Is Take Shape For Life a Scam?

Is Take Shape For Life a Scam?

Well it’s time for yet another MLM setup from the health and well-being industry – a niche that seems to get hammered by MLM companies, time after time again!

Take Shape For Life is a popular multilevel marketing setup that concentrates on Medifast Diet meals and shakes – it was introduced to me a couple of weeks back and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking into their platform since.

So, is Take Shape For Life a scam or is it legit? How does Take Shape For Life work? Is Take Shape For Life a pyramid scheme?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Take Shape For Life Review

What is Take Shape For Life?

Take Shape For Life is a typical MLM scheme that offers health products that cover physical, financial and spiritual health. It’s main product is made up of a three part program:

  1. A free health coach
  2. Medfast 5 & 1 Plan
  3. Habits of Health System

How Does Take Shape For Life Work?

Okay, first off the bat we have the TSFL (Take Shape For Life) free health coach…

These ‘qualified’ health coaches are there to advise and encourage, because they have been through this program themselves and they have witnessed every benefit it offers.

What is Take Shape For Life?

You don’t have to be worried about some stranger sending you constant motivational emails or ringing your phone ten times a day – the member (i.e. you!) decide how much involvement this health coach has in your journey.

Alternatively – you can bother this coach as much as you like. If you want them to be involved every step of the way, that’s fine!

The Medfast 5 & 1 Plan revolves around 5 scientifically prepared meals every day, they are set out two hours apart with a ‘special’ meal for dinner (this meal can also be eaten for lunch!).

How Does Take Shape For Life Work?

There are 70 meals available to you on the Medfast Plan – you can choose any 5 because they all have similar nutritional values.

The Habits of Health System is there to teach members the importance of making healthy food choices – changing your lifestyle for a healthier life.

This system is put together by Dr. Wayne S. Anderson, the medical expert employed by the Take Shape For Life platform.

It comes in a book format along with several DVDs.

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Take Shape For Life Compensation Plan

Okay, so we now know what the product is based on – how do we make some cash off it?

Good question…

There are two main monetary avenues to travel with this company:

#1 Making Direct Sales

Unfortunately, you need to actually qualify as a health coach yourself before you can flog any of the Take Shape For Life products.

This means that you will have to shell out $199 for the health coach business pack to complete, before you can sell.

Once you become one of these health coaches you will be granted  15% commission off every product you manage to sell.

Take Shape For Life Compensation plan

#2 Team Building

A little bit more complex – this avenue allows you to put together teams that scale your online business for you. There are two sets of levels here, this is the first:

  1. Health coach
  2. Business coach
  3. Senior coach
  4. Manager
  5. Associate Director
  6. Director
  7. Executive Director

Once you get to the position of Executive Director, you move onto the next set of levels:

  1. Integrated Executive Director
  2. Regional Director
  3. Integrated Regional Director
  4. National Director
  5. Integrated National Director
  6. Global Director
  7. Integrated Global Director
  8. Presidential Director
  9. Integrated Presidential Director

Yeah I know – a little confusing at best!

As with most MLM systems – this commission template is completely confusing, with WAY too many levels to get your head around.

When compensation plans are this mad I get a little warning bell sounding off in my head – at that point I know that the business on offer is not at all suitable for newcomers to marketing.

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Is Take Shape For Life a Pyramid Scheme?

I really wish there was some sort of Take Shape For Life quick start guide on offer here…but the whole setup seems to be overly-confusing from the start!

This is the way most MLM companies operate and they all stick to one format – a pyramid.

Is Take Shape For Life a Scam?

No this is not a scam, but it is a MLM company!

What does this mean?

Well, it means that I can’t really recommend it as I don’t believe in the MLM setup as a whole.

From what I can see, I don’t think the products are that unique and the commission setup is a mind-mess on the best of days!

During my research into the company I located some info from that suggests that most members struggle to earn over $90 a month – you ain’t gonna retire on that!

You have to pay for the pleasure of working in the MLM industry – and this is something I don’t believe in.

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