount of information and opportunities would be at our fingertips.  I was born in the 50’s, so I’ve seen so many technological advances in my lifetime, it’s just unbelievable.  The youngsters growing up today don’t have a clue what is at their fingertips and only a few will take advantage of it. 

    Thanks again for bringing this app to my attention through your article, I have 8 grandchildren and this could be a great way to earn extra money to give them these gift cards for their birthdays or Christmas!  Also, I’m always searching for jobs to tell my teenage grandchildren about, I’m going to download this app and begin earning right away!


  9. I had heard something about this App and it has awakened curiosity. I must confess, after reading you review, that it’s a unique idea for people to earn money.

    The process is quite simple: uploading info about job opportunities. But I also agree with you, it’s time-consuming if we take it as a job, and the pay isn’t much. But if you happen to bump into a sign asking for help or offering a job, it would just take a minute to take pictures and upload. I’ll download this app! Thank you for the review.

    1. Hi Cora & Henry! (yeah sorry – I missed the last comment on here!)  🙂

      Thank you both for leaving your opinions on the article, and I promise to be more vigilant with replying next time!!!!

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