Is United Games Marketing a Scam?

Is United Games Marketing a Scam?

Video games have come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, largely due to the introduction of pretty impressive games consoles.

Now we even have the power to play half-decent games on our phones or tabs – in the form of games apps.

My twelve-year-old son loves ’em, and I like to take part every now and again myself!

So, what about a mobile app development company that is looking for affiliate marketers?

Would you be interested in this sort of thing?

Making a living selling apps – not a bad way to spend your nine-to-five!

That’s what United Games is claiming to offer at the moment – work from home jobs based on marketing apps.

So, is United Games marketing a scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The United Games App Review

What is United Games Marketing?

What is United Games Marketing?

Well, to start with, here’s a blurb snippet from the ‘About Us’ section our their (rather sparse) website…

“United Games is a mobile app development and promotions company with an Affiliate Marketing business model. United Games provides top notch teams of game makers, app developers, marketing, training and support. We provide our Affiliates who join the United Games team access to our dedicated organization, as well as all the tools necessary to help them build successful businesses capitalizing on the explosive world of mobile games.”

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

If my twelve year old was a few years older, he’d be all over this!

So, they are essentially an app developer who makes a way for fans to play a game in real time, while watching their favorite sports teams live.

The company headquarters is located in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes and they released their very first app on Thanksgiving Day 2016…so they’re not what you’d consider an old or established company.

The United Games company is headed by its CEO Jeff Henderson and Natalyn Lewis (who is the head of Marketing and Sales).

These two names sounded very familiar to me, so I dug down a little deeper…and guess what I found?

Both Henderson and Lewis are actually from the MLM setup Nu Skin – a MLM opportunity I covered on this site a couple of months back!

Now, I bang on about my dislike of MLM setups time and time again on this site – it’s got to the point where I need to SHOW the readers why I dislike this marketing setup so much!

Check out this rather interesting video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)…


Fake Reviews

In my opinion, ratings for new apps on the market are probably the easiest to fake at the moment. Offer someone $5 to post a 5 star rating – takes about 3 seconds!

Why am I pointing this out at this point in the review?

Well, when I was researching this United Games setup I came across numerous claims indicating that the majority of their app reviews were fake.

The United Games App Review

Now, I’m not saying this is true, but I am saying that their overall reviews come across as a little strange…

They seem to get about five blistering top mark reviews followed by a one star review – who is telling the truth?

I’ll leave that ball in your court.

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The Overall United Games Marketing Review

So, should you invest your time and effort (and money) in this company?

Well, their main product is a sports mobile game, and based on my research, it’s an app that claims to free, but in reality, you need to pay in order to access the essential tools of the game.

The company have also gone to great lengths to distance themselves from the label of MLM…but their compensation setup looks suspiciously pyramid or network marketing to me!

What is United Games Marketing?

Anyway, if you are interested in this sort of thing…you need to prepare yourself first!

A lot of these companies claim to have great support but in reality…99% of them are not that great!

If you have no experience in MLM you really NEED this support.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you NEED to find out EVERYTHING about the United Games team before you join – you need to know that you have the backing of the ‘big boys’ and they will be on hand to help you out, whenever you need them.

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So, is United Games a Scam?

Na, I can’t really call this sort of setup a scam BUT it’s definitely not the type of marketing route I would go down.

They have a lot of good reviews covering their apps online and a handful of really piss-poor reviews – make of that what you will.

No matter how they try and color it – this is definitely a MLM setup.

The various zones and the monthly fees are controlled by the amount of referrals you have brought in etc – it’s MLM.

Now, please don’t go into ANY MLM SETUP believing the hype on the homepage – multilevel marketing is a hard nut to crack…and approximately 90% of members come out of it at a loss!

If this United Games opportunity interests you then great – I hope you succeed with it.

Just make sure you educate yourself with the MLM world first – it can be a dangerous place to visit!

Personally, I don’t believe anyone should pay to build a business online – this sort of education should be free…

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2 comments on “Is United Games Marketing a Scam?

  1. Looks like United Games marketing is another MLM scheme that pretends to be an affiliate marketing scheme, the latter is definitely legit while MLM is legit in some places and illegal in many countries like the US, am I right? I’m definitely not getting into this as far as I know MLM’s come with lots of risks and loss!

    Thanks for your eyes opening review!

    1. I don’t think MLM setups are illegal in the US Anis – you’re probably thinking about pyramid schemes (which are very close relatives to MLMs). 

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