Is Say So 4 Profit a Scam?

Is Say So 4 Profit a Scam?

Okay, we’ve probably got to the point now where most of us are aware that online survey sites suck ass…if you are looking to make a decent living!

But they don’t suck ass in general – the vast majority of them are completely legit and offer a decent ‘half wage’ for those looking to boost their monthly earnings.

That being said, they are not for me!

Today we are looking at a site that managed to irritate me before I had even entered my email details.

I mean COME ON….who thought Say So 4 Profit was a good name for a new business?

I often picture members of a startup sitting around a table coming out with totally crap ideas…but going with them anyway!

I’m afraid that seems to have happened here (honestly, that name still bugs me, even now!).

Okay, okay, rant over!

Let’s get to the guts of this article and find out what’s behind this company with a shitty name!

So, is Say So 4 Profit a scam or is it actually worth your time and effort?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What Is Say So 4 Profit?

Okay, what is Say So 4 Profit and how can it help you earn some cold hard cash?

This is a paid survey company which has NO membership fee (so it’s not one of those dodgy Clickbank cash-for-surveys products!).

At no time will this site claim that you can get $20 for completing a survey or any of that jive – this is a FREE membership based survey site.

Say So 4 Profit has apparently been around since 2005 and has…

‘provided the exact steps to individuals of all ages on how to get paid for their opinions!’

I pinched that snippet from the website itself so you can see what angle they are coming from!

They offer the bog-standard survey portal but they also offer a ton of other ways to make money online.

Yes, they are in fact…yet another rewards site (pretty sick of reviewing these by now if I’m honest with you!)

What Is Say So 4 Profit?

I was quite surprised to find out that this particular rewards site likes to consider itself a bit of a middle man in the survey world.

They are extremely open about the fact that they ‘work’ for 5 of the BIG online survey providers:

  1. Univox
  2. Survey Savvy
  3. Ipsos I-Say
  4. Harris Poll Online
  5. E-Poll Panel

I didn’t have a problem with this but I was slightly pissed off when I realized I had to sign up with each of these providers individually.

I had to try each one out for the purpose of this review but I have to be honest – not that impressed by filling out forms all the time!

Is Say So 4 Profit a Scam?

Well this is a little bit of a sticky one for me – I really can’t tell where I sit with it?

At times it’s dangerously close to being a great legit option but at other times it slides towards obscurity!

Say So 4 Profit is basically a middle man for middle-men paid survey companies.

This means that the big players are being paid by big marketing companies to locate opinions for them.

But, Say So For Profit is being paid by the big players to find these opinions…

Say So 4 Profit Review

It’s sort of like a ladder (or the dreaded pyramid if you like!) and Say So For Profit ain’t that far up it!

This means that you are not paid by Say So For Profit – you are actually paid by the 5 big boys they feature on their site.

Because they’re simply directing you to other survey companies, they are not responsible for any issues you might encounter…

That pretty much sucks big time!

If you are timed out of a survey or they fail to pay you on completion tough sh#t – you ain’t getting nothing out of them!

That’s a big red flag for me – especially if you decide to take on any of the offers they have on their site (also third party owned).

You may end up signing up for a service with the promise of a reward and a glitch in the system could well cock that up!

At the end of the day you will have paid a month’s subscription to something you really don’t want…and you won’t be receiving a reward for it!


Say So 4 Profit have no problem in telling prospective new members that they won’t get rich using their site – I like this angle and it’s a refreshing change.

But, unfortunately they have no real power over the money making opportunities they offer on their site – this is NOT a good thing!

I wouldn’t call them a scam as I could find no real complaints about them not paying out or taking money and running…

But at the end of the day they are not the ones paying out the members anyway!

As far as reward sites and survey sites go these are pretty much the same, only with less clout due to them being a middle man (of the middle man!).

If you want to earn money with them I suggest you do your homework on the offer/survey providers they house first.

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