Is Qmee Scam?

Is Qmee Scam?

When it comes to making easy money online, healthy skepticism is crucial. After all, is it really possible to make some cash doing something as simple as browsing the web?

Qmee claims to allow you exactly this. You search, they pay, done (Bang, Bang, Bang!)

The first thing that pops in mind: is Qmee scam? According to reviews Qmee seems pretty reliable.

You shouldn’t expect to earn by the million, but a bit of consciousness regarding your browsing habits could translate to extra dollars in your purse.

I personally need a lot more green in my wallet to get by but I know there’s people out there looking to generate a little extra ‘pocket money’ for the month!

So…what is Qmee? Is Qmee a scam? Does Qmee work?

Lets take a closer look…

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What is Qmee?

The concept behind Qmee is to motivate internet users to view advertisements for the benefit of both the users and the seach engines.

Qmee recommends paid search adverts to viewers searching on Google and similar sites. People browse the internet anyway, so why not reward them for clicking on ads they would normally avoid or downright block?

What is Qmee?

The company Qmee offers a free browser application that promotes search results relevant to you every time you type something in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon or eBay on your PC or Mac.

You can then choose to click on these, be redirected to the advertiser’s site and cash your reward.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well it most certainly is!

How Do You Get Started? 

First, you register on the Qmee website and install the browser application. From then on, every time you search, the ads will pop up for you to click on.

You can cash the payments using a PayPal account or get Gift Cards to Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks.

Why is this so great?

You get credited for simply using search engines, something you do on a regular basis anyway. Stop and think for a moment – how often do you use search engines throughout the day?

Does Qmee Work?

Their payment system is not complicated nor is there a minimum cash out amount; even $0.20 could show on your account with little to no hassle!

You don’t have to wait for the end of the month: just request to be payed and the sum will be transferred during that day (in most cases the money turned up in my account within minutes!).

They also have a referral system, meaning that as a loyal user you will be given the opportunity to invite friends. You earn a dollar every time a friend starts using Qmee and cashes out the first time.

Now, for more seasoned affiliate marketers out there, this isn’t really going to excite them that much. But at the end of the day – if you can get the traffic to your referral link, you will make more money!

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The Downsides To Qmee

Qmee will not earn you huge amounts every month. You should view it as a way to utilize your browsing habits to your financial benefit, but it will not feed your family.

So make sure to use other platforms if you plan to make solid money online

A lot of new members seem to sign up with visions of extreme wealth floating through their head – I’d get rid of these visions right away if I was you!

Also, bear in mind that Qmee is only available on computer and only in the UK and the US (yeah I know that sucks for a lot of you but that’s the way they roll!).

Future plans include designing a mobile application, however, expanding to other countries is currently not part of the agenda.

Does Qmee Work?

As a final conclusion, the question ’is Qmee scam?’ can be answered with a confident no. It is a very simple way to convert surfing on the web to some extra income.

It may seem like a hassle for some, however, the small sums add up making Qmee a great platform that offers money for hardly any effort.

As long as you are realistic about the potential yield, Qmee will not let you down.

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