Is Yaarlo a Scam?

Is Yaarlo a Scam?

Over the last 12 months or so I’ve seen a sharp increase in ‘earning apps’ that are based on the day to day shopping you and your family do.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing – the more options to earn some cash the better…right?

I have to be honest with you – I’m not the biggest fan of shopping, coupons or any of that jive!

I like to make money in a more traditional manner (if at all possible!).

But this app seems to have taken off in style and there are a lot of people using it presently…

So, is Yaarlo a scam or is Yaarlo legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Yaarlo App Review

The Yaarlo app is owned by a company named Budflix and it centers, yet again, on the shopping receipts you amass over time.

It’s all based upon companies wanting to know more about the exact products you buy and why you buy them.

Marketing research like this is surely worth a pretty penny to them…which is why they are willing to pay you for your receipts!

Retail stores, petrol stations, pharmacies/chemists, fast food joints, wholesale clubs, local restaurants as well your typical grocery superstores – they want to know it all!

Making Money With Yaarlo

The main avenue for earning money through this app is by uploading pics of your retail receipts.

On top of that you have the option of totting up points through their Shop and Earn feature.

This feature allows you to gain points when you shop online via the Yaarlo app – it’s a type of cashback system.

Making Money With Yaarlo

Once you purchase an item through the feature, it moves to the pending section but it can take up to about 4 weeks for the cashback reward to credit.

There’s nothing really wrong with this feature but I was a little ‘miffed’ by the waiting time – when I complete a task for money I want to see the reward in my account as soon as possible!

How Easy is it to Get Started?

Not that hard at all really. Simply…

  • Visit either the App Store or Google Play (depending on the type of phone you have) and download the app for free.
  • Create an account via email or use Facebook/Google+ to login socially.
  • Start scanning the receipts you gather from your shopping. Always try your best to fit in the date on the receipts along with the name of the store. Also make sure the receipt contains your final total (very important!).
  • Get paid for your receipt info when you reach your payout threshold. If you opt to receive money through Paypal you will have about a week to wait.
  • Job done!!!!!

Yaarlo Scam Complaints

Most of these companies look great from the outside but often there is something that lurks beneath the surface.

After a solid search online I came across the following complaints from past members…

First off – the commission side of the platform seems to have more than a few teething problems.

A lot of members seem to have a problem with the 1 – 2% commission payout. Now, this doesn’t really sound like a lot to me to begin with – I’d hate to think they cut corners on it?

Secondly – many users have left the app alone after experiencing some pretty poor glitches and technical issues.

Apparently it has the tendency to freeze from time to time and some users have complained about their receipt scans disappearing into thin air!

There also seems to be a problem with the login section from time to time. Many disgruntled members have logged out only to find that they cannot log back in again!

Is Yaarlo a Scam?

I haven’t really come across any proof that this earning app is a scam…but I wouldn’t 100% trust the technology they are providing at the moment.

When I work online (or anywhere for that matter!) I need to know everything is set up for me – I don’t mess about when it comes to money!

The whole process is basically set up as a sort of cash rebate system – I mean how much money could you possibly earn off that?

Not much really…

Anyway, if you are looking to make a full time income online this is definitely not for you. If you are looking for a little extra pocket money – this could be an option!

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14 comments on “Is Yaarlo a Scam?

  1. Thank you for the Yaarlo review it has defiantly made me consider using the app. I especially liked the complaints you listed who wants to wait forever for their money I sure don’t. The fact that you actually gave it a try and found flaws with it was priceless information. Can I ask are you still using the app today or did you decide it wasn’t worth your efforts?

  2. Hi Chris,
    In today’s world it seems as if everything is “App” related. The ability to earn money through your smartphone. I find it a little invasive that “big brother” now wants to know how, who, why, where and what you do while shopping. And they now have “Apps” to track everything that you buy in every store known to mankind.

    It’s nice that these companies are willing to pay people as they use these Apps. Some people, acting quite naive somehow believe that they can earn a second income based on that tracking App installed on their smart phones.

    As you said it’s only pennies on the dollar that people can actually earn through Yaarlo’s program. The compensation plan set as a payout of 1 – 2% of whatever you had purchased at stores as indicated by receipts is a joke.

    Furthermore as you also stated the amount of glitches experienced by users of this App already proves that whoever created this device did not do their entire homework before putting it out to the public.

    You’re right Chris. Yaarloo while not a scam is certainly not a viable way to earn any steady income, other than over time treating yourself to a meal at some fast food restaurant based on the commissions you earned using the App.

    Your recommendation of WA is a much more legit way in which to earn income through an online business.

    Great review, as usual Chris done by you on your site!

    1. Hi once again Jeff – great to see you back here!

      Yeah the earning level of this app is not really worth bothering with from my point of view – I think it’s directed more at bored housewives looking to earn a little extra…but not much!

  3. Hmmm, in my experience and also from the experience of my family members, I’ve noticed that these kind of apps or compensation systems are quick to take your money or the info that they need but are very slow to actually pay-out anything. I would not trust this, because I was scammed several times. I would like to see an improvement in tech before giving it a try.

  4. Thanks for the review! I have never heard of anyone who is legitimately in need of additional cash to rely on something like this. My concern is how they are tracking your every move and will they use it to spam your email? I clicked on your link and the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity is much more sound!

  5. Hi Chris,

    I liked your blog about Yaarlo, I personally hadn’t heard of them until I read your blog post which gave me insight into other money making opportunities online. I use Wealthy Affiliate, because the step-by-step training approach is second to none and the community is friendly and very helpful. Great recommendation.

    To Your Success!


  6. I have not been a fan. I have several apps (receipt hog, mobisave, ibotta, checkout 51 and savingstar) on my ph, and no it is not to get rich or to work from home. I have a full time job. I tried the app to make a little extra money on the side to send to paypal for online shopping. It took me what seemed like forever to get to the $20 mark. I thought finally I can get my son a GameStop gift card. I go to select the $20 gift card, and it changes it to a $50 gift card, which I have to pay $30 out of pocket for them to put the $20. This is the first app that wants to charge me to get the money that I already supposed to have earned back. I read somewhere they had paypal but on my app I don’t have the option. I also read somewhere that someone got to $50, but when she tried to cash out… long story short, she did not get her $50 back. While it sounds like a good deal to get the $50 for $30, I can not afford to lose money.

    1. Thanks for this Ann!

      I really don’t like the fact that they almost keep that gift card glitch (if it is a glitch) secret. Who wants to splash out money to get money you’ve already earned? I think they must have some sort of affiliate deal going on with Paypal.

      Great that you shared this – my readers will now be fully aware of the sly tactics they seem to be using!

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