Is Proven Amazon Course Scam?

Is Proven Amazon Course Scam?

I’ve been working online through building websites for over a decade now, and in that time, I’ve had many experiences with Amazon products (selling them, that is!).

Anyway – not all of my experiences with them have been positive, in fact my last one got me banned from the Amazon Associates platform (and I still don’t know why?).

So I had to dig deep for this review – put my personal feelings aside and check out the product on offer for what it is…

So…is Proven Amazon Course scam or is it legit?

There are a lot of Proven Amazon Course reviews floating about out there that are NOT to be trusted – the writer is actually an affiliate for the product itself.

I have no connection to it…

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The Proven Amazon Course Review

What is the Proven Amazon Course?

Okay, it’s a course that was initially released by Jim Cockrum back in 2009 and it’s made up of webinar recordings, video tutorials, PDFs, and other training resources. It’s a membership-based system.

It’s a course that is set up to help newbies get their head around building out a Amazon FBA business.

The Proven Amazon Course Review

It covers just about everything you need to know to (successfully) sell a product on the Amazon platform. They teach you how the retail giant works, how to source products, what you need to start a FBA, shipping, and how to accept and process payments or refunds.

The system also takes the time to teach you a little bit about marketing and advertising your store – there’s no point having a wicked online shop if nobody comes to it!


The Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course

Below is a short list of the main modules on offer inside the Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course:

  • Proven Bundling Course: A course that is made up of 14 separate videos that teach you how to look into your product’s success rate, how to determine it’s profitability and how to initially list it. Simply put – this module teaches you the basics.
  • Sourcing Products Master Class: Another load of videos (over 180 minutes worth) that teach you how to successfully take your product into the advertising world, how to ‘pinch’ ideas off your competition and how to get started with dropshipping.
  • Downloadable PDFs: What online course would be complete without it’s very own selection of downloadable PDFs! Here we go: How to Leverage FBA Status from Chris Green, Understanding the Amazon Customer from Chris Green, an Introduction to Sales Tax from Mark Faggiano, and Winning The Buy Box from Skip McGrath.
  • Mentorship Webinars: This was a really interesting part of the course (well, it was to me, anyway!). It’s made up of hours and hours of videos that have been put together by successful mentors. These videos are designed to teach you the secrets behind having a five figure earning month and general FBA pointers you may not have thought about before.

The Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course

As you can see, there is a lot of information on offer here – but how much is it going to cost you?

Well, you have the choice of paying out a one time fee of $399 or three installments of $146 (which will cost you a combined total of $438).

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The Proven Amazon Course Pros

To be honest with you – the way this course was set out was very impressive. They have numerous different multimedia options so that you can learn on just about any device.

I also liked the way that they concentrated on a few interesting marketing techniques. Most products tend to throw the info at you and then leave you to float in the internet retail sea by yourself – not the case here!

They have a marketing ‘guru’ named Skip McGrath that has some pretty interesting ideas…

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Proven Amazon Course Complaints

As with all the products I review on this site – there are a few complaints that are floating about the internet superhighway…

I came across a number of people who suggested that the video players used in the course are not up to standard. I didn’t experience this for myself – but some past members have complained about buffering etc.

I also came across a number of people who had given up on the course due to the workload on offer – they claimed that the setup is not really for beginners to the subject. I get this – a lot of courses are full of awesome information…but they are not set out well. This means that it is frequently easy to get overwhelmed.

The final gripe that (some) past members are ranting about is the level of income – they claim that it is near enough impossible to reach the earning potential that Proven Amazon Course suggests.

Proven Amazon Course Complaints


Is The Proven Amazon Course a Scam?

I came across NOTHING inside this product that would suggest it is a scam at any point – most of the information they had on offer there was extremely interesting (to me, anyway!).

At the end of the day – setting up ANY sort of business online is hard, hard work. It’s best to have some sort of training like this to help you out.

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5 comments on “Is Proven Amazon Course Scam?

  1. Thanks Chris for reviewing this legitimate program. I am happy that it is not a scam and it is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. What I like the most is that it have mentorship videos because it is very important to know what you do and without mistakes. I might try this soon.

    1. Cool – I hope it turns out to be a good fit for you Daniel. Don’t forget to pop back here and let us know how it went, if you decide to take it on! 

  2. Thank you for reviewing this Proven Amazon course, I never knew it existed until I read about it here. Sounds like quite a bit of content overload there, seeing that some people complained of it being not for beginners. I also think it is very expensive, to have to pay upfront $399, or even installments of $146 each is A LOT, considering there’d be zero income for months down the road. 

    1. Hi Joo, 

      It is expensive yes, but you do have to pay for a decent education in ANYTHING these days! Also, you can’t expect to earn straight away with these sorts of things – there’s hard work to put in first! 

  3. Great review on Proven Amazon Course. I like the way you answered to the question you asked if Proven Amazon Course is a scam. Many people who are doing reviews on some online programs judge them as scams while they didn’t try them.It is good to tell the truth if people like to try them then go ahead without telling bad comments on other programs so that they sign up on the platform we are following. I am following Wealthy Affiliate and it is awesome but I can’t judge others without search.

    Thank you for a wonderful review.

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