Is Writers Domain a Scam?

Is Writers Domain a Scam?

Many successful websites out there rely and new and fresh content on a daily basis, to make sure they stay at the top of Google’s (rather fickle!) rankings.

At the end of the day – being on the first page of Google’s results for a popular search term…is pretty much a goldmine!

But, most website owners can’t really give that sort of time to a website, and writing decent content takes time. So how do they fill the gaps in their blogroll?

Enter content mills.

Writers Domain is one of these ‘content mills’, and today we will be looking under it’s hood and finding out the truth behind the writing service…

Is Writers Domain a scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Writers Domain Review

What Is Writers Domain?

As I touched on above, Writers Domain is a content mill – a place where you can get employed to write content for other people’s blogs/websites.

Information on the actual site suggests that the business has been going since 2011 – but I can’t be 100% sure on that one (make your own mind’s up!).

The website is apparently part of an online SEO and marketing company named Boostability.


The Writers Domain Review


You have to apply to join their service as a writer, but once your foot is through the door, you can log in at any time, pick a job based on it’s submission deadlines…and get writing!

Once you have finished your article – the client will read over your work before approving (or disapproving) it!

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The Content System Setup

Okay, here’s how it works in a little more depth and detail…

(Remember – Each job has its own set of instructions you’ll have to follow and requirements you have to meet depending on your level of expertise)

The client who wants content, will submit his/her request to the Writers Domain staff. From here, they will rate the task as either standard or premium, depending on it’s difficulty.

The job is then showcased on the website, and any of the writers can pick it up and take it on.

What Is Writers Domain?


The writer then writes the article (go figure!) and submits it to the client who posted the job, and they can either accept, reject or ask for a rewrite. If the client approves the work they’ll rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. These ratings then average out to show your overall profile rating.

These stars actually dictate the amount of money the client is going to have to pay you – so in a way, they completely control what your reward is going to be…

The more the number of stars, the more the compensation.


The Pay Grade

Okay – so how much does this gig pay?

Well, as I touched on above, the client and his/her star rating is going to determine how much cash you grab for each job you complete.

The easiest way to demonstrate the pay grade and star system is through the lists below:

The payout for Standard Articles:

  • 3 stars earn you $12.25
  • 4 stars earn you $14.75
  • 5 stars earn you $15.50

The payout for Premium Articles:

  • 4 stars earn you $28.75
  • 5 stars earn you $32.50

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How Will I Get My Money?

When you reach the threshold of $100, you can apply to the site for a payout – they only pay through Paypal (and if you are a US resident, they’ll need to see your W-9 tax form before they pay you anything!).


The Overall Conclusion – Pros & Cons

writers domain pros and cons

This is a pretty cool site when it comes to leveling the playing field. In my experience with content mills – most of the time there are way too many writers chasing small amounts of work.

Not the case here!

The number of active writers are balanced with the volume of work available – there is a actually a waiting queue to get into the Writers Domain setup.

I also like the fact that they payout through Paypal. This is always an indication that the company is not too shady – Paypal wouldn’t put up with that kind of shit!


There are a small handful of complaints linked to this business online.

First off the bat is the waiting list that’s put in place to get into the service – this can apparently take a long, long time. Unfortunately it is necessary, as we touched on above, but certain past members claim they have been on it for over a year!

I’ve also encountered a number of complaints posted by US members/writers – apparently there is not enough work on offer for these applicants. At the time of writing this, there is apparently a lot more work for European countries (with France leading the way!).


Is Writers Domain A Scam?

No, definitely not…but I’m not sure it’s the best choice for writers to go to look for work at this moment in time!

The waiting list to get in does seem to be an issue, and I’m not 100% sure that there’s enough work for US members to make a living off. Maybe look at it as a way to make a little side earning…but not a full time wage!

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10 comments on “Is Writers Domain a Scam?

  1. Writers Domain doesn’t look like a scam. In fact, I might check it out later. A few years ago, there was a similar company called Associated Content, where one could write articles, put them on AC’s website, and get paid based on the number of views that the article got. Unfortunately, it disappeared shortly after being bought by another company. 

    1. Hi there!

      Yeah I also remember Associated Content – I tried them out myself. Unfortunately they were very strict, from what I remember…

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard the term content mill before. I could actually use Writers Domain services as a client, instead of a provider. I need more content than I can deliver on my my blog.

    Have you tried using their services from the other end? I’d be interested to see if the writers are doing a good job or not.

    1. Hi James, 

      I also thought about using them as a client for an SEO based article on this site, but no, I haven’t got around to using them yet. Pop back here and let us know how your experience with them goes. 

  3. Hey Chris;

    Thanks for all of the details and info on Writers Domain. I’ve written for several content mills over the years with varying results. One thing I’ve come across is that they don’t always accept writers from other counties. I see you mentioned that there is more work for European countries, but does that mean that they accept writers from other countries, too?

    Thanks for the great overview of this service. 🙂

    1. Yes of course they do Stella, but these sort of companies always FAVOUR writers from specific countries – unfair I know, but that;s their business model they have in place.

  4. This article really interested me because I am interested in writing, I write a lot and I would love to get paid for it. However when you explained the rating system and the payments associated with them I soon realized that it was not going to be very profitable.

      To write a good article can take several hours especially if there is any amount of research required. That would make the hourly rate of pay only a few dollars so your suggestion to write for yourself using Wealthy Affiliate seemed a much better option. This especially when you take into account that you could spend a lot of time writing an article and then facing the possibility of it being rejected on submission.

    I clicked on your link to Wealthy Affiliate and found that to be one of the best appraisals of any web based platform I have seen.  It was very comprehensive and clear. 

  5. I am really happy I found your blog. I was thinking a lot earlier on how I could have a full online income. I really don’t understand why people want to write for others for quite a bad rate instead of writing and working on their own blog or website. Do you think they only believe in fix rate income and you can’t really predict how much you can earn with blogging? I really want to understand it. Or do you think they just want to earn some more but not much money?

    1. I think a lot of people get scared off by the idea of building and running a blog Kisumu, which is only natural. Some people just find it easier to write for others…

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