Is ProfitSourcery a Scam – ProfitSourcery Review

Is ProfitSourcery a Scam - ProfitSourcery Review

I often fumble my way through work at home forums to find out about the most recent online opportunities to review – I find them an awesome resource that keeps this site pointing in the right direction!

Last weekend I came across a thread asking is ProfitSourcery a scam or is it a worthwhile investment? I was more than a little interested but in my haste wrote down the wrong name…

This resulted in me starting a review on a site named Profit Source and not ProfitSourcery!

Silly me!!!

Anyway, after a few sessions of bad language thrown at my laptop screen I finally located the correct site – here is our ProfitSourcery review…

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The ProfitSourcery Review

The company itself is located in the UK and is based on ‘Profitable Retail Arbitrage Opportunities’ for online Amazon stores.

Bit of mouthful really isn’t it?

OK, lets reverse a little bit and see if I can explain this in simple terms…

ProfitSourcery is offering a service of Arbitrage between online stores and Amazon. Here is a look at what Wikipedia thinks about Arbitrage:

“In economics and finance, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.”

Yeah, that’s still pretty confusing isn’t it?

ProfitSourcery is basically offering a service that provides you with cheap products that WILL sell on Amazon for a profit…

That makes a little more sense right?

They offer two services to the members that sign up with them – one is finding profitable products; the other is an extensive training course that covers everything from finding the products to selling them on Amazon.

How do They do it?

ProfitSourcery owns a pretty nifty piece of programming that manages to compare thousands of products an hour to find the best online Arbitrage opportunities.

They somehow manage to dive deep into the top 20% of Amazon’s bestseller list and come back with at least 5 killer product options a day!

They provide a built in calculator that actually shows you the profit you will be making if you decide to choose a product to sell on Amazon.

The program also provides you with active links to the Amazon product sales page, and to the online seller where you can purchase the product at a lower price than Amazon’s offering.

The Helping Hand

I know parts of this sound pretty confusing so far and there’s a good reason behind this – they are!

Thankfully our mates at ProfitSourcery offer full training within their system to make sure you are ‘on the ball’ before you get started…

1) Getting Started On Amazon

This is a simple enough module that teaches you how to sign up for an Amazon Seller account and what to do with the products you want to sell. You will need to get approved by Amazon first but these guys will help you achieve that ( effectively! ).

2) Fulfillment By Amazon

This next course will teach you everything you need to know about Fulfillment By Amazon ( obvious really! )

3) Getting The Most Out Of Amazon

This module is full of tips and tricks geared towards making you a top seller on Amazon. I was really quite impressed by some of the ideas behind this module!

4) How To Use ProfitSourcery Software

This is where we get into the ‘guts’ of the program you will be using to dominate sales on Amazon. They teach you how to make sure you pick the right opportunities with the most profitable products.

They also take into consideration your starting budget which is a really nice touch ( in my book anyway! ).

5) Other Vendors

The cool thing about this program is that it doesn’t only have to be used on Amazon – if you are not keen on the ‘Big A’ you can use other online vendors for Arbitrage.

This final module teaches you how to become a merchant fulfilled vendor with other online options.

6) Help & Support

Every good product needs some kind of support system in place to succeed – this module covers ProfitSourcery support and a special community of members.

ProfitSourcery Calculator

The Pricing Plans

Well we all know by now that nothing good comes free online – what is the damage going to be to our wallets?

The basic starter package will cost you $47/month or $467/for 1 year – not that bad really when you compare it to some Ponzi schemes out there!

They guarantee you will receive at least 150 products in this package with a profit margin of $7 to $15 each.

The next step up is the full plan that will cost you $77/month or $767/ for 1 year. This gives you access to EVERYTHING ProfitSourcery offers and promises you at least 150 products ( with a profit margin of over $15 ).

Both of these plans will provide you with 5 awesome products picked out from the TOP 20 fastest sellers on Amazon EVERY DAY!

If you feel the system is a pile of crap you can make use of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Is ProfitSourcery a Scam?

One thing that bugs me about this opportunity is the amount of members it has – how many people are now competing against each other with the same recommended products?

In the small print they do claim that all opportunities will be randomly distributed among the joined members leading to EVERYONE having unique options…

I don’t really know if this can work or if they can find enough killer products to fulfill the promise?

I’m also a little skeptical about online opportunities that cost money to get started up with – I prefer free starter memberships for a limited time to see what the program is about first!

But that’s pretty much where my worries stop – there are some great benefits offered by this program:

  • Much like affiliate marketing – you do not need to make or own a product
  • You don’t need a website or a hoard of staff behind you to succeed
  • There are no overheads with expensive advertising
  • The training is all in place – you do not need to be a techie to succeed with this
  • There is no customer service your end
  • There is an awesome community inside the product that is willing to help you whenever they can

Thousands of businesses make huge amounts of money through Arbitrage every day and this is just a smaller scale of that – aimed at beginners.

That’s not to say that you won’t earn good money through this platform – if you follow what they teach to the letter I’m pretty confident you will see some good profits returning.

It’s definitely a legit company with a rather impressive piece of Arbitrage software on offer.

As I mentioned above, I am a little skeptical about the unique products offered to each member but I have no proof that they cannot fulfill this.

If you have any success stories with ProfitSourcery we would love to hear from you. Please leave them in the comment section below…

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9 comments on “Is ProfitSourcery a Scam – ProfitSourcery Review

  1. Good review of a system that is very close to be a scam… At least something very outpriced compared to the results one will obtain using ProfitSourcery… I think what I would do is do the search by myself, it will save me a lot of money, considering the price of the service! Good article that also reminds us of the true real way to earn money online: Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Ahh no not really – not once did I hint at this program being a scam David. It’s an excellent piece of Arbitrage software which is still in it’s infancy. It could eventually fail but at the moment there is no reason to believe it is a scam!

  2. Honestly I’m not convinced that ProfitSourcery is worth the money. While they may say that they have proprietary software that helps you choose products that make a profit, I’m a bit confused as to what makes them any different than doing your own research and finding products to purchase at a wholesale price. There is no financial monthly fee to do that, except the cost of your time. Heck, you can even find sites that will dropship items for you, and you don’t even have to worry about carrying an inventory or sending items to Amazon for FBA.

    I wouldn’t call ProfitSourcery a scam, its just pretty much a company that found a way to make money off of something that you can really do yourself. If you’re really serious about making money there are better opportunities out there in my opinion.

  3. Very interesting post, I have never heard of profitsourcery. To me it seems like it would be difficult to work with, but I do think there is a chance to make great income off of it! You also mentioned that there is a community, but if profitsourcery members are competing with each other and it’s over something like money, then I honestly can’t see that being a good community, that spells out being back stabbed and taken advantage of to me!

  4. I have read your review why do I want to pay for something like this? Just use Google or Youtube and look for information about Amazon or read the guides from Amazon.

    And you will get better tips and advice to find great products to promote.

    I think the most important thing is that your products are relevant to your own website. That your audience from your own website like the Amazon product that you recommend.

    1. Yeah it’s not the most dynamic business idea I have come across so far Jakob – my views are pretty much the same as yours on this one!

  5. First I’ve tried their 7 days trial to see what they offer. Didn’t like it for several reasons:
    – They list restricted brands
    – They list products does not match between the retailer and Amazon.
    – Most of the product they list have very poor sales rank
    -When they finally provide a decent product, it’s normally from target/kohls/Walmart and by the time you receive the product, already new competition appeared and the price dropped to leave you with little or no profit (lucky that these stores have good refund policy)
    – I subscribed for the 10 items/day and they are not even providing me.
    On top of that, I was late by one day to cancel my account and they didn’t refund my money so I now have to stay for the entire month.

    I usually don’t bother in leaving reviews, but this time I’m very disappointed. It’s a total rip off, trust me.

    1. Thanks for this Gabriel – our readers count on these opinions coming in! Sorry to hear it was such a bummer of an experience for you!

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