Is Survey Money Machines Legit?

Is Survey Money Machines Legit?

Every day I encounter more and more people who have been able to buy themselves a small island due to the fortunes made through online survey sites…

Yeah right!!!

For some reason the more modern survey sites choose to go down the path of the affiliate sales page instead of just speaking the truth.

Classically legit survey sites like the mighty Clixsense never needed to jump on this bullsh#t boat – they made it clear from the start that you could earn some extra money with them…but nothing more!

If you are looking to retire early then survey sites are NOT the way to go!

So let’s take a look at yet another over-hyped survey provider and find out what they have behind their closed doors…

Is Survey Money Machines legit or is Survey Money Machines scam?

Let’s find out…

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Survey Money Machines Review

Okay, in case you decided to skip the intro or completely turn off due to my ramblings – Survey Money Machines is a platform where you take part in surveys for money!

It was created by a stay-at-home-mom named Hailey Gates in 2005 (man I hate the way they say ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’ – what happened to the English language?).

Hailey is a bit of a super-girl – she’s managed to succeed where 100% of all others have failed online…

She became rich through completing online surveys!

But she’s a good old girl – she hasn’t just taken the money and run…she’s decided to help others reach her dizzy heights.

So she created the Survey Money Machines platform as a way of letting other online earners follow her lucrative path.


What is Survey Money Machines?

The site is just a middleman that connects you to over 200 market research companies.

One would be forgiven for thinking this type of platform speeds up a few processes but I was amazed to find that you basically have to sign up for each of these companies yourself…yikes!

The site is actually free to join but something tells me that good old Hailey is taking a pretty hefty cut from each survey you take.

She is basically an affiliate for each of these survey providers and her platform acts as a pretty juicy link to them all (quite a pay packet at the end of the day!).

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The Cash – Is Survey Money Machines Real?

Is Survey Money Machines Real?Alarm bells started ringing oh so loud for me when I scanned over her ‘start off making around two to five dollars a survey’ comment.

This is apparently down to the survey provider you choose to use…

Long story short – not many survey providers out there are going to pay you more than $1 to complete a survey.

Take it from me – I’ve been around this block a thousand times (and counting!).

But this magical site seems to go one step further – once you have completed a handful of these $2 – $5 surveys you earn to right to make up to $50 a survey!

Oh come on!

Whose opinion is worth $50?

The Queen??? Maybe…

Survey Money Machines Complaints

Yeah I think you’ve probably guessed by now – there are more than a handful of Survey Money Machines complaints out there!

First off the bat is the blatant disrespect they have for your email address – please, please, please don’t sign up with your main (or ‘best’ as they like to put it!) email address.

This bunch will sell it on in the blink of an eye – and they won’t even be sly about it!

I used a newly created Yahoo Mail account and it was flooded with shite within a five hour period.

Spam, spam and more spam again – this bunch didn’t hold back!

There were also a lot of people online who fell for the old ‘get rich and quit your job’ headline – no surprise there really!

Apparently some people still believe that stay-at-home-moms can earn a fortune from completing surveys – shame really!

Most of these sites on offer through Hailey’s platform have a ridiculously high pay out – some as high as $150!

I’m sorry but reaching that level through survey completion is going to take you months (in some cases even years!).

I also came across a ton of past members who had left due to the amount of time they had to spend on each survey.

Most of them claimed that the surveys that paid higher rewards sometimes took over an hour to complete!

That’s about $1 to $2 an hour…better off flipping burgers right?

Is Survey Money Machines Scam?

These days dodgy sites are becoming more and more sneaky in their dark arts!

They constantly tip toe around the scam line and use loopholes to stay away from the scam brush – I fear this is one of those companies.

If I was having a bad day I would call it a worthless scam – it’s not worth your time and it lies about the money you can earn.

It does provide you with the opportunity to earn though – however that opportunity is a pretty sh#t one on the best of days.

If you are looking to earn money through surveys I would always suggest checking out the legendary Clixsense.

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11 comments on “Is Survey Money Machines Legit?

  1. Good day! I came across a site called Just wanna ask if you come across this site or if anyone of you had any opinion on them. Are they legit and did they pay well? Just curious of what you thought before I join. Thanks in advance for your replies.

    1. Hi Lei,

      I haven’t tried out this particular site yet so I can’t really say. I’ll have a look at it this week and try and get a review in on it!

  2. Thanks for the thorough and honest review Chris. It seems that Survey Money Machines is one to stay away from. The misinformation and frauds out there never stop to amaze me. It’s difficult to have so many scams out there and products with no substance whatsoever, that promise you the world and fail to deliver in the end of the day.

    1. Yeah but they still seem to work though Antonis – unfortunate as that is! People are getting ripped off on a daily basis online…and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

  3. Hi Chris! When I was looking for an option to earn online, I also looked into surveys – it was about 5 years ago. Then I went other direction and didn’t even started with surveys. It was due to 2 reasons – I had a feeling there is something wrong with them (and I was right) and the other reason was that there were few to no survey offers for Europeans. Do you know if this has changed now?

    1. Well I’m curious to hear what you think is wrong with them? I mean there’s nothing wrong with them 99% of the time…they are just dead boring and they don’t pay much.

      I think this has always been the case Arta – but most survey platforms are legit and a way to earn (a small amount of) extra cash!

  4. Hi Chris,

    I love your no BS style, I’m not a great fan of survey site at the best of times. I do keep going back to a couple, but they’re the ones that are telling you that you could basically only make pocket money a few dollars here and there, and sometimes a gift card is handy.

    Anything that claims you can replace your income by taking surveys is just lying.

    The only way to replace your ‘job’ income is to build your own legitimate business, the most cost effect way is to do this online, but it’s tough sorting through the scams to find the right programs to help you out. There are a few, it looks like you use them too, I’ve not found any better in my searching for ways to get started online.

    Great review.

    1. Totally agree with you Jenny – survey sites will provide you with extra pocket money but they’ll never pay the bills! Great to hear from you 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,
    $1 to $2 per hour – hey. It makes minimum wage seem like the bees knees.

    Their policy states they ‘will never sell your contact information to anyone’ yet all these companies sell them on to annoy you to the limit with spam email.

    How they creep past the laws (if there are any) is you can actually make money but $10 week – does anybody really fall for these scams today?

    I’m in your #1 recommendation. Love it, it’s great fun.

  6. There are just too many online scams out there, survey sites included.

    Apart from Survey Money Machine, there are a few other link posting scams that disguise themselves to be survey sites and make quick money off victims, in the form of registration fees.

    Additionally, they make a cut of commission for every scam that the victims sign up via their service.

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