Is Pampered Chef Scam?

Is Pampered Chef Scam?

I think I probably got to the age of eighteen without having to cook anything in my life….but all that changed when I became a student.

It was basically ‘cook or die’ as I had very little money and I couldn’t afford to buy readymade meals – I had to hit the kitchen.

Cut a long story short – I was completely sh#t at it!

That’s right – I could probably burn water if I put my mind to it!

But not everyone is like me – my eleven year old son for instance! He rocks at cookery in his new ‘big school’ and is addicted to these chef-based reality series.

I have to be honest – the food he is coming out with is pretty darn impressive!

Today we will be taking a look at a company that bases itself around quality cookware and can be found at

So, is Pampered Chef scam or is Pampered Chef legit? Check out our Pampered Chef review below…

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The Pampered Chef Review

The Pampered Chef franchise kicked off life in 1980 and was the brainchild of a lady named Doris Christopher. This business grew by her actually selling her products from her own basement to people she knew!

The business pretty much snowballed from there to a point in 2002 where Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, stood up and took notice!

The Pampered Chef quickly joined forces with the might of Berkshire Hathaway.

The Most Popular Pampered Chef Products

The Pampered Chef offers just about every kitchen product one could ever want (or need!). Stoneware servers, plates, books, recipes, cutlery…you name it…they have it!

The Most Popular Pampered Chef Products

At the lower end of the price scale, there are accessories like a citrus peeler for $1.75 and a pan scraper set for $3.75.

Obviously, there is a much higher point to this scale and things do get quite expensive…but I don’t know enough about cookery to claim that they are overpriced!

Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme???

Well no…it’s a Multi Level Marketing system (AAAAAARGGGHHH!).

Yeah you read that last sentence right – it’s an MLM setup…which I would NEVER recommend to anyone looking to build up a home business.

But that’s just me – a lot of you may well like this marketing setup (and if that’s the case you probably need medical help!). Here’s the commission layout…

  • $1-$749 sales in a month earns you 21% commission
  • $750-$1249 sales in a month earns you 22% commission
  • $1250-$2499 sales in a month earns you 23% commission
  • $2500-$3999 sales in a month earns you 24% commission
  • $4000 and above sales will earn you 25% commission

You also have the typical recruiting setup that gives you 3% commission on all the sales your referrals make.

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The Pampered Chef Consultants Corner

So how do you enter the Pampered Chef consultants corner and become one of these ‘lucky’ distributors?

Like most (if not all) MLM opportunities you have to buy yourself a starter kit to get your foot in the door – there are three to choose out of…

  • Kit One – Costs $109 and gives you a product package that is worth $450 (It’s the starter kit level)
  • Kit Two – Costs $159 and gives you a product package that is worth $650 (It’s called the ‘Deluxe’ kit)
  • Kit Three – Costs $249 and gives you a product package that is worth $1000 (It’s called the ‘Ultimate’ kit)

There is also a sort of party credit system that is put in place for people who are looking to set up a Pampered Chef party night. This means you’ll get a discount of about $50 off your chosen kit!

Is Pampered Chef Scam?

This is where you have to make your own minds up folks – most of you will already know my feelings on MLM setups and they ain’t about to change anytime soon!

I will say that this particular MLM setup is pretty easy to understand when compared to other MLM opportunities out there.

I will also say that they are extremely brave with some of the bonuses and discounts they hand out…

But that’s where the positive vibes end for me I’m afraid!

A simple search online will bring up a tide of disgruntled members who are constantly complaining about the level of payment they receive – this apparently, is not a full time living position!

Is Pampered Chef Scam?

On top of that, a lot of the members feel that the products are way too expensive for what they are…a complaint that follows most MLM companies!

A lot of members take up the party route to get the discount, only to find that they are completely dead on their feet at the end of the week.

Sure, the discount is great, but is it really worth all that hassle and how much money are you going to spend on the party itself? Is all this really worth it?

Apparently not!

This is an MLM opportunity – so I can’t really call it a scam…but you can if you want! 

To be honest I have no time for this type of setup and I often pity the newbies that get dragged into it (on a daily basis!).

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