Is Rent A Friend Scam?

Is Rent A Friend Scam?

Pretty strange website this, but I had to cover it here because of it’s slowly rising popularity – Rent A Friend.

Yes, you did read that correctly – it’s a website that allows you to…rent a friend?

On first viewing I found this business a little creepy, and even a little sad…but when I looked deeper into it I realized they do offer some useful services that could appeal to certain people.

Before I go any further – this is NOT a site for lonely men to rent a chick (if you’re looking for that type of thing I suggest you go back to your Google search and try again!).

So, is Rent A Friend scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Rent A Friend Review

What is Rent A Friend?

Well it’s a website service that allows it’s members to rent a friend, obviously.

You can either choose to rent a friend or get paid to be a friend.

It was started up back in 2009 by a dude named Scott Rosenbaum and it’s slowly moved from strength to strength. It has even featured on news outlet shows like FOX and CNN.


How Does Rent A Friend Work?

People that are looking for a friend must sign up for the service with a $24.95 membership charge. Once they have been accepted they can then start looking for friends in the location they are interested in.

On the other side of the coin – you can also earn money from this site by becoming a friend for hire.

This involves a free sign up with a valid email address. You then must fill out a Profile Application Form which covers parameters like Gender, age, body type, what you would be available for, your cost (fee), what languages you speak, etc.

How Does Rent A  Friend Work?

You will then need to upload a profile picture and verify your phone number before you can start taking on jobs.

At the time of writing this, the service is a worldwide offering – there is a search bar which is a GEO locater.

From what I gather – you can be hired for just about any activity (within reason, of course!).

Popular gigs include the movies, sporting events, hiking, prom dates, meals, formal functions.

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The Rent A Friend Service – What can You Earn?

Well you set your own price with this service – if you think your personality is worth $50 an hour…charge it!

Seriously – you set your own price.

That’s not to say that the members will be happy to pay this amount – there is always room for negotiation.

You are pretty much your own boss so you can set your own hours. If you don’t feel like working one week, take it off!

The website does not track how often you work.

There are no payment processors involved with the website. You are paid by the customer you are working for/with.

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Rent A Friend Complaints

There are plenty of positives to this site – it’s a worldwide service, it’s had TV coverage and it’s free to work for…

But, as always, there have been a handful of complaints floating about online.

The first complaint I’ve noticed is a bit of a worry really – but you can see it happening, time and time again (it’s human nature).

It involves members or workers expecting ‘a little bit more’ from their engagements.

What do I mean by this?

Well, on occasion, a few members have tried the ‘sex angle’ on with their clients.

Personally, I’m not at all surprised this is happening…and I don’t really see how you can stop it?

Rent A Friend Complaints

I’ve also noticed a few complaints regarding the ‘product’ received by members…

Numerous people have booked a reasonable looking guy/gal for a function…only to find something completely different turn up!

Again, I can’t really see how you can get around this problem – people are always going to want to sell themselves and therefore show themselves in their best light…

There’s no law against Photoshopped images…is there?


Is Rent A Friend Legit?

Yes, this seems to be a totally legit opportunity to make money with your personality…if you have one! (unlike me!)

Not the type of thing I could ever see myself getting into – I’m far too miserable for that sort of work! 🙂

I suppose you need to be the life and the death of a party to make REAL money out of this sort of thing, and it depends strongly on your location.

For example, I don’t see many members in the rural Scottish Highlands being targeted that often.

I would think that those based in urban areas will earn the most.

I don’t really know how dangerous this type of thing could get either – I mean, how do they REALLY vet the members advertising their services on the site?

Something to keep in mind.

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14 comments on “Is Rent A Friend Scam?

  1. I think it’s terrible that social media has somehow made the younger generations almost FEAR being social in real life. Although I can understand that with some occupations people really don’t have time to socialize outside of networking with others for business purposes.

    What happened to just speaking to people while you’re out and about or at a bar with friends? The easiest way (in my opinion) to make friends is to be friendly and just speak to people.

    I’d definitely be suspicious of any site I had to pay for friendship when it’s something the average person can get plenty of for free. 

    1. Yeah I kinda feel myself agreeing with you there mate. In my day (I’m not that old mind!) we were out all the time, enjoying ourselves and meeting new people. How things have changed…

  2. Hello Chris,

    This was quite a surprise to read at  first however the more I thought about it, this is just another service that is obviously targeting a need that our modern society has.

    Have I understood this correctly that the target market is people who are looking for companionship or is this aimed at people who need a date for a function and do not options other than to hire one?


    1. Well they offer a number of services really Richard – it’s best to visit their site if you’re interested and see what’s on offer. I suppose the term ‘friend’ can cover many different niches?

  3. Oh wow, it takes all sorts lol, anyway whoever came up with this idea is a genius. It looks pretty cool. I wouldn’t use it, but I’m thinking what if your ill and have no friends to keep you company…so this could be fab for such a thing like that. What if someone didnt want to go to a party alone.? Anyway, I’m pretty sure love could even spark from these meetings even if it’s not a dating site. 

    1. It’s not my type of thing Sharon, but I can also see the benefits to it, and the fact that it could (possibly) lead to strong relationships. 

  4. I really had to smile about your article because until today I have never heard about “Rent a Friend”.

    I personally don’t believe this model is too new since there are other agencies out there where you can rent an escort to various function. I know, not really the same since these agencies are charging why high and even though it isn’t allowed, so they say, to have further sexual contact with your higher. It is known that it can happen.

    However, I do see the difference here but, I am still too concerned, as you too have mentioned, what also can happen because the websites vetting isn’t, if at all, that great.

    I certainly appreciate your article with this information and, as you, I certainly do prefer your #1 recommendation and I will take a deeper look at it.

    If I have more questions about this Wealthy Affiliate platform do you to might if I contact you?

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think this site is very helpful if you are a tourist and you need to find a local friend as a tourist guide. Of course you need to find someone that you think will enjoy each other company. This might not be easy if the friend turns out to be someone different from your expectation.

    It will be an exciting experience if you registered as a friend to hire. You’ll have a chance to meet people from different countries and earn some money.

  6. Honestly I view it as a really useful site for Seniors looking spending time with others. Lot of them need this. Beyond that, I can see studying together for productive test results, building up on complimentary interests renting a friend can be of great advantage.

    I understand sex scandal can be easily get in to these kind of situations.

    This site is new but I see it will help a lots of people.

  7. I am curious if they do background checks for people who sign up to make money from rent a friend. I certainly do not want to hire someone to be my friend if they have a criminal record for assault or even murder.

    Also, if I am being rented out by someone, I want to make sure that same thing applies to the customer.

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