Is Nu Skin Scam?

Is Nu Skin Scam?

When I compile a list of the products/opportunities I am going to cover throughout the week, I normally end up with several MLM companies included.

There’s nothing really that wrong with this – certain people thrive at this form of marketing…

But a high percentage DO NOT!

I’m not a fan of the MLM setup – I’ve mentioned this hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of times on this website before.

But, some are better setups than others, so they need reviewing here.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at a company called Nu Skin – is Nu Skin scam or is Nu Skin legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Nu Skin Review

What is Nu Skin all About?

Apparently, Nu Skin is rated as the 7th most effective network marketing company in the top 100 Top Revenue Earning companies in the world (at the time of writing this).

It was founded in 1984, in Provo, Utah, by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund.

The business creates over 200 personal care products along with health dietary options and supplements (these fall under the Pharmanex brand).

How do You Make Money With Nu Skin Care Products?

The Nu Skin Review

Well, to get your foot through the door you will first need to pay a $25 fee – this gives you the right to purchase Nu Skin care products.

You are purchasing these products at their wholesale value, and you are then meant to sell them on at a profit.

You also need to showcase the Nu Skin membership itself – building up a downline and relying on them making money for you.

To cut out the middle man, and save you money, I’ll point you in the direction of a simple work online site that is free – check out our Clixsense review HERE (this one is actually worth your time and effort!).

Nu Skin Products – Worth it?

More often than not, I find that the newer MLM companies tend to pimp out shoddy products – I’ve certainly covered a few over the last couple of months.

But Nu Skin seems to me to be based on a quality product selection.

Nu Skin Products - Worth it?

During my research for this review, I encountered a couple of articles saying that Nu Skin had used misleading claims on their products, but I found nothing to back this up.

No, all in all, I have no problems with their products – they are well covered, reviewed and distributed on Amazon (with high ratings).

Will Their Business Model Work For You?

I often find that MLM companies have the best sales pitches in place – this is how they lure new workers in.

Nu Skin are no different.

The pitch they give you when you sign up sounds like it’s something amazing, and that’s really what draws people to companies like this…but it is incredibly vague.

When you get your foot through the Nu Skin door, you will find out that they actually do very little to help you with your marketing efforts.

I was disappointed with the level of training and the product info available.

They did seem to be set on teaching how to draw in new recruits – does this mean that building a downline is the only way you can make real money with their setup?

Will Their Business Model Work For You?

I was also left a bit confused with the commission and the profit margin with their products – I left feeling I didn’t really know what I could achieve reward-wise.

It’s also worth pointing out that these types of care products are expensive – very expensive!

That’s not a black mark against Nu Skin – ALL of these products are pricey these days, regardless of the company that produces them.

You need to think long and hard before signing up – will your local area be able to afford these sorts of products?

So, is Nu Skin Scam?

No, the company’s success and the quality of it’s products indicate that it’s definitely NOT a scam…but it could be a hard option to make real money with!

Making money through their MLM setup could prove difficult enough, but, when you factor in the complicated payment model, things get even worse.

Before payment you suddenly need to get your head around Active Requirements, Executive Status and the Leadership Bonus Pool – I have no real idea what each of these entails?

I’m afraid 99% of MLM business models have this sort of ‘grey area’ – there’s always something there to catch you out.

Now, as I mentioned at the start of this article, I’m not the biggest fan of MLM opportunities.

If you have experience with these sorts of companies then by all means go for it – people do make money with them.

But, unfortunately, around 85% of people that get into this business, leave it without making a dime (in most cases actually losing money!).

I don’t think that people should be made to pay to earn money in marketing – it should be FREE to get into….

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8 comments on “Is Nu Skin Scam?

  1. Hello Chris,

    Well written article. Nu skin may not be a scam but it would be a difficult way to earn online. A lot of people already have companies they trust to deliver their skin care products. So, you’ll have to be a very good sales person to sell the products and make profit. Seeing that you purchase the products from them, why do you have to pay a fee to register?

    Personally, I won’t partake in such business model as competition could be stiff in that industry.

    1. Well that tends to be the way these MLM setups work Louis – pay to get your foot in through the door…and pay for the products you have to sell!!!!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I have read this details product review and I believe this is a great review about NU Skin product. Though this product is not a scam, it’s MLM program is old and not suitable for beginners. It is really tough for newbie to implement those idea of MLM product business. I have seen many MLM program does not last longer. I love your advice of free advertising and marketing strategy for beginners. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Humayra,

      Yeah I have to agree with you there – a MLM setup is not the place for a newbie to go and make money. Unfortunately a lot of them DO end up in this industry though…and lose money! 

  3. I was first introduced to NuSkin in the late 80’s. Their products were very good then and in fact, I still use the facelift and activator today, so many years later. They are pricey though. I did try the MLM program through NuSkin back then and since tried one or two other similar programs. MLM is definitely not for me but I could see it working for someone who has a large network of family & friends around them. 

    1. Hi Annette, 

      Yeah MLM does work for some people, but it’s frequently sold as being easy for newbies to take on…which it’s not. Unfortunately more people lose money with this form of marketing, as opposed to earning it! 

  4. I have never had much success with MLM. I don’t like the fact that you have to pay just for the privilege of purchasing their products. Nu Skin might have great products but without any real training on how to sell these products you could end up with huge overhead and nothing to show financially. Thank you for the review on Nu Skin. I will pass on this company.

    1. Well that is the main problem here Cory – People DO end up with basements full of MLM crap that they couldn’t sell…and a lot of money wasted! 

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