Is Xocai Chocolate Scam?

Is Xocai Chocolate Scam?

I’ve always believed that the key to setting up a profitable online business is choosing a niche or product you are interested in

So how about chocolate?

At least 99% of the of the global population will have an interest in this right?

How about throwing in the fact that this particular product has antioxidant benefits?

You have to be onto a winner here…

Well this is the opportunity Xocai offer you – the chance to build up an online business based around a ‘healthy’ brand of chocolate (if there is such a thing?)

So is Xocai chocolate scam or is it really a super-chocolate brand designed to ‘tick’ numerous health-related boxes?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is Xocai?

Unfortunately Xocai is yet another MLM based platform with the same complex model that you often find.

Those of you that are regulars here will already know my feelings on MLM based products – NONE of them are worth your time and (more importantly) your money!

Xocai can be broken down into four main product categories:

  • Healthy Chocolate
  • Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • Beauty

Quite a mixed bag of tricks really – I kinda prefer it when a company picks and sticks to one main niche…but that’s just me!

Out of the four areas above I was most confused by the energy section as it only offered one product – an energy drink (surprise!).

What is Xocai?

The drink plays on the fact it is full of cacao and acai – both of which are antioxidants (that have no real relationship to energy!).

If you take a quick walk down the juice aisle in a supermarket I’m pretty sure you’ll come across at least a dozen options that contain antioxidants – it’s nothing new and they’re probably a lot cheaper!

I found the weight loss category equally as sparse and confusing – two products that had little appeal to me…

  • An antioxidant shot drink option
  • A antioxidant protein powder

These two products started to set alarm bells ringing inside my head due to the price that they carried.

They both had two prices – retail and preferred price, but BOTH of these prices seemed excessively high (the retail price obviously being the highest!).

Remember that this is an MLM opportunity – so you are required to flog these products to the unsuspecting public!

Antioxidant ShotThe drink had a 28 day supply that costs $128 and the powder had 14 servings that cost $74

How many millionaires do you know?

Exactly – who the heck are you going to sell these to?

I finally ended up in the chocolate arena and things didn’t really get that much better I’m afraid!

The cheapest box of chocolate I managed to locate was a half box of Xocai Nuggets (trademarked of course!).

These will apparently last you two weeks and will set you back a grand total of $69…I think I’ll stick to a Mars bar really!

The main ‘gig’ these chocolates base themselves around is again the antioxidant content…

Wouldn’t it be cheaper (and healthier) to pop out to your local grocers and buy a bag of black grapes?

Antioxidants are considered cool for the body as they fight oxidation and in doing so can potentially protect against disease and improve health.

But what level of antioxidant should you consume? How much is too much? How much is too little?

Surely we’d all be better off trusting mother nature’s servings in a bag of black grapes or plums etc?

The Money Side of Things

The company has two ways to pay distributors. The first of these is to offer them a commission for sales. The second is to promote recruitment.

No real surprise there, right?

To be honest with you the first thing I did was check out the recent history of this company’s MLM setup and things looked pretty dicey at best.

Many new members have lost large sums of money due to the hidden pyramid scheme that props up this opportunity.

I feel for them – I really do!!!

Xocai has an unnaturally strong emphasis on recruitment which leads me to believe that the products they offer are not at all popular.

Simply put – you will be selling crap!

Not only that – it’s crap that nobody wants!

So the only option left to you is to build a downline and develop a team underneath you…

build a downline and develop a team underneath you

But how do you convince someone to join up when the products are so undesirable?

It actually gets slightly more difficult once you have recruited a few team members below you…

You overall success with the Xocai commission policy depends upon how active your referrals are!

So, this means that you must also make sure you recruit people that are willing to work their butt’s off to sell and recruit themselves!

In my experience most of the people you manage to ‘drag’ into these opportunities quit within the first couple of weeks when they realize they are in a pyramid scheme…

You can see the problem here right?

Is Xocai Chocolate Scam?

Well it’s an MLM opportunity that sells incredibly shitty and overpriced products and it’s also experienced trouble for misleading consumers and implying that making money is easier than it actually is!

Not a glowing reference really is it?

The chocolate probably tastes alright…but so does a Snickers at the end of the day (and that costs less than a dollar!).

I really don’t know where to go with MLM reviews as just about all of them have ended up like this – extremely negative!

Keep in mind that 90% of MLM members never make any sort of money – and this is pure FACT!

From that, you should be able to make your own mind up!

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10 comments on “Is Xocai Chocolate Scam?

  1. Xocai Chocolate certainly looks skeptical with the MLM strategy, especially when you don’t get paid for having people directly beneath you – you only get paid when you start forming a third ‘generation’ with 8 ACTIVE people.

    ‘The drink had a 28 day supply that costs $128 and the powder had 14 servings that cost $74…’ amounts to about $4-5 a day. That’s a cost of a meal which is not that expensive, and frankly speaking, I’ve seen health products that are more expensive than these. Then again, their nutritional value is guaranteed, unlike these chocolates.

    Really grateful to you, Chris, for making such reviews. I would urge anyone who is considering doing this to reconsider again!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Glad you agree with our viewpoint – not the most lucrative setup really is it? I wonder how many people have fallen into this trap so far…

  2. Thanks for sharing this review. It’s true that most MLM companies are a scam and most people that join them make zero profit.
    Like you said “who is gonna buy” for those prices!!

    The weight loss niche is littered with bogus products that only help your pocket too lose weight.

    Great review and keep up the good work

  3. Hi Chris,

    Awesome detailed and well studied and researched article. Kudos on that!

    Chocolate, real unprocessed natural Raw Cacao is actually very healthy .. in fact very much so and it can, genuinely be considered as a true superfood simply down to the sheer number of naturally occuring healthy (very) compounds of which a heck of a lot at powerful antioxidants.

    Still, you aint getting me anywhere near these products mentioned either as a customer or promoter not ath the price mentioned..

    a 2 kilo bag of raw GMO free organic Cacao powder to go make my own drink/diet/chococolates/nutella is like $30 from Amazon. YOu whole family has natural chocolate daily for a month and a half at with that!

    1. Yeah the prices on these products are well over the top I’m afraid Derek – always the case with these types of marketing opportunities!

  4. This was introduced to me by a friend several years ago. So, what you guys are looking at here, is actually a company that’s quite old now. Not new.

    And you’re right, this is an MLM opportunity. It is a common scenario in MLM, a guy that’s so hyped about the MLM concept source out good products they can attach to the MLM scheme, and start a company, like Xocai. Every now and then, new companies will pop up, with owners operating in that minsdet: Find good products to source out, to be attached to the MLM plan.

    I eventually got tired of them. Bye-bye MLM.

    1. Incorrect information there Gomer – we’d appreciate it if you didn’t post misinformation on our site as it may mislead our readers. This particular setup is a relatively new venture.

      It’s a shame to hear that you were once involved in these platforms – must be a terrible feeling when you realize you are boxed in with no refund!

      Good luck with your future online ventures.

  5. I just wanted to thank you Chris for sharing this review. I hope that it will steer people who are looking to gain a passive income online away from MLM style or pyramid schemes. The sad thing is that people have already invested there hard earned money into scams like this thinking they are going to get rich quick. Keep up the good work exposing them. I’m going down the road to get a Snickers

    1. Unfortunately people will always fall for the MLM system Anthony – they seem to draw in newbies like flies to sh#t! I always try and show them for what they are – worthless work online options!

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