Is Touchstone Crystal Scam?

Is Touchstone Crystal Scam?

Sometimes I come across new online avenues for making money that hold just about zero interest for me – unfortunately this is one of those subjects today!

Although I have no real interest in ANY sort of jewelry (except watches…are watches jewelry? I don’t know!) I am fully aware of the price tag that comes along with it.

Simply put – it makes GOOD money!

So, in this Touchstone Crystal review we will be taking a look at a popular jewelry provider and asking the question – is Touchstone Crystal scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Touchstone Crystal Review

Has anyone out there heard of the Swarovski Group? Apparently they have been in business since 1895 and they own the Touchstone Crystal opportunity.

They were started up by jeweler David Swarovski and they are known for using very high quality crystals in their wares.

In 2011 the Swarovski Group established Touchstone Crystal Inc as a way of letting affiliates peddle their impressive jewelry pieces.

The Touchstone Crystal Review

I was expecting a heart attack level of pricing on the jewelry offered by Touchstone but to be honest – most of the pieces were quite reasonably priced (when compared to high street stores etc.).

They have over 400 different products that start off at the bottom range of $30.

Swarovski Touchstone Crystal Jewelry – The Process

Unfortunately this opportunity is indeed an MLM opportunity (I hear the sound of a million laptop screens shutting as I type this!).

Yep, it’s yet another marketing system based on one of the most difficult home business platforms known to man – multi-level marketing.

Why do companies still insist on going down this incredibly shit route?

Well it makes them money…doesn’t it?

Problem is – it hardly ever makes the affiliate money!

So, if you choose to become a Touchstone Crystal peddler, you can earn money through sales of the jewelry and/or by recruiting others to sell the jewelry.

Sounds simple enough, but that’s rarely the case!

Life as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant

A Touchstone Crystal consultant can earn anywhere between 25 to 40% commission on each order they put forward. The problem is – how do you get these orders?

Well you need to become a bit of a pain in the ass really – you need to go on the sell BIG TIME!

This entails you having to use every trick in the book with your family and friends OR developing the knack of thinking outside the box.

Life as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant

You also have the recruitment program to fall back on that will probably lose you friends quicker than the first option!

You will gain an extra 9% commission off the sales of each new consultant you manage to rope into the MLM system.

So how do you get started in all of this?

Okay, you have the choice between two starter kits…

  1. The first basic kit will cost you $139
  2. You can also opt for the ‘enhanced’ starter kit that comes with a few extras – $299

To be honest with you BOTH of these options seem to be a little on the high side for newbies starting out in marketing.

Remember – Some may find selling easier if they have more to work with in the beginning so the perks offered with the $299 package could be a blessing in disguise (although more expensive).

Touchstone Crystal Complaints

Most MLM companies are bogged down by the same old complaints online…and I’m afraid this one is no different (even though it has a VERY old company behind it).

The first thing you have to realize is that making a full time living with an MLM system is going to take a full time effort. In this case it means hosting a shitload of parties or gatherings where you can showcase your produce.

Do you have the time and the dedication to do this?

On top of that, how many people do you know in your immediate area that will interested in this type of jewelry?

Once the interested parties dry up you are going to have to come up with a new plan for bringing in fresh customers…any ideas?

People who make it big in the MLM industry have the knack of being able to recruit a LOT of people in their downline. How good at this do you feel you will be?

Touchstone Crystal Complaints

Touchstone Crystal also seems to have a rather strict consultant term in place that has been talked about (or complained about) many times online…

In order to stay an active member, people must make sure to average at least $300 a month over each three month period that they are acting as a consultant.

Now, to me this sounds a little bit on the high side – you cannot afford any sort of cock-ups along the way. One bad month could be the end of your MLM career in jewelry.

Earlier in the review I did mention that I thought the price of the jewelry was quite decent when compared to other suppliers. Apparently not everyone feels the same way as me!

There are numerous complaints online about past members failing due to the high price of items.

I thought they were fairly priced…but what do I know???

Is Touchstone Crystal Scam?

There are a LOT of downsides to this company but at the end of the day it is run by a legit and well known jewelry supplier.

This means that the products you are going to be trying to promote have some clout about them – people will know that they are quality so this could definitely help you see a bit of success.

Personally, I would NEVER recommend an MLM opportunity to any visitor on this site but that’s just me – I don’t like the marketing format and I never will.

This is definitely NOT a scam – but it has enough downsides to indicate to me that it’ll take a LOT of hard work to see a decent level of success.

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6 comments on “Is Touchstone Crystal Scam?

  1. Hi Chris
    Thank you for such a great review!
    We have to be aware of scam programs and I always research in the internet before a join in to any program to make money.
    This one is very different from the usual because you have to sell Swarovski jewelry! So you will have to buy stock to show to others, right?
    It doesn’t seems easy! And the starter kits is not cheep!
    And I don’t like MLM schemes as well. I thing that these schemes sooner or later will crash because the new members always pay for the older members, right? Even if the company is a world known brand like Swarovski…

    1. Yeah I’m with you Alex – I’m not a fan of paying out to earn money, I like the free options! You never know with MLM companies…

  2. Great must teach me how to get that pop-up banner and how to put banners next to your blog.I am new to this.I do enjoy your site and your reviews.well done. please check my site and tell me how to add the banners on the side even the pop up one.Thank you, Chris

    1. Hi Duane, send me a private message from the contact form on this site and I’ll try my best to help you out. I take it you’re starting up your own blog right?

  3. Chris – as I mentioned in my comment and story on your Rodan and Fields page, I couldn’t agree with you more on the whole MLM thing. At some point you would think these things would just die out, but I guess all they do is start up another one. With actual products/inventory/delivery/sales, etc. involved there is a lot of work for people here. The big advantage that this one seems to have is the name connection with Swarovski – we have some of that crystal in our house (as I’m sure many do). But, it’s MLM (**laptops slamming shut**).

    Thanks again for providing a great review and keeping me from wasting my time with this one.

    1. No problem Randy! Swarovski is a decent name to band about but at the end of the day it is yet another MLM opportunity – not for me I’m afraid!

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