Is Nikken a Scam?

Is Nikken a Scam?

So, we’re back into the health & wellness industry (yet again) and we’re taking on the MLM model (yet again) – why are there so many health related opportunities in this marketing model?

Simple really – they make money.

But what about Nikken – can you make money with this particular MLM option?

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably already searched through a handful of Nikken reviews…but you haven’t found the information you were looking for!

So, is Nikken a scam or is it legit?

Can you make money with Nikken products?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Nikken Review

What is Nikken?

Founded by Isamu Masuda back in 1975, Nikken is a Japanese business that is now situated in California, and they cover over 40 countries with their products.

It’s a business that concentrates on providing it’s customers with high quality health products.

They are famous for introducing the world to their sleep pattern product ‘Kenko Sleep System’ – a setup that uses magnets to make sure you get a decent night’s rest.

What is Nikken?

They are also well known for creating air wellness products that are based around multistage air filtrations (which are set at the healthy price of $500, at the time of writing this article!).

They also provide a range of more ‘common’ health and wellness products (nutritional supplements, skin care, etc).


Become a Nikken Consultant

There are two main options when it come to making money with Nikkon:

  1. You can become a Nikken consultant yourself and try selling their products to customers
  2. You can try your hand at affiliate marketing and build up your own downline (sign up new Nikken consultants)

There are several consultant tiers and commissions vary based on which tier you are at. Commission starts at 5% for Senior Consultant, 10% at Executive, 15% at Bronze, and 20% at Silver.

Become a Nikken Consultant

It’s worth noting that for most consultant tiers, you are going to have to sign up at least 100 referrals per month. You can achieve this by trying to sell products, drawing people in through a website or just general word of mouth.

If you want to become a Nikken consultant you will have to pay a one-off entry fee of $99.

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Nikken Complaints

As with most MLM companies, Nikken does have a few complaints floating around behind it. Remember – most businesses, no matter how successful, will always have a few ‘blips’ to overcome.

The first complaint I came across, and it’s a pretty popular one, is the setup of their compensation plan.

Now, I can fully sympathize with this as I’ve been through hundreds of MLM plans to date…they ALL seem to be a confused mess, at the best of times!

Nikken’s compensation plan is apparently devised to give you more ways to earn money with them…but I got the feeling it was only there to confuse new members.

Nikken Complaints

The second complaint is a pretty standard one in the MLM industry – only the cream of the crop tend to make any money out of the plan.

If you look at their income statement, the average consultant will make $199.29 per year as a Senior Consultant. I don’t know about you – but my yearly mortgage payments come to a lot more than that!

The third popular complaint online centers around the quota you need to reach to ‘stay in the system’ – you need to bring in 100 new referrals every month if you want to climb the Nikken ladder (now that’s A LOT of marketing!).

I also encountered a handful of reviews that actually played down the effects of the Kenko Sleep System. Apparently there is very little scientific proof that this type of magnet setup can indeed help your sleep patterns.

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Are Nikken Products Scam?

NO, Nikken is definitely NOT a scam setup…but it is a MLM setup all the same!

Regulars to this site will know by now that I am not the biggest fan of the MLM industry – it has taken the bank accounts and savings of millions of hopeful people/newbies over the years.

You have to realize that certain people DO make money with MLM setups, but they are few and far between.

With Nikken, you’ll need to recruit a lot of consultants under you that either need to sell a lot of products, or recruit other consultants to make money – it doesn’t sound like the type of thing I’d invest in.

But, if you are a seasoned MLM worker, you may well have success with this lot – they’ve been going since 1975 after all!

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