Is Thought Elevators Scam?

Is Thought Elevators Scam?

Name: Thought Elevators

Subject: Thought Elevators System Review

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Price: $47

Owner: Eric Taller

Rank: 9 out of 10

Thought Elevators: Vital New Meditation Tool Or Scam?

Personal development and a strong business strategy is crucial for any professional. We need to continually improve our way of thinking and open ourselves up to new approaches.

Sometimes this can be taking a punt on something a little more unusual. Many business leaders are turning to meditation to reach a higher state of susceptibility.

However, many are reaching the wrong state of mind.

The answer lies in Theta Waves. Apparently they are the secret to the success of businessmen like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson – along with other skills and good business acumen of course.

The answer lies in Theta Waves

Theta Waves unlocked their potential for greater personal power, creative and general personal development.

The good news is that anyone can join them with the right approach, which is why am I am writing this Thought Elevators System review…

Theta waves? What are these waves & how can they help?

There is one question I am anticipating from you at this point: “I’ve never heard of Theta Waves so is Thought Elevators scam?”.

I understand this concern, as I raised an eyebrow myself, but the science checks out.

Furthermore, the basic principles have been passed down from Eastern monks – and there really is no better source of guidance on personal growth, spirituality and enlightenment.

Our brains work on different frequency levels. Think of them a little like tuning into a different radio station. I had vaguely heard of the alpha and beta states while dabbling in the science of meditation.

Our brains work on different frequency levels

Beta is the normal conscious state. The general, chart-friendly station you have on to get you through a working day.

Alpha waves go a little deeper and help us to switch our minds of and relax. It’s like switching to a gentle easy-listening station when you get home from work.

There are also Gamma and Delta waves that come into play while we are asleep.

Meditation practices tend to focus on the Alpha wave, certainly the ones that I have come across. This is because it is so much easier to improve our memories, concentration and visualization in this state rather than the other four.


We need to be of a state of mind where we are susceptible to new thoughts and approaches, something between the normal Beta state and the sleep of Gamma and Delta.

That is where these Theta waves come in. These waves are present during REM sleep and take us deeper into a different kind of meditation.

It’s a pretty elusive wavelength. However, those that can reach it and take advantage of it can see the benefits. This is where Thought Elevators comes in.

So what is Thought Elevators Eric Taller actually offering here?

The Thought Elevators system is designed to guide people to a better state of mind for more beneficial meditation.

By unlocking this Theta state, we allow the mind to become more flexible and open to suggestion.

It is meditation that verges into hypnosis territory. Users of the Thought Elevators system can work through the four steps and learn to reprogram their brain.

It all sounds a bit intense and difficult but it really isn’t.

The daunting thing about meditation is the thought of going in alone with nothing to guide you and no idea of what is meant to be happening.

The daunting thing about meditation

It is still a foreign concept to many and I believe that like me, many businessmen will find this approach to be a helping hand into this world.

The system breaks the process down into four manageable sections. These four sections are:

  • Clean Slate Mind
  • Prime the Positivity Pump
  • Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques
  • Elevator to the Theta State

This means plenty of guidance and preparation before reaching the Theta state of mind. This is important because it means that your mind is prepped enough to take advantage of the Theta state. You are not thrown in at the deep end.

This sounds like a complex process with a lot of work?

Is it really worth it?

It may sound complex at first, but Though Elevator is actually one of the easiest systems that I have come across. There is no “work” as everything is passive.

There is a short 3 minute film and a Theta audio track to help to put you in the right state of mind. The sales video claims that its success all comes down to one noise.

It sounds hyperbolic – the sort of pitch that is designed to hook people looking for a quick fix – but it is true.

The audio files of this sound work on the Theta frequency. I mentioned before about wavelengths being like different radio station.

This is the sound that a Theta station should be playing to help you make the most of this mental state.

thought elevators eric taller

All you need to do is log into the system, watch and listen and keep at it. The only “work” involved is a commitment to seeing it through and taking part everyday.

You can’t just dip in and out of this as you please.

However, motivation shouldn’t be an issue. It is a very small amount of effort for the potential of greater energy, improved creativity and personal growth.

These daily sessions could change your professional outlook, change your business focus and help you break down obstacles for progression and wealth.

My final verdict on Thought Elevators Eric Taller and this unusual approach…

Is Thought Elevator scam? In my honest opinion I would have to say no, and I do so for two clear reasons…

Firstly, this isn’t a guide stuffed with nothing but theoretical ideas. This is a process with real steps that is easy to follow and has great potential for success.

Secondly, the idea of Theta Waves isn’t something that Taller has concocted out of thin air. These methods come from real science and ancient wisdom on the subject of meditation.

I have written this Thought Elevator systems review so that other people can open their minds – so to speak – to new approaches to personal development and meditation.

Meditation is an important part of personal growth and understanding.

By tapping into these Theta Waves with this simple 4 step program, any of us can achieve greater creative skills, focus and other important cognitive traits.

We don’t have to be Einstein to use it, but we can become more like him.

15 comments on “Is Thought Elevators Scam?

  1. Very interesting! Theta waves are certainly real, but indeed most people who meditate will never reach the theta wave state. Pitty, because besides it increasing creativity and productivity, it’s also extremely refreshing for the mind! 1h of theta or meditative sleep as it’s also called, equals to 4h of REM sleep!

    I practice yoga meditation since I was 8 years old and with years of practice with guidance I have learned to easily reach the stage where the theta waves take over. I am wondering how fast this program is suppose to work?

    1. Thankfully this is not really what I’d call a ‘rush job’. For the system to work Taller points out that it will take time and dedication…which is a refreshing change really! As you probably already know, being experienced in this field since a young age, all aspects of meditation take time to perfect. Everything is included to reach success but it is down to the user to nail the techniques and put in the effort.

      1. Cool approach! Yes, it definitely takes time and a lot of practice! I am actually unsurprisingly happy some is marking this technique known for the main stream!

  2. A very interesting article because I have a great interest in meditation. I have been to India a number of times and I try to meditate daily – it’s an ongoing process but the more I practice the more success I see through it.

    It is an ongoing battle to remain motivated and thus the reason many people want the benefits of meditation without having to spend the time it takes.

    Unfortunately I fell into this trap when I first started out with meditating – I was left scratching my head almost waiting for something ‘supernatural’ to happen LOL.

    How long have you been meditating for now and did this product fit your overall style?

    Thank you for your review. I will consider this product carefully.

    1. Hi there Lain,

      I’ve been into meditation for a few years now but I tend to only aim at success and ‘sharpness’ these days. When I first started out I was a pretty ‘clean off’ young man so I was using meditation for mood swings and anger issues.

      Thankfully, the older we get the more grown up we become on this front! 🙂

      This product did fit in nicely with what I already knew but I have to point out that it was a side of meditation I had not taken on before.

      Hope this helps – please don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you need to.


  3. Great article Chris!

    I’ve never had a huge interest in meditation until I read this. About ten years ago I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and after the surgery and treatment, it left my short term memory a little wounded. I’m thinking that the thought elevator system may be able to help regain some of that short term memory.

    I used to do a workout program that included a yoga section and at the end we would do a meditation session. I’ll admit I felt very cheesy during the session but after a few times I got used to it and really started to enjoy that part of the workout program. I remember feeling so relaxed and refreshed after the meditation and that was only like a few minutes. I bet with this program the results will be much better.

    I do have one question though Chris would I be able to listen to the audio files while laying in bed just before I go to sleep or should I maybe set a time during the day where I am awake to go through the program?

    Thanks for writing this review. I can’t wait to try it out!

    1. That’s a pretty good question David,

      I would of thought it’d be better to go through the system when you are planning to be awake afterwards…but at the same time I read nothing inside the product that indicated it shouldn’t or couldn’t be used before you sleep!

      It’s great to hear from someone who has used a meditative force to get over an illness – very inspiring!

      Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Dave – hope Thought Elevators works out for you 🙂

  4. I guess I could get the system and try it out both ways to see which way I feel has a better effect. I could do a month trial for both methods and see which one suits me better.

    I really enjoyed that last statement in your article about how we don’t all have to be Einstein but we can be more like him. I think that trying to better yourself is a great idea. We were all dealt a hand of cards and it’s not about what cards you have in my opinion it’s about how you play the cards you have.

    I think that the Thought Elevator system will help me play my cards the way I want them to be played!

    Thanks again Chris!

    1. No problems David!

      Yeah the money back guarantee gives you the chance to see if this system is indeed a good fit for your needs. Take it for a test spin and see how it goes…. 🙂

  5. Hi Chris, thanks for this review on Thought Elevator.

    Personally, I have never even thought about meditation, or any other methods, to help get my creative juices flowing. Probably because I’m so busy with family and work, I hardly have the time to think about anything really. However, this does sound like an interesting program that would be easily achievable with a busy lifestyle. How do you recommend I should approach this program with four young kids in the house? I assume I would need to find somewhere quiet?

    1. Oh I feel your pain there Andrew – I have a two year old and a eleven year old in my house…getting anything done is a nightmare!

      Yeah I would definitely try to find a quiet place if at all possible. Any sort of meditation needs a relatively peaceful environment.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. This is a great overview, thanks for the review! I’ve always been interested in meditation, and I’ve heard about Theta waves in the past. Meditation can do such great things for people if they would just take the time to give it a proper go – see what it can do!

    I think adding some supplementary materials can help it be even better (in my humble opinion!).

    Any way that one can better themselves is worth a shot in my opinion. This review was really informational and I think it helped convince me to return into meditation – I’ve actually been letting that side of things slip recently, thanks so much!

    Do you use meditation and did you use it before you came across this subject?

    1. Hi there Patrick,

      I did use meditation over a couple of years period but I was doing it the cheap way – YouTube tutorials by middle aged women sitting about with candles and music (you get the picture!).

      Most of them were crap but one did manage to get the message across in a user-friendly way and I had some success with it!

      When I came across this product I obviously took a bit more notice of the subject because it was using meditation to help with general business success – very interesting to me!

      Great to speak with you!

      P.S. If you choose to try the system out please consider returning here and giving us your thoughts on it! 🙂

  7. Wow, Theta Waves…

    I’ve considered meditation, but honestly hadn’t considered it, primarily because…well, like you indicated, I didn’t know where to begin!

    I think most people probably feel this way when first starting out with this sort of thing…

    This system seems to help take the guesswork out of it. And I’ve got to say, with all the stress in my life right now it seems like a good time to invest a bit and figure out how to deal with it. Beats taking my aggression out on the people I care about.

    Do you know how long it will take to start seeing results?

    1. Hi Jack,

      I totally agree with you there – when I was first introduced to the product I was a little bit skeptical at best…but the idea slowly grew on me. I was also at a point where I couldn’t really understand it’s direction – I had no experience with meditation!

      The program is great though – I now know all there is to know on the subject really. Results depend upon the amount of effort you put into the guide…and how seriously you take it. I’ve talked with people who’ve seen results almost immediately!!!!

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