Is Send Out Cards Scam?

Is Send Out Cards Scam?

Well I was sort of on the ‘DESTROY ALL MLM OPPORTUNITIES’ trail today anyway so I thought I’d throw in another bonus for you…

Fancy checking out yet another pointless pyramid setup?

Cool, let’s go!

Earlier this morning I posted a review I’d been working on for the last several days or so regarding cosmetics MLM Younique (read the full review here).

I didn’t go as far as calling it a full-on scam but I did mention that it was a waste of bloody time!

MLM’s are a seriously strange beast – about 99% of the population know that they are pointless pyramid setups yet many of them still defend them.


Well they probably want you to sign up under them so they can get some of the cash they wasted back.

They are also probably desperate to get rid of all those shitty health products filling up their (and their parent’s) garage!

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble here so I better get to the opportunity in question – Send Out Cards.

(Yeah seriously, someone actually came up with that name and thought it would be a good idea to roll with it!)

So, is Send Out Cards scam or is it worth you time, effort and (more importantly) money?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Send Out Cards Review

What is Send Out Cards?

Okay, in a nutshell…

They are a convenient system that lets you send birthday, anniversary or thank you cards without the hassle of pen, paper, stamps, envelopes or mailboxes.

Send Out Cards Review

Your job as an MLM agent is pretty simple – get people to become members and send out as many cards as possible.

Basically, when somebody signs up for $9.98 or $31 a month, they then receive a certain number of ‘points’.

These points can then be switched over to physical cards which you can send to your friends.

To be honest with you, the whole setup is easy and reasonably priced…that is, if you are committed to sending 10 or more cards a month!

I know, I know, it all sounds pretty confusing but that’s usually the point of MLM systems – some bastard small print will catch you out somewhere along the line!

Send Out Cards Distributor

Unfortunately, if you want to be a Send Out Cards distributor you have to go through a typical tidal wave of marketing BS first.

If you have more than one brain cell you’ll realize they are spouting sh#t…if you have less than one brain cell you’ll probably sign up!

Send Out Cards Distributor

When you arrive on their (MLM) homepage you’ll be hit up by a rather over-used video format – ‘You Are About To Change Your Life…Forever!’.

You know the jive by now – these videos are pretty good at luring idiots in!

To be honest with you – this initial process was almost identical to every other MLM opportunity out there. I saw nothing original in it whatsoever.

We even ended up on the ridiculous claims spouting out here, there and everywhere. Here’s my favorite…

“What Amazon did for books, Netflix did for movies, iTunes did for music, Send Out Cards is doing for gift cards”.

Give me a break…

MLM’s like this tend to throw out these wild claims because their business setup never initially makes sense.

They fill you up with ‘hype and hope’ before they actually make any attempt to explain their marketing plan.

Send Out Cards Compensation Plan

Okay, there’s only one point I’m really going to concentrate on here and to me, it’s an extremely important point.

Sure, you can make money with this bunch. How much money? Well how long is a piece of string?

Send Out Cards Compensation Plan

When you sign up with Send Out Cards, you are encouraged to go for the full marketing option for a tasty $395.

It’s not exactly a low cost path to get started, but it’s not bad for having your own business right?


The marketing plan is sh#t I’m afraid – quality nowhere near the $395 price mark.

What is Send Out Cards?

The ‘online business office’ didn’t seem to exist anywhere and the awesome websites they provide are full of the same content.

Yes, this means duplicate content…

And yes, this means that the websites won’t rank in search engine results.


They also top up this blinding marketing pack with 100 points to spend on sending cards yourself.

It gets worse by the minute doesn’t it?

So, is Send Out Cards a Scam?

Well like most MLM opportunities out there – it’s annoyingly difficult to label this opportunity a scam!

You see, some people WILL make decent money out of it!

The problem is that these people will be at the top of the pyramid…sorry…ladder!

The poor dudes stuck languishing around the bottom will not make a dime…and will curse the day they forked out $395 for a piss-poor marketing membership.

I’m also not convinced with the product on offer here – sure it’s a good idea but who exactly is going to use it?

I don’t send out cards very often but when I do I make sure I write them by hand – anything less seems a little robotic and lacking feeling, right?

At the end of the day it’s going to be a lot of time spent and money invested for not a huge return, even long-term.

MLM models are not the most stable or sustainable business ventures – are you willing to take this risk?

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10 comments on “Is Send Out Cards Scam?

  1. Great review,

    I’m surprised MLM’s are still around, I havent heard of one that really works. Sending out cards doesnt seem like a viable business, I only purchase about 5 cards per year and really only for birthdays.

  2. Hi Chris – I found this review of Send Out Cards to be very accurate. I had an associate join several years ago. I have to admit, that receiving the cards was nice, but there was too much emphasis on joining and becoming a distributor. Well I gave it a shot, what a waste of time!

    It’s really not a bad idea from the perspective of a biz owner wanting to stay in touch with clients. But as a way to make money, well no thanks!

    1. Thanks Scott, good to get the perspective of a previous member on here – my site visitors will be grateful for that! 🙂

  3. To be honest, I’d also rather just write out my cards by hand as this would be more personal to the person on the receiving end. It does not matter how many cards I have to write either, I’d rather do it myself. This is a service I would not use. It is really a waste of money. I used to be an Avon representative. Though I love their products and I’m still a rep, I’m just still with them to receive the rep discounts on my own purchases. I don’t really sell anything anymore now. I found out I was spending more than I was actually making. SO yea, total waste of time, money and effort.

    1. LOL glad you agree there Reyhana. So how long did you actually work as a Avon representative then? I hear some people do pretty well out of it?

      1. I’m not saying that the system does not work, it does but I’ve noticed that it is for people who have time on their hands and some money to spare for investment. It’s a lot of work for very little compensation. You need to go around, distributing flyers. And that can be door to door, leaving books at your workplace, leaving books at your dental place, family doctor’s office etc. Sometimes, you just talk to people on the road and ask them if they use Avon and hand out the booklets. How many people will actually call you / email you and place an order?

        You have to pay for those booklets. You need to have a lot of time to be walking about, handing over those booklets. Then when people have ordered, you need to deliver those products. If you choose to deliver each one their own products, you need to pay shipping individually for each client. If you make your clients pay for shipping, then guess what? They go to another rep who is able to give them that free shipping. So, to keep them, you yourself pay for the shipping for them, or else pay a one-time shipping and go deliver the products.

        In that circumstance, you need gas money and time on your hands. But I didnt drive and that made things harder. If you work on your own, there is very little you can make. Therefore you need to recruit. Now you need to hold meetings at the coffee shop and pay your potential recruits their coffee, which I don’t see is a big problem because you’re the one doing the recruiting, but on the personal side, your expense does grow. You bring them home, you still need some snacks.

        I’ve tried and tried and just tired of trying. Lol… So that’s why I say, I have a few loyal clients who still order from me but I chose to remain a rep so i can get the rep discounts. The products usually are less than $10 each and the compensation is 15%. So that’s not even $1.5 that I’m getting for each sale.

        This MLM business may be for others but definitely not for me (and I know not for the general public either)

        1. Ahhh I see – that does sound like a lot of work for the level of wage overall. When you factor everything into the working week it does seem a bit too much!

  4. I have a very strong aversion to MLM programs like this and would never join one. As you said people keep saying how great they are but I think your right, They are trying to recoup some of their cash. I have never heard of this one before so thanks for the heads up.

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