Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam?

Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam?

Sometimes I’m amazed at the low quality ‘learning’ products I come across online. It’s almost as if online earning education is a dying breed!

I was lucky enough to learn my trade at the Wealthy Affiliate community but unfortunately 99% of online newbies are not quite as fortunate.

Today we will be taking a look at a product made up of bare bones information, a landslide of irritating upsells and outdated techniques.

Is Ultimate Home Profits a scam or can it really educate you enough to earn money online?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Ultimate Home Profits Review

Ultimate Home Profits seems to be the brainchild of Emily Hudson –  well that’s what the sales page says anyway ( we all know that this could be complete bulls##t! ).

Ultimate Home Profits is a membership site where you learn about a specific work-at-home opportunity.

The sales page takes no time at all in throwing a $97 fee in your face followed by a list of membership benefits.

Ultimate Home Profits Review

As always, I had to give this price a test so I clicked away from the sales page tab…and was instantly confronted with a reduced membership price of $47. 

This really pisses me off – how many poor suckers have forked out the full $97 for this product?

I bet at least 99% of them were short on cash in the first place ( why else would they be looking to earn online? ).

Emily Hudson Ultimate Home Profits

So what is this all about? What’s behind the jazz that Emily offers on her rather tacky sales page? What is she gonna teach me?

Wait for it…

How to post links online!!!!

Yep, that’s what this wonderful education boils down to – the multi-million dollar industry of posting links online ( that nobody has ever heard of except Emily! ).

Apparently, “one of the most in demand work at home opportunities is interent link posting”.

As you can see from the above statement – Emily isn’t exactly top of the class when it comes to English grammar ( It’s ‘Internet’ not ‘interent’ Emily! ).

This already sounded like a pile of crap to me but Emily insists that you can rake in at least $379 a day by simply posting links!

She also claims that the average link pays you $15 and takes just 4 minutes to post.

Fancy watching a video of a gutter rat affiliate marketer trying to sell this program…..

Inside The Box

So I trudged on further into the program – I wasn’t exactly filled with any sort of confidence but I had to find out more about it…before I hastily asked for a refund!

What a mess of false promises!

Once you’ve paid your membership fee you are directed to the Wealth Development Center where you pick up a special snippet of coding.

Emily Hudson Ultimate Home Profits

This coding is unique to each member and sort of links your links back to the Wealth Development Center ( if that makes any sort of sense! ).

You are then allowed to enter the area that houses all the available links to post ( the customers of the program ).

These links are then posted to your website which is easily set up by the program itself – “You fill out a few details and submit to create a site.” 

Emily’s own words, not mine!

When it all Falls Down…

Right, where to start here really? This product does not work. Period.

Internet marketing is a hard, hard sector to break into – most newbies give up within a matter of months.

You see, you cannot just paste links to a site and then hope for sales – you need to offer some sort of value to the visiting audience!

And how exactly are you going to rank this site within the search engines?

How much time do you think Google is going to give a website full of affiliate links?

Emily also feels the need to lie about a certain Donald Trump on her sales page – apparently they are best mates?

No they are not – I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure good old Trump will want nothing to do with this lass.

And what would a modern sales page be without a sprinkling of rather dodgy looking testimonials?

All of the photos used in these crumbling testimonials have actually come from stock image sites ( and not the ones you pay for either! ).

Would there be any need to create fake testimonials for a product that actually worked?

No, there wouldn’t!

What is The Ultimate Home Profits Scam?

Well, it’s a waste of both your time and mine quite frankly – there’s no way of telling how far the BS spreads with this particular work from home opportunity!

It promises over $300 a day but to be honest with you…I doubt you’ll even make $3 a day!

The system is outdated and has been used by many similar scam products before it.

I haven’t received a reply for my refund request yet so that’s another worry to keep in mind – I’d stay well away from Emily and ANY product she has floating about out there!

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