Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

These days, it seems the more dodgy, or illegal the site, the shadier the advert offers it will throw at you!

Film streaming sites tend to fall under this umbrella – and I’m not talking about Netfilx here!

Whenever I decide to watch a movie, without paying for it, I always have a pen and paper ready next to me.


Well these sites tend to throw a ton of ‘work from home’ popups at you every time you press play on the video player.

Real Money Streams was one of these advertised ‘opportunities’ (If you are interested – the film I was watching was Stephen King’s IT)  🙂

So is Real Money Streams a scam or is Real Money Streams legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Real Money Streams Review

What is Real Money Streams?

Well, the flashy video advert claims that you can make $500 per week doing offline or online work.

It is owned by a dude named Chris Johnson who believes that he can provide you with a killer list of places to find work you can complete from home.

Okay…What Are Jobs?

Well the jobs are basically well known jobs…to anyone that has access to Google!

Yeah seriously, you are paying out $37, then sitting through a ton of upsells, just to get to a list of jobs that anyone with a bit of patience (and more than one brain cell) could find in ten minutes.

The Real Money Streams Review

We’re talking about Paid to Click Sites, Get Paid To Sites, Survey Panels etc. etc.

You are also introduced to a handful of Clickbank products…which is handy…considering that Real Money Streams is a Clickbank product itself!!!!!

To cut out the middle man, and save you money, I’ll point you in the direction of a simple work online site that is free – check out our Clixsense review HERE (this one is actually worth your time and effort!).

The Glamorous World of Upsells

I’ll level with you here – I’ve come across hundreds of paper-thin products like this on Clickbank and they all have the same DNA…

A list of something that you could research yourself and a tidal wave of upsells.

Real Money Streams has a rather clever upsell system in place…

  1. They tell you that the product itself is $198…but you can have it for a discounted price of $37
  2. They then send you into a sales funnel that offers you bonus key products (which will bump the overall price up over the $100 mark)
  3. If you try to leave the page at any point in time…they’ll offer you the original product for a measly $17

All of a sudden we are down to $17 – but the upsells will stay in place.

The way the offers are worded here is very unethical – I have the feeling that hundreds of newbies have ended up paying well over the initial $37 product fee.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

There’s Also a Money ‘Tickler’…

Yep, apparently they’re not done with you yet – the upsells and the rest of crap was not enough!

The product also offers what I like to call a ‘tickler’.

What do I mean by this?

Well, a monetary ‘tickler’ is the promise of a bonus amount of money given out once the product is bought and a specific task is complete.

What is Real Money Streams?

What do all of these ticklers have in common – they don’t exist!

Yeah, think about it for a moment…

The price gets cut down to a reasonable $17 if you try to leave the sales page enough times…and this is a reduction from $198 (apparently!).

You are then handed a $50 bonus once your first job is completed…so the product owner is down $33…not exactly good business is it?

Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

Well it’s really hard to call this product a scam because it provides you with what it says it’s going to…

Unfortunately it is charging you for information that is readily available online.

I wouldn’t call it a scam – I’d rather call it a completely worthless product that pushes shady upsells along it’s sales funnel.

Seriously guys, if you are looking for REAL LEGIT work online then build up your own internet business…for FREE

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16 comments on “Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

  1. Thank you for sharing with us such a great review on real money streams.There are many scams out there that’s why people have to be careful.

    I have tried real money stream but I found it very tricky with its upsells and nothing special it offers.

    I can’t recommend it to my friends for sure.

    1. Well it’s a shame it hasn’t worked for you Julienne. What online work are you looking for? How much (ball park) are you looking to make a month?

  2. I would have to say that this is a technique used by a lot of online entrepreneurs that create products to sell online. It is pretty scarce finding a product online that does not have an upsell. It has become normal in the online world and a lot of people are now doing it.

    A lot of these people offer worthless product upfront and might offer a bit more value when you purchase their upsells. They are all capitalizing on the hungry nature of people wanting to make money online which is what makes most people fall for these sought of programs.

    1. That’s really well said Jay…you’ve hit the nail right on the head there! 

      More often than not these upsells ARE worth a lot more than the main product…but you have to purchase the main product BEFORE you get any access to the upsells! 

      Marketing in action. 🙂

  3. Dear Chris,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and thorough review post.

    Because of my previous bad experience before purchasing any make money online products I always do some research and read genuine review posts. 

    Nowadays these types of products are filling the internet and people are struggling to identify between the genuine products and the products which under-delivers. Your review post is saving people time, trouble, effort and money.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    Wishing you much Success!


    1. Hello once again Paul! 

      Great to see that the content here seems to have saved you money twice now! If you’re looking for a legit way to work online, check out our #1 recommendation on this site (look in the top header of the website!).

  4. Getting a product of $198 for a measly $17 could only mean 2 things! Either you’re getting a very bad product or the product isn’t $198 in the first place and the marketer had done an exceptional job in making you purchase the product at the original price. There are definitely better online money making schemes that are legit and won’t leave you caught between 2 minds.

    1. I think you’re right on both fronts there mate. The product is definitely not worth the high ticket price and it’s actually not that good in the first place!!!

  5. I will not fail to affirm that real money streams is a scam. Very crappy products which anyone should not go for. How could they tell clients that they can make hundreds of dollars weekly as a beginner. Such money can be made online and I know that, but not just so quickly as a beginner.

    1. Yep, agree with you 100% there Kenechi mate!

      It is completely possible to make a living online (look at me!), but it takes hard, hard work, and there are no short cuts! 

  6. Hi Chris! 

    Often times the people behind these types of products will packaged it and make it to be mouth watering that a newbie will think that it is actually a product that makes one to acquire wealth fast. You can imagine where an advert promises one of making $500 per week just for doing offline or online work without specific skills. 

    This kind of review is very helpful as it will help people to know the kind of program they are getting themselves involved with. Thanks for letting us know that the information in the product is easily available online and therefore not worth the price.

  7. You’re too nice – I would call Real Money Schemes a scam!  The only problem is, there are so many of these things floating around out there now that the word “scam” has lost all meaning.  It used to mean “a bargain where one side exchanges something of value for nothing.”  Like when you buy a “Gucci” watch on 2nd Avenue.  What’s sad, too, is that Clickbank is allowing this stuff to be foisted on to unsuspecting people.  You can type up some fly-by-night booklet, call it “Real Money Streams” and post it there to look like a real thing, which also helps to scam people.  One thing I’ve learned is that if someone is offering you more money than you could make in a legitimate job (40 hours a week) with some legitimate skills (typing, accounting, sales), you’d better do some real work to investigate it first.  Like you did here!  Thanks for the good info.

    1. I agree Don, although Clickbank have a lot of great products on offer…they do tend to let go of things in their Work At Home department. A lot of these products end up being low quality. 

      They do remove products at times…but not often enough by the looks of things! 

  8. I think this is a pretty accurate review of the Real Money Streams “make money” website.

    I watched Chris Johnson’s video – and I was impressed with the rapid paced drawings and lofty promises made.  But, I have seen this same approach in countless other videos.  Because, I immediately experienced the “red flag” popping up in my head!  And, anytime that happens, I know that something is just not quite right!

    The video was too smoothly put together.  When I saw the part where Chris Johnson said that, not only would he “teach me how to fish” but, he would also “give me the fish”, it made me feel that I WAS THE FISH.  And, he was trying to put that hook into MY mouth!

    The alternative you presented, Wealthy Affiliates, seems to be a much more honest and straightforward approach to making money online – and, I will be pursuing it instead of the flashy Chris Johnson approach.

    Great heads up!



    1. Hi Jim,

      I think we kinda share the same opinions here on good old Chris Johnson…and yes he does make you feel like a fish waiting to be hooked! 🙂

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