Is Push Button Cash Machine Scam?

Is Push Button Cash Machine Scam?

There’s one term I often come across online that fills my heart and head with dread EVERY time I hear it – ‘push button’.

Let’s face facts here – there is no legitimate push button software out there!

If you are looking to make money online you are going to have to pump out a bit of elbow grease – there are NO exceptions!

So that brings us to the product or opportunity we are covering here today – is Push Button Cash Machine scam or can you really earn legit money on autopilot?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Push Button Cash Machine Review

The sales page of this ‘magical’ new software tries it’s best to ride the wave of previous push button scams…by shooting them down and promising that this offer is different!

It also decides NOT to throw ridiculous money promises at you…which is actually a nice change for once!

With these types of systems you constantly see landing pages with promises of over $1000 a day etc.

Push Button Cash Machine Review

But Push Button Cash Machine claims it will only make you a sensible $50 to $100 bucks a day. Very honest of them really!

Inside the Box

Presently the product itself is set on a dime sale metric that continually rises. I paid a fair $14 for the product but the price will rise over time.

This dime sale system works around the price rising with each copy sold. There is an eventual cap on this rise but the program fails to let us know what this is!

So I was pretty happy with only having to shell out $14…but that happiness didn’t last very long!

I don’t know what it is about these push button opportunities – they are the worst kind of product for sales funnels!

EVERY time I check one out I end up walking this long funnel of attempted money extraction!

The Sales Funnel

The idea is to sell you a cheap product that supposedly will do what it says and then upsell you for additional products, each one at a higher (sometimes much higher) price than the initial product.

This is commonplace – but it’s still incredibly annoying ( and scammy! ).

I was really pissed off with some of the extra sales this program tries to make as many of them revolve around the product itself!

For example, one of the upsells was a set of video tutorials for Push Button Cash Machine – shouldn’t that sort of thing come free with the product itself?

All of these upsells are set at a high price and if you move away from them you will instantly be offered a discount on them…

Doesn’t really fill you with confidence…does it?

Value For Money?

When I eventually got to the product itself I was impressed by the actual size of the guide. When you get 37 pages of info for such a low price you immediately think you’ve grabbed a bargain.

Unfortunately the length ended up being a bit of a wind up – the print inside the guide was absolutely huge!

On top of this the guide was full of information that completely repeated itself – it was cleverly done but it was worthless information all the same!

So I decided to throw the guide to one side and jump into the actual system itself…but it seemed to be terribly confusing at first!

I kept on being directed to a website named Triple Thr3at and I had no idea why?

It turns out that Push Button Cash Machine completely relies on this website – it’s where you will ( supposedly ) make all of your money!

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Triple Thr3at

Okay, so this new introduction to this particular website was a bit of a shocker – I had no idea who Triple Thr3at were and what their business model was?

Turns out they are a advertisement network with a revenue sharing system – you basically purchase ad blocks and make a small profit on each block.

There’s a sort of pyramid set of levels in place that you have to climb to make ‘proper’ money. On top of this you have to click a certain amount of adverts every day.

Triple Thr3at

I’ll cut through the sh#t here and get right to the problems surrounding Triple Thr3at and similar revenue sharing sites – they are essentially pyramid schemes!

This means that the whole business is built out of matchsticks instead of bricks – the whole thing can topple over at any point in time!

If new members continue to sign up then everyone remains happy – if they suddenly stop joining…the website becomes a ghost ship!

The whole setup kinda reminded me of the old fashioned scam PTC sites that would pop up every month.

They would hit the scene in a tidal wave of promotion, pay out large amounts of money to initial members, get a load of new members to follow them…then disappear with all the investments made…

Nobody will ever hear from the site owner again!

You see, there is no law put in place where these types of criminal admin’s have to pay you back – if they want to run with your cash they will run with your cash!

Push Button Cash Machine Legit?

Is it legit? Well I certainly wouldn’t invest in Triple Thr3at but that’s just my personal opinion!

Certain PTC models, like Neobux and Clixsense have managed to succeed and continually pay their members week after week.

But at least 75% of new advert-based systems that come online fail within their first year…and run with the money!

I can’t call Push Button Cash Machine a scam yet as it hasn’t been going for long enough. If Triple Thr3at manages to survive longer than 18 months then the product may have a chance…

Then again it may not!

Unfortunately the Ponzi setup of this program sets off far too many alarm bells inside my head- is it sustainable? I’m not holding my breath…

I wouldn’t recommend investing in this opportunity yet. If it’s still about in a year’s time maybe take a second look at it?

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6 comments on “Is Push Button Cash Machine Scam?

  1. This is a really good honest review of Push Button Cash Machine. There are so many of these similar sites around that just offer cheap products, but then the upsale starts. I’ve fallen for it many times over the years with help books or diets. The awful thing is, if a trustworthy site turned up, nobody would believe it was genuine.

    So did you just purchase the first product and then get offered lots of others? I watched a click bank seminar which was basically how to start up these sites.


  2. Hey !
    Nice and very informative post !
    I don’t believe these sort of “cash machine buttons” at all. The name just scream that it is a big scam to me ! “Get money with 5 minutes of work”… it does not inspire much trust ! haha 🙂
    I like the way you reviewed it and gave helpful information because you really have the point of view of a consumer and not a seller !
    So big thanks to you for this review !


  3. Chris, I want to thank you for exposing another potential scam site. hate them with a passion. i guess because I have been a victim to a couple. Hey , who hasn’t?

    It’s odd how they can get away ripping innocent people off and just get away with it.

    Thanks again for your review!

    1. Well we’ve all been there (unfortunately) Edwin, it’s the way of the world when you come to earn online at first! Thanks for stopping by and reading our review.

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