Is The Big Profit System a Scam?

Is The Big Profit System a Scam?

Here we go yet again – another ‘system’ put together by Superman himself!

Yeah, we’ve got another system that is (apparently) capable of making you fast, free and easy money. Makes you wonder really – if it’s that good…why are the owners selling it?

Surely they are already minted through the system itself – why do they need to sell it on?

Yep – the billion dollar question.

Of course, in most cases they sell their systems on because they are complete sh#t – they don’t work, and they want your money.

But what about the Big Profit System?

Well, there are a ton of Big Profit System reviews already out there, and some of them think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Be cautious – these positive reviews are usually by affiliates linked to the product.

So, is the Big Profit System a scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Big Profit System Review

What is the Big Profit System?

The Big Profit System Review

Okay, a little bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’ really – it’s main function is internet marketing training, but it also has a built in MLM, which you earn your money from…

Alarm bells ringing yet?

So, you buy the system, then the system teaches you to sell the system, then you make a commission – hardly rocket science, and hardly a BIG profit setup!

From what I can gather, it’s been around since June 2012, but the owner is not exactly standing on the rooftops and shouting out his/her name – which is a little worrying really.

The basic contents of the system consist of marketing guides, how to drive traffic, social media guides, and a personal development course.

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The Big Profit System Login – Commissions

Okay, lets take a look at the MLM side of this setup – what are the commissions like and how do they work?

Well, as with most MLM systems, it ain’t exactly simple, but I’ll try and cover it in layman’s terms…

There are different levels that you can buy into the program – each level determines the commission payout you will see, along with the level of the person who has bought the system from you.

A breakdown of the commission structure is as follows:

  • Level 1 – earn $500 per sale
  • Level 2 – earn $1500 per sale
  • Level 3 – earn $3000 per sale
  • Level 4 – earn $6000 per sale
  • Level 5 – earn $10,000 per sale

The Big Profit System Login - Commissions

There is yet another tricky little catch to this commissions setup though…

You can earn from new members who have bought in at your level, or below, but you can’t earn from the one’s that buy in at a higher level than yours!

Yeah, not exactly transparent is it?

So, how much does it cost to get your foot through the door with this system?

Hold on to your hats…

$1000, $3000, $6000, $12,000, or $20,000 (f##k me!!!).

There is also an admin charge of $280 to add on to that!

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Big Profit System Complaints

Where to start really?

Okay, a number of past members are not over the moon about the wool they pull over your eyes on their sales page. They claim that you can earn seven figures in the first year…but this NEVER happens. They even have a tiny disclaimer at the foot of their webpage, pointing this fact out.

Big Profit System Complaints
Whoever This Bloke is – He’s Full of Sh#t!!!

The most obvious complaint is regarding the price of each package – who in their right mind would fork out over $1000 for something this sketchy?

Still, I suppose some people out there have, in the past.

I also came across a number of complaints regarding the unstable commission plan. Even the most savvy of internet marketers would get caught out with the buy-in process, followed by the selling level process.


Is The Big Profit System a Scam?

I’m sorry, but I can’t recommend any sort of system that costs upwards of $1000…and doesn’t even back itself to work (due to the disclaimer in it’s footer).

They feed you with promises of wealth but there are no guarantees here – you may end up not making a penny.

It’s no secret that I don’t like these types of systems, and that’s never likely to change. They are set up to milk the entrance fees off new buyers, and then leave them to desperately try and recoup their outlay.

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4 comments on “Is The Big Profit System a Scam?

  1. Your comment about ‘Superman’ building a new super money-maker system really made me laugh. It would be so good if a system like that really exists, but same as you I don’t believe to this type of bullshit anymore. Making money online is really possible, but there is no any easy way to do so, except working hard to achieve success. Anyway it’s good to have reviews like yours, as many people can trust this kind of fraudulent schemes and unfortunately lose money.

  2. Great Post! I also often wondered if you stumble onto a gold Mine would you sell it on? Realistically no (unless you are a monk or a saint!). I am now past the point of being disappointed and saddened by these scams. In fact I get quite exited to see them now because its like a good opportunity to laugh!

    Maybe scams are not that bad, I mean if you come across 10 scams in a day, that is 10 separate unique laughs you never would have had before. Seriously though, I am glad you are warning folks about this scam garbage that need to be cleaned off the internet.

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