Is Younique a Scam?

Is Younique a Scam?

The beauty industry – there’s some SERIOUS money banging about there right?

Let’s face it – if we can get our hands on a cream that makes us look younger we are probably going to give it a go…no matter what the price tag reads!

Last Christmas I thought I’d surprise my partner by getting her some moisturizing cream from a local spa she visited.

Apparently this stuff was the ‘dog’s bollocks’ so I knew I’d be in her good books for at least a month or two…

Note to self – do a bit of research online BEFORE deciding on a gift for a woman…it’ll save your wallet considerable stress!!!

Yeah it cost the Earth, and I’d left it too late to choose her another gift…I had to buy it!

A hard lesson but a mistake I will not make again – these beauty product owners know how to make money!

Today we will be taking a look at one of these beauty line setups that allows you to jump onto the marketing bandwagon – Younique.

So, is Younique a scam or is it worth your precious time and effort?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Younique Review

This cosmetics company started back in September 2012 when a brother and sister team (Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft) decided to build a beauty marketing platform geared towards women.

Sound like an MLM opportunity yet?

Yep…that’s what I thought!

Younique Beauty Products

Okay, let’s get into the guts of this company and find out exactly what they are flogging…

Well they offer a pretty broad range of cosmetic based products for various parts of the body (more often than not targeting the face!).

The price range is generally from $19 through $29 per item. Not unreasonably expensive for non-drug store beauty products.

Younique Beauty Products

I did pay special attention the the moisturizers and facial creams because I’d had a sort of experience with them before (as I mentioned in the review intro!).

Yep, just as I thought – prices starting at $65!

What are these creams made out of?

The feathers off an angel’s wing?

No idea how they are able to command such a price in the marketplace but hey – people pay it so it’s all ‘sound’ right?

Can You Make Money Selling Younique?

Well yes of course you can…but how many people actually manage to achieve this?

Now comes my favorite part of MLM reviews – trying desperately to explain how the bloody system works…

You earn money with Younique by flogging their beauty products or by recruiting new members – nothing new there really!

Every newbie member begins at level white, where you earn a 20% commission on the stuff you sell.

Can You Make Money Selling Younique?

You purchase a starter kit at $99 and have to sell at least $125 worth of products within the next 3 months to remain a Younique marketing dude.

If you are struggling you can actually purchase a couple products yourself to hit that $125 level – that’s a bit of a pisser really isn’t it?

I suppose you can always try to sell those purchased items on but let’s face it – you struggled to get to the $125 level over three months…

Once you sell at least $1,000 worth of products you move up to yellow status, where you earn a 25% commission.

So you can see where this is going right – climb the ladder of membership levels and gain a greater commission reward each time you move up!

Is Younique a Scam?

MLM company’s always tend to disappear up their own ass if they catch people calling them a scam so I’ll try and be a bit careful here.

The easiest way to do this is to point you towards an article I released recently on these types of marketing opportunities – Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

On top of that there are more than a few online complaints linked to this company, the first being the fact that this is a pyramid scheme in disguise!

Here’s a snippet of Wikipedia’s feelings towards the ‘mighty’ pyramid scheme:

“A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal”

Hmmm…not something I would be looking to invest my time and effort in really!

The second complaint revolves around the fact that Younique covers up the success rates of it’s members…rather well.

It’s well known in internet marketing circles that at least 90% of MLM members don’t make any money. In fact the actually end up losing some!

Younique is no different I’m afraid – the majority of sign-ups are going to come out of this with a burnt hole in their pocket!

The final main gripe with this lot centers on the products themselves – and this is often the case with MLM systems.

Apparently these Younique beauty products are not up to scratch…well they are either shitty quality or they are overpriced!

But these types of complaints are always balanced out by customers who actually like the products or find them useful.

At the end of the day you are banking on people’s opinions here – for every customer that hates the product line, you’ll find one that loves it!


I haven’t got any sort of time for MLM opportunities – no matter how popular or trusted they claim to be!

This fact has probably tainted my review – but I stand by everything I’ve put down into words here…

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8 comments on “Is Younique a Scam?

  1. Clear and crisp website man. Your “Passive Residual Income Ideas” title is really damn engaging!

    Firstly I never heard of Younique before and it isn’t the type of partnership I would get involved with to be honest.

    I noticed there is a better recommendation so after I type my message here I’ll check this recommendation out.

    I’m looking to be involved with a community of like minded people.

    Hopefully this recommendation delivers!

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Are you on about our number one recommendation here? If so it certainly delivers (and it has a free membership to boot!). If you are interested in that type of thing I suggest you sign up and dip your toe in the waters with a free account – see if it’s the type of thing you are looking for!

      You won’t be disappointed (promise!) 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    This review is very insightful. I understand that beauty products can cost a bucket load of money, after all, people are always willing to pay to keep father time at bay!
    Still, this seems to be just another scheme for fleecing folk out of their hard earned cash yet again.
    Just the simple fact that you have to buy a pack to start with and then buy some of that pack from yourself gets all my alarm bells ringing!

    1. Yeah I hate that ‘buy to get started’ crap myself Steve – always sets the old alarm bells ringing. Unfortunately most MLM options are based on this setup – not for me I’ afraid!

  3. Hi,
    These MLM schemes are renowned for not making any money. They just attract people in, as you say a cream which will make all your wrinkles disappear etc – Sounds great and many will think they will make a packet out of doing so.
    What actually happens is: The one at the top of the tree is earning a fortune as they have a load of slaves at the bottom of the pile trying to shift this stuff for peanuts as well as setting others on to do the same. As more people start the business the one at the top becomes more wealthy and the system moves on.
    The rest of the ones at ground level are convinced it will work so they purchase their own stock to keep in with the company, dreaming that one day………..
    There are so many of these MLM companies doing just the same and so many people fall for it!

  4. I considered selling beauty products at one time, they promised big things but I didn’t because even though a needed the money, I wasn’t interested in the products at all! I’m so glad that I don’t wear makeup! It just irritates me and lipstick tastes horrible!
    Pyramid schemes sound awful and I nearly got caught up in them before I discovered WA to make a real living!

    1. Most beauty product systems (if not all) are based on MLM or pyramid setups these days Cavy – you had a lucky escape there! 🙂

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